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every one in Sabah has an MyKad

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PaCiFIC- Patriotic Citizens Forum on Identity Cards.

Secretary General - Joshua Kong's press release No. 101 for PaCiFIC dated 13th July, 2006

From Joshua Y. C. Kong, P. O. Box 11923, 88821 Kota Kinabalu.

The good answer from the Parliament, I need to fill in the gap. (DE 13/07/06)  2,011,000 with ICs in Sabah.

Over 2m in 2005/2006 with Malaysian identity cards when the population in 2000 was less than 2 m. At least 350,000# of those are still under 12 years old now.

This is another confirmation that some goals were scored and some people decide to move the goal posts to disallow that goals.

If in 1970, there were 1 m in Sabah, and then in 1980, it was less than 1 m, what do you make that when Berjaya was in power. Then in 1991, it was 1.3m. How is this trend? Up and down and down or what?

Should not the present Governments - Federal and State resign enbloc?

RCI still needed to clear the mess getting messier.  There are other ways to verify the figures.

At the same time, Sabahans should be adequately compensated in a Trust Foundation under a Board of Trustee headed by me for Sabahans after 43 years.

# not consider those who had died and migrated from 2000-2006.

Joshua Y. C. Kong.


Secretary General, PaCiFIC- Patriotic Citizens Forum on Identity Cards.



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Population Boom explanation is doom with new figures.

Press Release No. 5 of the Secretary General of CASH
dated 13th July 2006.

Did not the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi urge
us to tell him the truth?  Did not the YAB PM urge us to work with him not work for him?
        So is Home Ministry Parliamentary Secretary Datuk  Paduka Haji Abdul Rahman Ibrahim telling the whole truth in Parliament in response to a question in that august house?  Is he prepared to present more facts and figures outside the Parliament?
        The figures that he gave are quite sketchy without mentioning the respective years.  There are two sets of figures never disclosed before that we can use in our analysis.  The first set is "those 740,381 with late registration and  out of which 523,785 were born before 1971" and the second figure is 2,011,602 people in Sabah having ICs and birth certificates in 2006.
        We are not told what is the local population of Sabah in 2006.  But we know the 2000's population was 1,988,661 Malaysians in Sabah.
        I hope the Government would provide the breakdown of the 740,381 in term of age groups, locality, years of late registration and racial breakdown.  It is indeed frightening to note that a very high rate at 740,381 persons were late out of a population of about 2 millions in 2000.  I also want to know how many were late registered in the period 2000- 2006?
        About the number of 523,785 persons born before 1971, I would not be surprised at all as it fits in perfectly to the known fact of 400,000 as stated in Parliament and N13 1999 Election Court case of dubious people via the Sworn Statements.  
        As the Statistics Department had done the four Population Census 1970, 1980, 1991 and 2000 with painstaking with annual updating and regional make up, such disclosure by  Abdul Rahman had indeed thrown the whole process into disarray.
        So I would like to ask Abdul Rahman to state what would be the population in 1980, 1991 and 2000 if it was more than a million in 1971.  Abdul Rahman said records kept by the NRD show that the overall population was 716,626.  Abdul Rahman went on to say that the population in 1971 should be more than a million instead of the official figure of 653,604 in 1970.  Abdul Rahman should clarify the two figures namely 716,626 and a million in 1971.  Was 716,626 referred to those with ICs?
        Please also clarify since when mobile registrations were carried out in Sabah and how many were registered by such process and in what districts?
        Abdul Rahman also mentioned that the children born of mixed parents - local and foreign - were 85,451.  Please give details of the period and the districts they were registered.
        Abdul Rahman also mentioned the average of increase of 1.5% and 2.5% from 1970 to 2006 was acceptable.  Please tell us what are the population parameters these rates are based at?  Is it based on 2 million in 2000?
        Finally, if 2,011,602 in 2006 have identity cards, then the Malaysians (including dubious people or EPIC) in 2000 had been issued identity cards including those in age group of 12 and below.  The population census in 2000 shows those below 12 in 2006 is about 350,000 and those who have died or migrated have not been considered since 2000.
        We know there are many ways to verify the figures as put forth by Abdul Rahman throughout the period from 1970-2000.  The population in Sabah has been used for economic and financial planning.  If the latest figures are to be used for such purposes, then we can see so much shortcomings in our systems, hence we remain so poor in Malaysia now.  Would Abdul Rahman come out with some proposals to right what had been wrong all these years for nation building?
        The best way forward is for the Royal Commission of Inquiry to clear the mess getting messier.

Joshua Y. C. Kong.
Secretary General, PaCiFIC- Patriotic Citizens Forum on Identity Cards.

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this is the scam going deeper to destroy the nation


Why Sabah's population rose
Kuala Lumpur: The Statistics Department's figures of Sabah's population do not reflect the actual population increase since shortcomings on the part of the authorities in the 1970s saw many of Sabah's people living in the rural areas going unrecorded.

Home Affairs Parliamentary Secretary, Datuk Paduka Haji Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, said Sabah's purported population increase by four fold between 1970 and 2000 as recorded by the Statistics Department can be explained by rechecking the figures with the National Registration Department (NRD).

"In historical terms, after Sabah's entry into Malaysia there were some weaknesses in the recording and documentation of Sabah's population since some of the people living in the interior cannot be reached by land and were not registered either for birth certificates or identity cards," he said.

Responding to Tuaran MP Datuk Wilfred Madius Tangau's question in Parliament on the extraordinary population boom based on the Statistics Department records, Abdul Rahman said the 1971 records kept by the NRD showed that the overall population was 716,626.

This was quite similar to the Statistics Department's 1970 figure of 653,264, which however, did not reflect the actual number of people in Sabah, he said.

"Because of the weaknesses and the call from the people in rural areas to get their rights to be registered as citizens, the Government formed the NRD mobile registration unit to help these people get their birth certificates and ICs," he said.

Based on NRD records there are about 2,011,602 people in Sabah having ICs and birth certificates in 2006 with 740,381 being late registrations and out of which 523,785 were those born before 1971.

If the number of late registrations is taken into account then the population of Sabah in 1971 was actually more than one million, he said.

"If Sabah's population in 1971 was more than one million, then the average population increase until 2006 is between 1.5 per cent and 2.5 per cent annually, which is in fact the same with other states in the peninsula," he said.

Abdul Rahman said that among the other factors for Sabah's population increase was the regional merger, which is provided for under Article 14 (1) (a) Section Two of the Second Schedule of the Federal Constitution.

Apart from that, mixed marriages between locals and foreigners in Sabah was also an important factor for the increase.

"For example, the number of children born in Sabah from marriages between Sabah women and permanent residents or foreigners or vice versa was 85,451," he said.

Under the law, he said these children are categorised as citizens.

He said the Ministry was aware of the illegal immigrant problem in Sabah and as an initial effort, had drawn and proposed an integrated action plan.

"I believe if the Internal Security Ministry is given the mandate (to implement the proposed action plan) the problem of illegal immigrants in Sabah can be resolved," he said.

Details of the integrated action plan were not disclosed.

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 Author| Post time 14-7-2006 02:35 AM | Show all posts

the right action to pursue

DAILY EXPRESS NEWS  13th July 2006
'Project IC': Politicians and NRD yet to be quizzed
Kota Kinabalu: Politicians and National Registration Department (NRD) officers have not been questioned yet by police in their investigations into allegations that a senior former government leader was behind an attempt to issue 600,000 identity cards to illegal immigrants in Sabah.

Sabah Police Commissioner, Dato' Mangsor Ismail, said police may get statements from NRD officers towards the end of the investigation.

According to Mangsor, Sabah police will get clarification from the relevant government departments once police have cleared certain aspects or details on the issuance of such documents.

Investigations would include checking whether the documents were issued properly and if had not, then to find out how the documents were issued by the concerned authority.

On the falsification of ICs, Mangsor said police would scrutinise the matter with the cooperation of the relevant authority.

He said several statements had been recorded from immediate people pertaining to the possession of the Ics.

While admitting that there could be more to the problem raised by the complainant in the matter, Mangsor said police would probe further but declined to comment on developments in connection to the other allegations pertaining to the issuance of such Ics.

Mangsor said adding the matter is being handled by Sabah police since it is the State's internal matter. "We will seek assistance from other police contingents if the need arises," he said after witnessing the handing-over of duties for the Sabah Special Branch chief post, here, Wednesday On June 18, Consumer Association of Sabah and Labuan (Cash) President Datuk Patrick Sindu said the issue should not be taken lightly as it involved the nation's sovereignty.

"We will ask police to conduct a thorough investigation into the truth behind the allegations as revealed during the Parliamentary Select Committee hearing," he said.

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