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pronouns lagu inggeris acab

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lm aku nak tanya soalan ni pd yg pakar tp aku x jumpa lg org yg betul2 pakar utk beli explaination about questions aku ni.

cthnya lagu where have all the bootboys gone.

i still remember the glory day
where no one dared to the our way

soalan dia knp day dgn way dia x pronounce mcm biasa kita pronounce sebaliknya day jd die dan way jd why.

begitu juga dlm lagu now and again.

word care tp pronoun jd car.

huh pening2 aku memkirkan.
sama ada dia silap pronounce atau dia pakai english sleng negara mana2.
of course la bkn english malaysia.
er korang paham ke apa yg aku tanya ni?

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Post time 26-1-2011 08:44 AM | Show all posts
Post Last Edit by seribulan at 26-1-2011 07:46

grup neh yerr...from Wiki..

The A.C.A.B. is a Malaysian rock band. The band was formerly known as A.C.A.B. from 1994 to 2003 which popularized streetpunk/oi! in the Malaysian underground music scene. The band regrouped in 2005 while adopting indie rock as their genre.

A.C.A.B. (1994-2003)

The band was formed by vocalist Megat Hafiz (under the stage name Magskin) and guitarist Edy J. Herwan in Kuala Lumpur in 1994 and was joined by Anas on guitar, Sham on bass and Black on drums. They released a demo a year later and started gigging across Malaysia. In 1996 they released an EP titled Unite & Fight while Anas left the band.
In 1997 they released their debut album which was made out of a combination of the A.C.A.B. demo tape and the United & Fight EP. They gained a wider audience with the ska infused single "Fight For Your Rights". Eastern Oi! was released in the end of 1998 after Edy left. Their popularity increased within the underground scene while the band was associated with Malaysia's skinhead subculture which was receiving negative attention from the press.

They released a live album Live & Loud in 2000 with the band line-up consisting of Megat on guitar and vocals, Anas as bassist and Zul on drums. A.C.A.B. disbanded after playing their last gig in 2003 as Megat pursued his education overseas. Musicians that have played in A.C.A.B. continued their musical careers with their own bands such as Edy with Gerhana Skacinta and Irfan with The Times.

A.C.A.B. was recognized as The Godfather of streetpunk and oi! and inspired the birth of ska in Malaysia. A Tribute to A.C.A.B. was recorded by various artists under the Clockwork Records label in 2004 in honour of the band.

The A.C.A.B. (2005-present)

Megat returned home without completing his studies in the United Kingdom as he was a poor and uneducated Malay. A reformed skinhead and using the name Max Hafix, he decided to reformed the group with Edy, Irfan and Mono and adding "the" to the band's name as result of Megat's British influence. The band signaled their return with a performance at Rock the World gig in 2005 with a mix of old songs and new material. With music heavily influenced by the British indie rock and post-punk revival scene, The A.C.A.B. released This is The A.C.A.B. in 2006 drawing old as well as new fans to their new direction in music.

...influence dialek kat sana kot...derang ada yg stadi over the sea sana...

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 Author| Post time 26-1-2011 06:09 PM | Show all posts
Reply 2# seribulan

masalahnya org british pun x pronouns mcm tu kak bedah oi...

aku ingt org british dgr pun pelik je bdk2 ni nyanyi lg guna sleng ntah apa2.

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Post time 27-1-2011 08:57 AM | Show all posts the word..DIALEK...dialek..

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 Author| Post time 27-1-2011 09:43 PM | Show all posts
Reply 4# seribulan

hehe marah plk mok cik esah nih..

br skang aku tau ada british yg dialek mcm acab tu nyanyi ek...

bleh salah paham nanti....

cthnya ada plk org ckp "todai is mandai" walhal sbnrnya dia nak ckp "today is monday"

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Post time 27-1-2011 10:00 PM | Show all posts
Post Last Edit by seribulan at 27-1-2011 21:21
Reply  seribulan

hehe marah plk mok cik esah nih..

br skang aku tau ada british yg dialek mcm ...
otai_g Post at 27-1-2011 08:43 PM

kalau camtu biasanya Australian English...abang saya stadi kat Australia biasa cakap today = todie....
masalahnya atok aki oiii...derang ni blajar kat England...that can only be the explanation...baca neh..
asal usul Australian English ... ada kaitan Cockney English...

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Post time 28-1-2011 11:35 AM | Show all posts

South African English is a dialect of English spoken in South Africa and to some extent, in neighbouring countries with a large number of Anglo-Africans living in them, such as Namibia and Zimbabwe.
:Main article: Phonemic differentiation.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

South African English spoken by whites bears some resemblances in pronunciation to a mix of Australian English and British English. Afrikaans has heavily influenced only those living in Afrikaans areas.

Related Topics:
Australian English - British English

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The most noticeable difference in pronunciation is probably the flat "i", so that "six" is pronounced in a way sounding like "sucks", and "today" like "to die". This is a part of the vowel shift that has occurred in South Africa as well as New Zealand.
Related Topics:
Vowel shift - New Zealand

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • pan = {{IPA|/pɛn/}}
  • pen = {{IPA|/pen/}}
  • pin = {{IPA|/pɨn/}}
  • pun = {{IPA|/pan/}}

  • One difference between (white) South African English and New Zealand English is in the pronunication of 'ar' and 'ow', as in the pronunciation of the sentence 'park the car downtown'.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • New Zealand: pahk the kah dehwn tehwn
  • South Africa: pawk the kaw dahwn tahwn
    English as spoken by black South Africans is influenced by intonation and pronunciation of African languages:

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

  • work ? weck
  • win ? ween
  • car ? kah
  • book ? boook
  • dirty ? detty
  • garden ? gaddin
  • fast ? fust
  • town ? taun
  • broken ? braucken

Some of the information on this page come from a Wikipedia article
and are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.
Lexicon - Contact us/Report abuse - Privacy Policy - ©2005. - stver1 - 2011-01-28 - 0.03

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Post time 28-1-2011 03:10 PM | Show all posts
haah ni mcm aussy ponya slang nih....
tak heran pong sbb kt UK tu sundrik mcm2 dialek lah...even kt england sundri, bandar2 n daerah pong bebeza dialek....liverpool ckp scouse, sbagian kt london ckp cockney

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