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7 ways to help babies sleep very well

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1. Give your baby enough sleep during the day
Many people believe that less sleepy babies will sleep better at night. In fact, you need to make sure your child gets enough sleep in the morning and at midday (avoid sleeping late in the afternoon) to play well, and then sleep better at night.

Children who are less rested during the day will be more likely to be fatigued or crying and have trouble sleeping at night. Good night sleep, children will enjoy the night sleep. This is a great way to help your newborn sleep.

2. Adjust your breastfeeding
Maybe you are breastfeeding and have not thought about it yet, but less breastfeeding at night is a good way to help your baby sleep well. Usually, it is difficult to cut back on night feeding. born. However, with babies who have been able to sleep through the night (from week 6), you may want to consider giving your child a chance to familiarize themselves with a new schedule in which sleep is prolonged by feeding cuts. night. Especially, with babies over 6 months of age, you do not need to continue breastfeeding overnight. Except for some children who are hungry for waking, you do not need to wake them up for nighttime feeding as this interrupts sleep and creates a habit of waking up in the middle of the night.

3. Allow baby to move and breathe fresh air
Fresh air is good for both you and your baby. Make your child play in a ventilated area by letting him go for a walk, sunbathing or carpeting near the window. Just like yourself after a long run, when you are physically active, your baby will sleep better at night, especially when combined with massage and pampering.

4. Sleeping yourself is one way to help babies sleep well
One way to help newborns sleep is to think that it is necessary for the child to sleep when lying in the cradle or a corner of the baby rather than sleep in the mother's arms.

The reason for this is that sometimes your child will wake up in the middle of the night, and sleeping in his mother's arms and waking up in another place can cause confusion and crying. When your baby is feeling sleepy, put the baby in the cot and start coaxing him to sleep. If your baby is unfinished, you should combine chat, sing ... to keep him awake. When you finish feeding, you should move to "sleep".

5. Let bedtime be a pleasant time
Although you are tired, but be patient with your child. It is better to turn off the TV and kiss the baby more than to help them feel the full love of their parents. Do not forget to massage baby, lullaby or read the story even though you can not understand the meaning. At the same time, you should turn off the lights, create a quiet space, the happy little angel will go to sleep quickly drunk. On the other hand, if you are stressed, irritated, your baby may feel it and add insecurity, trouble sleeping.

6. Do not let your baby cry alone
You may not need to worry about waking up and waking up a little, which will help your child to learn to calm himself down. But it is not advisable to leave your child screaming for a long time because the child needs you to sit next to him and to comfort him. The baby is not capable of adjusting emotions, or just being in the learning phase of this skill.

Of course, if night crying becomes serious, you should take the baby to a specialist for a checkup. Even mothers who choose to let their baby cry during nighttime sleep are still needed to be around for a baby's crying.

7. Have your bed with your parents
Although not recommended by the experts, the bed is still a way to help newborn sleep well effective. Remember, you have the right to decide how your baby sleep.

You can have your baby sleep in the same bed if you are safe and do not move your baby's bed in the night. Once you have chosen to coax the baby to bed, you have to let him sleep there. If you want to sleep, you have to sleep in the cradle right from the beginning. If not, when waking baby will cry to return to the old place that parents encounter a lot of trouble it.


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Very good tips! Thanks for sharing!

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Boleh try since i nk wean off tp still x berhasil sbb mlm2 die still bangun

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Edited by hoathinh01 at 31-7-2019 04:35 PM

Thank you very much for that.

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