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How to scientific facial acne inflammation 3 ways to easily repair acne

Viewed 30 times20-11-2023 03:24 PM |Personal category:综合| Acne

Acne is a multifactorial disease, the development of which is mainly related to the level of sex hormones, sebaceous glands large secretion, proliferation of Propionibacterium acnes, abnormal keratinization and inflammation of follicular sebaceous gland ducts.

With the arrival of puberty, due to social life, diet of various learning habits of the problem, which can lead to the repeated growth of acne, a great impact on the development of the improvement of our beauty through the face, and sometimes will also directly lead to the students themselves are very low self-esteem of the heart factors, so we need to be correctly recognized to the causes of acne, 暗瘡消炎藥in order to get a better acne battle in the end;

Causes of acne

Endocrine disorders. The main cause of facial acne is caused by endocrine disorders. When endocrine disorders lead to an increase in testosterone, there are large sweat pores and relatively rough skin, which leads to an overproduction of oil,暗瘡消炎藥 which in turn leads to the prerequisites for bacteria to produce the proliferation of acne ;)

Lack of sleep. Habitual sleep deprivation disrupts your biological clock, leading to skin metabolism disorders. This is the time when your face is prone to acne, and this kind of acne especially likes to patronize our foreheads.

Cleanliness of personal hygiene. Daily life should pay attention to the pillowcase, the cleanliness of the sheet, the sheet is the most likely accumulation of dead cells, mites, dust, dandruff and other dirt place, and sleep for a long time in contact with the face skin, more likely to make the bacteria breeding, reproduction, which leads to long acne.

Bad work and rest habits. Often through this social bad work and rest habits problem is also can lead to acne has been long cause, long-term stay up late, it is easy to affect lead to the patient's body endocrine imbalance, cause the growth of acne;

Irregular diet. For example, our daily study life, often overeating, often eat some traditional fried foods and onions, garlic, chili and other stimulating foods, it is easy to appear to cause the student body factors research by the environmental stimulation, resulting in the growth of acne;

Decline in body immunity. It can be imagined that when the body's immunity declines, naturally our skin's ability to resist disease also declines, which leads to the skin is easily infected with acne bacillus, resulting in the growth of acne;

Methods and steps

The skin should be cleaned and managed properly. A lot of friends with acne will buy acne or oil control face wash, all think they do a good job of oil control, clear the patient's face dust and other dirt will be able to get rid of acne, wash the face a few times a day, 暗瘡消炎藥in fact it is so students instead of damage to the facial skin, so that the face wash is best not to use the development of this social efficacy of the use of their kind of environmental cleaning and moisturizing effect effect of the face wash market will be a little better;

Regulate endocrine. Lead to endocrine disorders in the body, can be endocrine regulation, it is recommended to the relevant dermatology hospital treatment ;Â

Maintain good eating habits. Good eating habits in daily life is also essential. Eat less fatty and sugary food, eat less fried food and stimulating food such as onion, garlic and chili, eat more fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation and indigestion. These must be paid attention to, good diet and lifestyle habits are essential to have better skin;

Maintain adequate sleep for students. Every day we should develop a good habit of going to bed early and getting up early, drink more water and keep a pleasant mood. Only in this way to ensure a good work and rest habits, will not affect lead to environmental endocrine dysfunction, so that you can repeatedly acne, so that the issue of good work and rest habits is also essential to social life;

Maintain a pleasant mood. Maintaining a good mood in daily life is also necessary. Stress, a new home, going abroad, changing jobs, getting married, having children, exams and so on, so keep a happy mood ;)

Improve immunity. Usually pay more attention to nutrition, eat more vegetables and fruits and other protein-rich foods to improve the body's resistance, and at the same time to strengthen physical exercise, strengthen the body and improve immunity;


Ensure good living habits and good eating habits, pay more attention to improving nutrition and get rid of bad habits, which are very beneficial to acne skin.

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