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How to choose industrial LCD screen?

Hot 6Viewed 139 times9-1-2024 03:37 PM

Industrial LCD screens are favored by many users for their strong vision, large information capacity, wide coverage, and good communication effects, so many people want to buy an industrial LCD advertising screen for use.boe screen manufacturer There are many types of industrial LCD advertising screens. Many people do not know much about LCD advertising screens and it is easy to choose the wrong one. So how should we choose industrial LCD screens?

Compared with traditional industrial LCD screen hardware design products, users first need to consider the application development environment of the LCD screen and the time that different audiences stay in the LCD screen system, indoor or outdoor installation, and the height of the installation. The size relationship and various shapes of the installation,lcd supplier whether there is environmental information that can play sounds, whether the application site can effectively use the Internet, etc. When selecting a model, the most important thing for users is to pay attention to the size and carefully consider the actual application site. Please do not blindly pursue a large screen to avoid unnecessary waste of resources. Generally speaking, LCD players have a very long running time, and their stability is directly related to the playback effect. Therefore, when users purchase products, stability is the primary factor to consider.

Before purchasing an LCD screen, you must carefully observe whether there are bright and dark spots at the top of the screen. You can look for bright spots on a black screen and dark spots on a white screen.oled supplier Although there are many products that say their products are "defect-free", each manufacturer has different standards for evaluating defects, so how long does it take for problems to occur? In other words, what are some bad points? Ask clearly about these evaluation criteria to avoid losing interest. Generally speaking, high-quality LCD screens have strict control over the number of dead pixels, and it is best to reach an agreement with the supplier before paying.

Generally among commodities, price is often what consumers are most concerned about, especially in the market for commodities of the same quality. Price is the only weapon for various brands to compete with each other, so consumers pay special attention to the price of the product when purchasing goods. Large screens are naturally more expensive than small screens. However, there is a price difference of several hundred yuan between a brand new LCD screen and a second-hand LCD screen. This price difference is invisible when you buy the product. You only know it after using the product for a while. In terms of material, the screen brightness of LED is much higher than that of LCD, and the display effect is better. Of course, the price will be slightly more expensive.

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Reply Esshakiahs 8-3-2024 02:58 PM
Certainly, making the right choice requires more research. Really interesting with your suggestions and analysis articles. LCD brings more convenience to users. The brand is still researching and developing upgrades for better features
Reply shurtikhanna 19-4-2024 06:06 PM
Thank you for such a well written article. It’s full of insightful information and entertaining descriptions. Your point of view is the best among many.
Reply JimmyTrenchard 22-4-2024 04:50 PM
I'm blown away by the depth of insight here.
Reply kanewilliamson3 1-5-2024 06:44 AM
Thanks for sharing. I'll try to use it for my upcoming project
Reply navyasingh 9-5-2024 07:55 PM
Thank you for shearing your thoughts was amazing
Reply lastreaction 23-5-2024 11:43 PM
Thanks for sharing this guide loved it


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