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Umbilical cord blood: the source of life for babies and a treasure trove of medi 2024-05-02
What is cord blood? Umbilical cord blood is an important biological substance for the fetus in the mother's body. It is connected to the pl ...
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How to remove formaldehyde fastest and most effectively? 2024-02-29
What should I do if formaldehyde exceeds the standard after the new house is decorated? Don’t panic, use the right method to effectively remo ...
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How to choose industrial LCD screen? 2024-01-09
Industrial LCD screens are favored by many users for their strong vision, large information capacity, wide coverage, and good communication ef ...
(128) Views|(7) Comments
The protagonist of wireless high-speed bandwidth millimeter wave 2023-11-29
According to the 3GPP 38.101 protocol, 5G NR mainly uses two frequencies:FR1 and FR2.The frequency range of the FR1 band is 450 MHz-6 GHz, als ...
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How to scientific facial acne inflammation 3 ways to easily repair acne 2023-11-20
Acne is a multifactorial disease, the development of which is mainly related to the level of sex hormones, sebaceous glands large secretion, p ...
(27) Views|(0) Comments
One lawn wedding is enough! Contains super detailed lawn wedding process guide 2023-11-09
Wedding is every girl's most desired sacred temple, and the Western-style lawn wedding is full of romantic and beautiful atmosphere, now the 8 ...
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