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Proton Plans To Launch R3 Models For Saga, Pesona, Inspira And Exora

PETALING JAYA, Sept 13 (Bernama) -- Proton Holdings Bhd, the national car maker, plans to launch its R3 (Race, Rally, Research) models namely - Saga, Pesona, Inspira and Exora by early next year, said Head Motorsports Division Datuk Abdul Razak Dawood.

He said these models, built by the Motorsports Division under the R3 unit, were still undergoing the modification, prototyping and development processes and the prices were yet to be decided.

" The Proton's R3 models have their own special market especially people who are keen to have some uniqueness and looking for better performance," he said after launching the " My Proton Makeover " programme here Tuesday.

" We will sell these models in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia and also offer the body kits, " he said, adding that about 80 units of the Satria R3 model had been sold this year.

Meanwhile the " My Proton Makeover " contest is part of Proton move to acknowledge and reward faithful customers of Proton. Those interested in the programme can register at www.protonVIP.com.

Proton Lancar Model R3 Bagi Saga, Pesona, Inspira Dan Exora

Selasa September 13, 2011

PETALING JAYA : Proton Holdings Bhd, pembuat kereta nasional, merancang untuk melancarkan model R3 (Race, Rally, Research) iaitu Saga, Pesona, Inspira dan Exora menjelang awal tahun depan, kata Ketua Bahagian Motorsports, Datuk Abdul Razak Dawood.

Beliau berkata, model-model berkenaan yang dibina oleh bahagian Motorsports di bawah unit R3, masih melalui proses modifikasi, prototaip serta pembangunan dan harganya masih belum diputuskan.

" Model R3 Proton mempunyai pasaran khusus tersendiri terutamanya mereka yang berminat memiliki keunikan dan mencari prestasi lebih baik," katanya selepas pelancaran program " My Proton Makeover " di sini, Selasa.

" Kami akan menjual model-model ini di Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia dan Australia dan juga menawarkan body kit," katanya dan menambah bahawa kira-kira 80 unit model Satria R3 dijual tahun ini.

Sementara itu, peraduan " My Proton Makeover " merupakan sebahagian daripada langkah Proton untuk mengiktiraf dan memberi ganjaran kepada pelanggan setia Proton. Mereka yang berminat dengan program boleh mendaftar di www.protonVIP.com.

-Bernama -

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1992 Proton Saga (R3 Makeover) VIP Programme











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hahaha.. pas ni jgn owner tu masuk bodypart fiore balik sudah.. :lol:

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SWRC: Proton confirms 2012 entry

Proton Motorsports has confirmed it will enter the Super 2000 World Rally Championship in 2012 alongside the defence of its FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship title.

Alister McRae and PG Andersson, who will be Proton's pairing for the Asian programme, will form part of the SWRC line-up with Giandomenico Basso also involved in the plans to take the Proton Satria Neo S2000 into the SWRC for the first time.

Andersson and Basso will be on driving duties for the season opener in Monte Carlo next month, with the team also entering the events in Sweden, New Zealand, Finland, France, Spain and GB over the course of the year.

“ It's great news to have the programme sorted out and to have two major championships to look forward to, with two Satria Neo S2000s in each, ” team boss Chris Mellors said. “The defence of our APRC success is obviously of paramount importance to us, but moving to the Super 2000 World Rally Championship is great for us to show the way the Satria Neo S2000 is developing.

“ We have competed in the IRC for the past few years and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eurosport and the IRC for providing a fantastic series. Proton is taking a new direction for 2012, but we are still looking at the potential for running customer cars in the IRC.

“ But, for now, we are fully focused on the Monte for P-G and Giandomenico. This is going to be a really, really exciting start to what we hope will be a year as full of success as 2011 was. We are very familiar with the main driver line-up, but as the season progresses we will be trying some different drivers in some of the SWRC rounds. ”

Sources : http://www.crash.net/

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Proton Satria Neo S2000 S-WRC

PG Anderson - Monte Carlo 2012



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Disaster Robs PROTON Of Maiden Victory In S-WRC At The Monte Carlo Rally

A fire in the engine bay three special stages to the finish of the grueling five-day long Monte Carlo Rally ended a spectacular run for PROTON in the 2012 FIA Super World Rally Championship (S-WRC) and the hopes of clinching its maiden victory on its debut season in the World Rally Championship.



The fire was later traced to a fuel leak in the engine bay of the Satria Neo S2000, which forced PG Andersson into retirement in special stage 16, a 23.41km run through Moulinet-La Bollène Vésubie.

Day four of the Monte Carlo Rally consisted of four special stages which included a repeat of the morning session’s 23.41km Moulinet-La Bollène Vésubie special stage and the 18.81km Lantosque-Luceram test.

The PROTON driver had earlier completed a trouble-free drive through Moulinet-La Bollène Vésubie to tighten the grip on his lead in the S-WRC category, gaining another 8 seconds to extend his advantage to 1 minute 48 seconds over Skoda’s Kevin Abbring. Ford’s Craig Breen was a distant threat some 22 minutes behind while Frenchman Bryan Bouffier in the Peugeot 207 S2000 a further 4 minutes adrift in fourth place.

With three more special stages to go – the two repeat stages and the fifth and final day of rallying which would have been run on the 5.16km Ste Agnès-Col de la Madone stretch - Andersson was also the only S2000 car in the top 10 front runners, holding on to 9th position overall with Abbring, Breen and Bouffier placed 12th, 15th and 16th respectively.

The retirement ended what had been a spectacular drive by Andersson which saw PROTON leading the S-WRC class and outshining heavyweights Skoda, Ford and Peugeot.

“ There are elements that you control and there are those that you can never prepare for, and this was precisely what we experienced today. The team, especially Andersson, is extremely devastated by this stroke of misfortune considering we were essentially already en route to claiming victory, ” said Datuk Abdul Razak Dawood, the Head of PROTON Motorsports.

“Andersson took a cautious approach on the penultimate day of rallying and was even prepared to concede his ninth place overall as he did not want to be distracted from being focused on clinching victory in the S-WRC category. But this is the reality of rallying, and what makes the Monte Carlo Rally one of the toughest and most unpredictable rallies on the world championship.”

Datuk Abdul Razak and the entire team commended Andersson on an impeccable drive that saw the Satria Neo S2000 dominate the S-WRC category.

“ Despite the outcome, it was an exceptional drive and definitely an eye-opening start to the season. ”

Meanwhile, PROTON’s Director of Group Marketing, Branding and Motorsports John Chacko said the Satria Neo S2000’s performance in the Monte Carlo Rally had successfully given the brand and Malaysian manufacturer a valuable and tremendous boost in terms of recognition on the international arena.

“ While we are in competition to win, an equally important objective is to build the brand internationally and that was precisely what was achieved in Monte Carlo and around the world when you had unsuspecting rally fans taking notice of and even cheering on a manufacturer they knew little about, ” said Chacko.

“ Andersson’s charge in the Satria Neo S2000 had without a doubt, made an impactful introduction for PROTON on the World Rally Championship and comparing to where we were last season in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC), the rally programme has definitely taken a big step forward and this underlines the company’s commitment to becoming better. ”

Citroen’s Sebastien Loeb continued to assert dominance to stretch his lead at the front of the pack and currently holds a 2 minute 41.5 seconds advantage over second placeman Dani Sordo in the Mini. Sordo however, saw his lead of more than a minute over Ford’s Petter Solberg trimmed to a mere 19 seconds with two more special stages to contest.

Sources : http://paddocktalk.com/

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Proton Super Saga
















Hanifah Yoong Yin Fah

Syazwan Zainal

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2011 Proton Satria Neo F3-Matspeed SNF Version 1.1


- Matspeed Stroker Kit.
- Matspeed 278/260-260 Scatter Cams.
- Port & Polish Cylinder Head.
- Works Cam Pulley.
- Works Crank Pulley.
- Works EMS-1 Piggyback ECU.
- Matspeeds Custom Straight Cut + LSD gearbox.



- F3-Matspeed Campro Street Spec Stage1 Engine


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Proton Satria Neo S2000 S-WRC Rally Sweden 2012













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Rally Of New Zealand APRC 2012


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Proton tekad kuasai kedudukan peneraju Rali Dunia

KUALA LUMPUR - Proton Motorsports berazam untuk terus melebarkan kelebihannya sebagai peneraju kedudukan Kejuaraan Rali Dunia Super (SWRC) 2000 FIA dalam Rali Perancis, mulai hari ini hingga Ahad ini.

Beraksi kali pertama di lapangan batu tar sejak Rali Monte Carlo, Januari lalu, mereka bakal banyak bergantung kepada pengalaman pemandu, PG Andersson di permukaan itu yang memadu kereta Proton Satria Neo S2000 berbanding kereta Ford & Skoda milik pencabar utama.

" Pemandu dari Sweden itu pernah beraksi dalam perlumbaan di litar sebegitu pada awal kariernya untuk memenangi dua Kejuaraan Rali Remaja Dunia.

" Proton sudah memenangi empat daripada enam pusingan SWRC musim ini, satu pencapaian luar biasa kami dan Satria Neo S2000 pada tahun pertamanya di peringkat tertinggi perlumbaan rali dunia, " menurut kenyataan Proton yang dikeluarkan di sini, semalam.

Rali Perancis meliputi 22 peringkat perlumbaan sejauh 404.14 kilometer.

- Utusan Malaysia -

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Two Seating Sdn Bhd



We would like to introduce our company history background, company established year 1992, that seats produced have many models that fit almost all cars.

Our company motto is " Price promise.... Buy with Confidence ! " and the pride felt throughout SSCUS’s organization reflects the quality, integrity and service that have become the backbone of our company's success in market.

We invite you to be part of our enthusiasm! Let SSCUS be your number one source for all your car seat needs. SSCUS looks optimistically towards a bright and profitable future, and promises to live up to it's reputation as a supplier of quality seats combined with quality service.

SSCUS sport seats have been chosen by Malaysia Rainforest Challenge 4x4 participants. SSCUS seats have won the Champion in Category 2,000-3,000cc, finished second overall in year 2002 and nearly all of others competitions over the past few years..








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2014 Proton Suprima S R3 Race Car








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