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Microsoft 70-461 Exam Is Easy To Pass If You’re Using Examsnap

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Description: The Microsoft 70-461 exam is among the most popular ones. Therefore, few tips and tricks always come in handy as they make it easier for the candidates to pass this Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/ ...
The Microsoft 70-461 exam is among the most popular ones. Therefore, few tips and tricks always come in handy as they make it easier for the candidates to pass this Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 certification test.

Before even starting off with the Microsoft 70-461 exam technicalities, it is very important for the students to understand that whichever test you are preparing for, you need to keep your determination and focus in place as you achieve your target. With that in mind, let us now begin.

Before you begin preparing for your Microsoft 70-461 exam, you should first make a study plan. It is actually the main preparation step you must follow. All the other tips and tricks discussed here are supposed to complement your plan. Having a blueprint will ensure that you prepare consistently and cover the right amount of material. It will help you avoid cramming. It also determines what you are supposed to learn first. Whatever you are studying, you should begin with basic concepts and then build upon them.

Microsoft 70-461: Exam Preparation Tips

The Microsoft 70-461 exam may seem intimidating. However, it’s not impossible to pass it. All it takes is basic study tips and a bit of good planning. In this article, we have highlighted the most useful study habits that can help you get the most out of every step of your exam preparation time.

Make your study sessions shorter

The mistake many candidates do is trying to cram the material for the test. This is a very wrong direction to take. Instead of studying in one eight-hour stretch, study in 14 thirty-minute sessions. This will help you understand the concepts deeply without getting exhausted. It is also easier to set aside a short study session like 30 minutes every day for study at home or at work if you have a very busy schedule.

Be consistent

Consistency matters a lot when it comes to preparation for not only the Microsoft 70-461 exam but also any other test. Set up the specific time for studying each day, whether at work or at home, and stick to it. If you want to dedicate 30 minutes after arriving at work before working hours begin, then be sure to stick to it by arriving early enough and blocking your colleagues from distracting you. For your own personal staff at home, you can set aside half an hour or so just after your kids have gone to bed. This will ensure less or no interruptions during preparation.

Use flashcards

Using flashcards to review materials will ensure that you are using your time more sensibly. They are more effective that skimming highlights or rereading material. If you can’t make your own SQL flashcards, then you can simply buy them. However, making your own ones is always advisable because it helps you learn a lot in the process.

Set a specific goal for each study session

All study sessions should be goal-oriented. To make the most out of your study, specify a goal for every session. Actually, you should even make one or two flashcards after every study session. Doing so can help you reinforce and emphasize on what you have learn in the just concluded session.

Explain the new concepts you have learnt to other people

As you continue to learn a new material, you should develop a habit of explaining it to a co-worker or a friend. It is a wonderful way to test if you fully understand the information. If you can explain it well to someone else, then it means you know it well. If you find yourself struggling to explain it, then it’s clear that you still do not know the material or new concept well enough.

Set up a designated study area

Having a study area at work or at home can really help you with your study and preparation in general. It sets the mood for learning as your mind and body will slowly start associating that place with studying. This will reinforce your effort a great deal. Make sure you have every material you will need readily available at this area. You can book a conference room if you will be studying at work as this will help you avoid interruptions.

Put away your phone

While social medial and texts have made life easier and better in many ways, they have also become some of the major interruptions in today’s world. If you are going to use your phone during the time you have set aside for studying, then it goes without saying that social media and texts are going to interrupt you every now and again.You need to concentrate on your study for the thirty minutes you have set. It’s only 30 minutes, and your peeps can actually survive without your attention for that short time.


Your attention should be on your learning during every focused thirty minutes, and there should be no interruption or distraction whatsoever. Chats and music reduce the levels of your concentration. Thus, to focus fully during each study session, you should turn off the music. You should also not allow your mind to wonder as this also interferes with your concentration levels.

Do a lot of practice

When it comes to preparing for Microsoft 70-461, no one can practice enough. You should get SQL Server installed and also train every day using the adventure work database. Besides, practice with practice tests from ExamSnap and see how well you have understood the material. You should also learn how to create and organize T-SQL Scripts.


By putting the above tips into action, you can besure you will pass your Microsoft 70-461 exam with relative ease at your first attempt. Success!







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