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My story with SpySweeper

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Post time 11-6-2007 07:04 PM | Show all posts |Read mode
Extremly Sucks!!!

Before installing this software, make sure you have a backup like I do. This is what I have:

1. Harddisk C (Primary workplace - Windows XP SP2)
2. Harddisk D (This is where I download everything from the net)
3. Harddisk F (Replication of system file from C and all the maintainance and recovery tools)

What happened?
1. I downloaded SpySweeper5.3.2 Build 2361.
2. Then I uninstall. Why? because I dont like many things on my PC.
3. Oppsss.. suddenly my PC Hang (Because of massive calculation I'am working on the background)
4. Reboot..
5. Windows XP Logon Screen. Keyboard Malfunction. Hangs. Freezes and I can't Log in! #!
6. Mhh.. Its my hardware.. USB, PS2 Keyboard, Modem Mouse? No!! After wasting few hours of trobleshooting plugin and plugout my hardware... reflashing my BIOS, It's actually cause by SpySweeper!
7. Luckily I am having my Harddisk F. I studied the boot log. the problem was at "sskbfd.sys"

The Solution!
1. I installed SpySweeper on F.
2. Copy "sskbfd.sys" to C (in that Windows\system32\drivers)
3. Reboot and run on C.
4. Finally the frozen screen works.
5. Reinstall that stupid SpySweeper on C
6. Restart
7. Wait until everything loaded. Uninstall SpySweeper.
8. Restart
7. Wait until everything loaded. Run CCLEANER.
8. Run Spybot SND.
9. Clean all thoses ****** SpySweeper mess.
10. Restart. Boot on F and repeat step 7.
11. Everythings fine, after wasting the whole day.

Note: I am not making any profit from Spybot and CCleaner (those tools are free and very very useful!)

The final step!
1. Delete SpySweeper installer from my harddisk.
2. Will never download it again.

June 11, 2007. 7pm.

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Post time 11-6-2007 08:32 PM | Show all posts
thanks for sharing your sucks what antyspyware

you are using now?

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Post time 11-6-2007 10:52 PM | Show all posts
syok jugak baca luahan perasaan ni.............

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Post time 12-6-2007 05:02 AM | Show all posts
Aku dah agak SpySweeper ni mmg ada banyak problem
tapi ada sorg mat salleh tu duk bangkang2 aku
maki hamun ckp aku ni tak reti nk bg solution..
tgk apa jadi SpySweeper dah buat kat PC kawan kita sorang ni..
hang terus PC dia..
senang pakai jer Spybot, Ad-aware, ngan apa2 yg free la.

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Post time 14-6-2007 12:22 AM | Show all posts

Reply #4 syafthegeek's post

spybot da x mampu lawan spyware2 skang ni..
aku pun pakai spy sweeper.. sebab ramai yang recommends..

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 Author| Post time 14-6-2007 07:30 AM | Show all posts

Reply #2 trunks's post

skarang nie aku pakai avast 4.7 (registered) spybot snd + teatimer, ccleaner. after boot "commit charge" 145mb.. kalau dia naik sampai 155mb, aku dah risau.

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Post time 14-6-2007 09:12 PM | Show all posts
aku pernah pakai spysweeper ni....lepas install memang dia akan scan di background terlebih dahulu..masa ni komputer kalau boleh jangan pakai untuk keja berat berat..kalau tidak memang hang...lagi baik kalau lepas install buat full scan...lepas full scan spysweeper running mcm biasa

satu lagi kalau letak beberapa antispyware running background kemungkinan hang berlaku lebih tinggi...tapii berat la spysweeper ni....mcm spyware doctor yg terbaru..memang berat..siap ada driver....

skrng aku pakai avg antispyware + kaspersky internet security + adaware(kadang ja pakai)...avg antispyware ni ringan skit...

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Post time 16-6-2007 07:23 AM | Show all posts
avg antispyware tu ok gak... ringan pun ringan hehehe
adaware version baru pun ok...
try la download
kalau nak siap ngan crack sekali pegi kat

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Post time 20-6-2007 06:35 PM | Show all posts
ZoneAlarm pun okay... Kaspersky lagi lah OK!!

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