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Pengajar, Pelajar & Alumni

Pengajar, Pelajar & Alumni

Share your student life:school, higher education, life long learning
Discuss everything and anything about teens: problems, interest, trend, right and privileges
Talk about jobs opportunity and all problem about work: scope of work, unemployment graduate, part-time jobs, work experience

Moderators: carisupport, bellaa

9917 / 730K
Astronomi & Geografi

Astronomi & Geografi (3)

share your knowledge around the globe and the universe

Moderators: keypochino, dexa

964 / 20K
Bakat & Ruangan Penulis

Bakat & Ruangan Penulis

Welcome to the Writer's Room, a place to express your creative self in ways such as but not limited to poetry, essays, story - anything created by you for the purpose of expression.

Moderators: jingga007, adila39

1499 / 330K
Ahli Baru CARI & Ucapan

Ahli Baru CARI & Ucapan (11)

✖ ◕‿◕ ✖  Show your care. Birthday Wishes, Congratulation, Celebration. Let he/she know you care for them ✿ ܓ

Moderators: anniez08, bianglala

1044 / 340K
Epistemologi, Idea & Pemikiran

Epistemologi, Idea & Pemikiran

Moderators: fahdramli

1786 / 130K
No posts
Sajak & Puisi

Sajak & Puisi

Moderators: jingga007, Aking

540 / 50K
Komunikasi, Kebudayaan & Kesenian

Komunikasi, Kebudayaan & Kesenian (9)

Moderators: fahdramli, seribulan

1187 / 60K
...Lets go Turkiye... 6-12-2022 10:10 PM seribulan
Buku & Kesusasteraan

Buku & Kesusasteraan

Membaca tingkap Dunia

Moderators: Catpaw, adila39

1399 / 140K
Aduan & Cadangan

Aduan & Cadangan

Bersatu kami bersatu, Dibawah Duli Tuanku....

Moderators: Syd, carisupport

889 / 10K
Ekonomi & Usahawan

Ekonomi & Usahawan

share the expertise, experience, and knowledge with other enterpreneurs.

Moderators: adila39

7007 / 170K
Matematik, Kejuruteraan, Sains & Teknologi

Matematik, Kejuruteraan, Sains & Teknologi

Moderators: dauswq, mbhcsf

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