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[Tempatan] Are You A Cheater? Here’s How M’sians Exploit The System To Make Money

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Can you honestly say that you have lived your life without cheating at all?
If you answered yes, then your honesty should be applauded by those who could not claim the same.

However, there are many types of cheating and the cheaters that we condemn the most are those that try to cheat the system for their own personal gain, most notably those who are involved in bribery and corruption.

And you could be one of them, but you may not realise it.

Malaysians And Their Unethical Ways To Get Money By Making False Claims

There are no shortages of unethical means that Malaysians have employed to benefit themselves one way or another but we decided to mention a few cases that were reported in local media over the years.

1. Concession cards

Rapid KL recently announced that they cracked down on rail and bus commuters that exploited the MyRapid concession cards.

These cards, which were meant for students, senior citizens and people with different abilities (OKU), allow its bearer to enjoy 50 per cent off for all fares on all services provided by Rapid KL.

An operation in November 2017 saw Rapid KL confiscating 81 concession cards made up of 48 student concession cards, 31 senior citizens concession cards and two people with different abilities (OKU) concession cards.

Some of the concession cards confiscated by Rapid KL. Pic: Rapid KL

Rapid Rail Sdn Bhd Chief Operating Officer Dato’ Ir. Zohari Sulaiman revealed that they found family members using their relatives who are still students to apply for the concession cards and the cards are then used by the family members to commute to work.

The same was done by senior citizens who passed their cards to their family members.

This is considered illegal as concession cards are not transferrable based on MyRapid’s terms and conditions and those who are caught would be blacklisted by MyRapid apart from having their cards confiscated.

Rapid KL also noted that they will increase their operation until no one is breaking the law again.
2. Flood aid

The annual monsoon season with its perennial floods also appears to be another opportunity for fraudsters to take advantage by falsely claiming hundreds of ringgit in flood relief aid.

The offence for making false claims for property damage and flood aid by Malaysians was so notorious that international news site Radio Australia picked up on the story and reported on how more than US$200,000 was distributed to more than 3,000 families in Melaka who had made multiple or fraudulent claims for flood aid in 2014.

"Taking advantage of the situation is not right and the money was to be used to help others who needed it," said then Chief Minister Mohamad Ali Rustam, as reported by the news site quoting New Straits Times.

Their deceit included making claims for vacant houses or for homes where they were not living, and also amended their names or addresses to make multiple applications.

Besides false claims for property damages, multiple applications for the RM500 financial aid by some victims were also detected.

Source - MD


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sebab diaorang dah diajar, apa2 semua salah kerajaan contohnya, kalau jual roti kat bakery, dia picit2 roti2 tu pakai tangan dia, bila orang tegur, dia cakap, semua orang picit maa...nampak, dia salahkan orang lain

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Car insurance claim tak masuk ke? Cost repair, tukar parts total dalam 3K tp adjuster letak 5K..

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Post time 14-12-2017 01:31 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
1. Bukan.

2. Bukan.

Aku jugak tak claim having 12 shots of whiskey at lunch midweek as entertaining clients. Or bwak caddy indon utk menutuh over the weekend and claiming it all on the company expense account.

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Post time 14-12-2017 02:00 PM From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Cina2 yang keje kat proton tu duli pon penipu macam neh. Bangsat punya swindlers dah lar pemalas

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