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happy Birthday!

whitedove Publish time 12-7-2004 02:34 PM

INSIDE TAKUYA'S HEAD Vol. 1 (excerpts & translations)

October 1999

I, who am very bad at lying, is acting, this is really a contradiction, ne.

Since young, my parents have thoroughly instilled in me , these two points. . So, subconciously, I can't live by these 2 values, these values have been embedded deep inside my mind.

To me, lying, is just like the vegetables that I disliked when I was young.

If I do not eat it, it is not good for my body.


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Jan 2003


I think SMAP's other members have also been asked before, often people asked me, "Though it will be nice if you continue as SMAP down the road, but have you ever thought of trying it out alone?" When someone tells me "You will be great if you go solo",I will definitely feel thankful, but at this kind of times I will always think "That's because you do not understand the power of the group!" We ourselves understand, there's a kind of energy that exists only when SMAP, this group, is together. Even though it is quite meaningless to compare ourselves with other groups, but we have confidence that there are certain things that only we can accomplish. Of course during the concert preparations there will be a lot times when our views do not match, during the process of the content discussions, what everyone wants to do is different, but it is because of this differences that make the end product very interesting. In the end, it is because everyone is pursuing the same goal that we naturally become one, maybe it is because we have been working together for so many years that our feelings have become neared.

I think a group of people moving towards a common goal together -- this is a team. So towards a television programme, we and the viewers included will generate TEAM spirit and energy. SMAP is formed in this way. If we use a soccer competition as an analogy, we members are the players on the field, and our coach and assistant standing in the distance watching us, giving us instructions are our director and managers, of course this also include the people who are in the same TEAM, the staff who are in charge of the lights and sound. If not for them, we cannot even accomplish anything. The power of the people around us are great, you know.

Because there's you,

because there's me,

that's why we can taste the best happiness.


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Originally posted by whitedove at 12-7-2004 03:05 PM:
Jan 2003


I think SMAP's other members have also been asked before, often people asked me, "Thoug ...
aduuhhhh....gugur jantung ku...hensemnyerr abang ku ni....:love::love::love:

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Scorpio(Oct. 23 - Nov.21)

House: Eighth
Gemstone: Topaz
New age stone: Obsidian, amber
Color: Black, burgandy
Opposite sign: Taurus
Least Compatible with: Aries, Gemini
Ruling Planet : Pluto- Modern(Mars-Traditional)
Element: Water
Anatomy ruled: Reproductive system
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Most compatible with: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio
Your tarot card: XIII Death

Usually: passionate, dynamic, sensual and probing.
Can be:Vindictive, moody, jealous and sadistic.

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Originally posted by PoisonousHoney at 13-7-2004 03:50 AM:
Scorpio(Oct. 23 - Nov.21)

House: Eighth
Gemstone: Topaz
New age stone: Obsidian, amber
Color: Black, burgandy
Opposite sign: Taurus
Least Compatible with: Aries, Gemini
Ruling Planet : P ...
aku gemini!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by PoisonousHoney at 13-7-2004 03:50 AM:
Scorpio(Oct. 23 - Nov.21)

House: Eighth
Gemstone: Topaz
New age stone: Obsidian, amber
Color: Black, burgandy
Opposite sign: Taurus
Least Compatible with: Aries, Gemini
Ruling Planet : Pluto- Modern(Mars-Traditional)
Element: Water
Anatomy ruled: Reproductive system
Flower: Chrysanthemum
Most compatible with: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio
Your tarot card: XIII Death

Usually: passionate, dynamic, sensual and probing.
Can be:Vindictive, moody, jealous and sadistic.

hmm, very interesting! let's see if some of these tally with what I know of him...

Most compatible with: Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio - no wonder he & Tsuyoshi pretty much get along...In this week's Birthday SMAP, his present was the only thing that Tsuyoshi guessed right...I'll post the links afterwards...

Usually: passionate, dynamic, sensual and probing. - he's definitely everything in the above!

Can be:Vindictive, moody, jealous and sadistic. - moody & jealous, yes...I can see it in SMAPxSMAP clips...vindictive & sadistic, never saw him like this...he can be pretty bad-tempered although not as bad-tempered as Goro...

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From SMAPxSMAP 12 July 2004...as usual, download with Net Transport...

SMAPxSMAP July 12 Birthday SMAP Part 1 - this is a pretty long clip to download...please be patient! also, tekaan Tsuyoshi apa yg Takuya bagi dia adalah satu2nya yg betul...
SMAPxSMAP July 12 Birthday SMAP Part 2 - Tsuyoshi didn't choose Takuya's present as the winner, but he's going to keep it anyway!
SMAPxSMAP July 12 Ending Song - Shiosai

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kau ajar sket guna Net transport aku tak pas lah...

whitedove Publish time 15-7-2004 04:52 PM

Originally posted by PrincessFiona at 15-7-2004 04:34 PM:
kau ajar sket guna Net transport aku tak pas lah...

laa...OK, kau dah download Net Transport belum? kalau dah, buat macam ni...kau guna XP/ME ke 98/2000? kalau kat XP, ada shortcut dia...kau click kanan kat link tu lepas tu kat bawah tu ada tulis 'Download with Net Transport'...bila kau dah click tu, nanti akan keluar menu Properties...kau boleh Rename kat situ tapi jangan lupa extension dia .zip...pastu kat Directory kat bawah tu, kau browse kalau nak letak kat mana2 dalam C yg kau senang cari...habis tu kau click je OK & dia akan automatic je download...untungnya dengan Net Transport ni, kau boleh sambung download walaupun dah tutup & bukak balik computer...

kalau kau guna 98/2000 pulak, aku tak surelah ada ke tak shortcut 'Download with Net Transport' tu...tapi jalan jauh dia, kau copy URL kat link tu, lepas tu kat Net Transport, kau click New, nanti akan keluar menu Add New Download...pastekan URL kat dalam ruangan URL, lepas tu ada jugak ruangan Rename & Directory, ikut je macam cara kerja di atas...

kalau belum jelas, bagitau je aku OK?

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ada satu lagi .. tapi software ni tak leh untuk fail mms tapi kalau fail http memang laju je dia download..but tengok connection juga..nama dia internet download manager ..

kalau nak cari kat goole taip internet download manager ..ambik yang free punya lah of course..

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Inside Takuya's Head Vol. 3 (from various mags)

March 2003

When I meet (SMAP) members, when they happened to say "Good Luck is very interesting!" I will feel very embarrassed. They are a group of guys who understand the good and bad parts of something, when they praise me like that I will feel very 'bimyou' and am unable to just reply simply "Hearing you say this makes me really happy." Maybe it is because till now, I have no such habit or maybe just don't know how to reply. Sometimes, I will deliberately try to hide it and say "Actually it's nothing!". On the other hand, when I watch members' works, I will prepare myself and watch them seriously, It's not that kind of easy, relaxing manner "Let's watch a bit of it!" Because when I watch it I will be stricter than others and think a lot about it. This feeling is totally different from watching other people's dramas. Of course I will want to see something in the drama that can make people empathise with it, but this is not the aim when I watch members' works. It's hard to explain this, for instance when I see member on a date with a girl on TV or in the movie, I can never accept it. Maybe it's because when I feel shy when I see a member becoming another character. In variety shows ne, it's oh they are their original personalities that I can watch it happily and naturally.....this kind of thinking is very weird ne! Actually, as someone who is also a performer, if I can watch it even more normally, as a group we can probably advance even more.

I feel that once I obtained "energy",

I will definitely turn into someone who is stronger than this energy and someone who even wants to protect others more.


whitedove Publish time 21-7-2004 04:43 PM

I will post the links to some clips from SMAPxSMAP July 19 - Summer Special tomorrow...There are great stuff that happened this week!

Plus, Tomoko Yamaguchi (Minami of LONG VACATION) is this week's Bistro SMAP guest!

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Because it's the summer special, there were no ending songs...This week's show was aired live on July 19, in front of a studio audience...

SMAPxSMAP July 19 - Bistro SMAP Part 1 (Tomoko Yamaguchi who played Minami in Long Vacation was the special guest...Nakai was so cheeky, teasing them both! The teams were Takuya-Tsuyoshi and Goro-Shingo)
SMAPxSMAP July 19 - Bistro SMAP Part 2 (Tomoko tasted what Takuya and Tsuyoshi prepared for her)
SMAPxSMAP July 19 - Gold Medal (This is very hilarious! They invent the most ridiculous game...SLIPPER SHOT-PUT! You would never have guessed where Takuya's slipper ended up...)

As usual, download with Net Transport atau Internet Download Manager...Happy viewing!

P/S: I will post the summary of what's going on in every clip tomorrow.

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thanks whitedove You are superb...:bodek::bodek::bodek::pompom::pompom::pompom:

whitedove Publish time 23-7-2004 04:47 PM

Originally posted by sara at 23-7-2004 09:33 AM:
thanks whitedove You are superb...:bodek::bodek::bodek::pompom::pompom::pompom:
:bgrin: TQ! :rf:

OK, here's the summary...

1st Clip: Bistro SMAP Part 1

Nakai introduced this week's Bistro SMAP which was aired live in front of a studio audience. He asked each member of their expectations for this week's Bistro. Goro got bullied by Takuya and Shingo. Shingo hit Goro's head with his hat, but later tried to fix it!

The live audience screamed as the boys made their ways toward the Bistro's stage.

Nakai: It's looking good today. Everybody looks kawaii (cute)! (Note: This earned screams from the audience)

Nakai introduced Tomoko Yamaguchi as she made her way toward the stage. Tomoko told them that it's hard to get by the traffic around the TV station because there's a carnival going on. Takuya replied that he had the same problem. Tomoko and Takuya started talking animatedly with each other, which prompted Nakai to sing, "la la la la love song" (the themesong from Long Vacation)! Shingo grabbed him by the neck while Goro covered his ears as if indicating that Nakai's singing was horrible! Nakai teased both Tomoko and Takuya again. Takuya made a tongue-in-cheek face while Tomoko kept fanning herself, saying that it was atsui (hot)! Nakai then introduced Tomoko to Tsuyoshi (Note: Maybe it's the first time that Tsuyo ever met her face to face!)

The partners would be Takuya-Tsuyoshi and Goro-Shingo.

Shingo seemed happy to meet Tomoko and he shook her hand (Note: Shingo was only 19 when Takuya and Tomoko collaborated in Long Vacation, and he was a fan of hers). As Goro and Tomoko talked to each other, you can see that Shingo was working really fast at the background, eager to join in the conversation! Both Goro and Shingo described what they're preparing for Tomoko.

Nakai brought Tomoko to Takuya-Tsuyoshi's kitchen. Both Takuya and Tomoko agreed that they had a great time filming Long Vacation. You can see that Takuya worked really fast to prepare the dish. He then described what he's preparing for Tomoko.

Nakai told them that there were 15 seconds left. He asked Goro-Shingo team if they're doing OK. Takuya-Tsuyoshi team shouted "Finish!". The audience started counting down and finally, Goro-Shingo team shouted, "Finish!" with only 1 second left!

P/S: Sorry sebab tak dapat nak post summary untuk 2 lagi clips hari ni...ada hal sikit...later, OK?

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2nd Clip - Bistro SMAP Part 2:

Nakai announced that Tomoko would try Takuya-Tsuyoshi team's dishes first.

Tomoko: Is it curry?
Nakai: What's that?
Takuya: It's very spicy. Is spicy OK with you?
Tomoko: It's fine.
Takuya: It's Thai curry.

Tomoko keeps saying sugoi (great) while she put the noodles into the curry and started eating it.

Tomoko: Hmm, omai (delicious)!
Takuya: Omai?
Tomoko: But it's very spicy!

Takuya explained that he put a lot curry leaves to give it the right aroma.

Tomoko: Delicious!

Nakai asked (with a straight face) if Takuya's wife liked it! He stood up and gave a sign to the delight of the studio audience.

Nakai asked again if it's delicious. Tomoko said that it's great. She would like to put the curry into the noodles instead, which earned a laugh from Nakai. Nakai then started looking for Shingo who's not at his seat. Shingo appeared in front of the camera with his 'oishii' (delicious) reaction using a mask!

Takuya: It's possible that the TV camera doesn't know where to find him!

Tsuyoshi went to get the dessert. Takuya kept saying spicy, spicy, when Tomoko started wiping her sweat. Takuya cleared the plates away while Tsuyoshi put the dessert on the table. Tomoko commented the little pineapple that decorated the dessert.

Tsuyoshi: It's mango dessert.
Tomoko: Hmm, oishii!

Tsuyoshi explained that he used the iced tea with the mango pudding. When Tomoko asked him how to prepare it, Tsuyoshi mumbled. Takuya started laughing and told him to stop knocking his knees together! Goro tried to say something to Tomoko. Takuya pointed and laughed at Goro. Nakai then said that Goro was staring at Tomoko! Goro said that it's not easy to see her in person as he usually watched her on TV and dorama only.

Takuya: Stop staring at her. This is not Hostman Blues! (Note: Hostman Blues is a skit in SMAPxSMAP. Takuya played Host No. 1 while Goro played Host No. 2)

Shingo was not at his seat again. He was up there with the audience, wearing a wig!

Shingo: Sena! (Note: Sena is the character played by Takuya in Long Vacation)

Shingo played with an IMAGINARY super ball, re-enacting the scene from Long Vacation.

Shingo: Sena! Sena!
Nakai: Sena is not here! (By this time, the music from Long Vacation was played on the background)
Shingo: Sena! Sena! Sena no koto ga daisuki! (I like Sena the most)

Takuya's smile grew wider when he heard that!

3rd Clip - Gold Medal:

The game was going to be SLIPPER SHOT-PUT! The host wished good luck to everybody and said that they're going to start with Goro. The other members started shouting, "Goro-chan! Goro-chan!"

Goro appeared to be warming up before he started. There was a bit of chaos at the side as the other members started shouting his name again. Takuya was heard to be his big supporter! Goro threw his slipper really far but it was disqualified while Nakai laughed at the side! In the replay, it was revealed that Goro couldn't control his movement and moved out of the circle. The host told him that he was still going to be qualified even after he explained, which made Nakai laughed harder!

The next member was Tsuyoshi. He also made it really far and he was not disqualified. When the replay was shown, the host commented that it was great. The commentator said that it's really high, almost as high as the Tokyo Dome! Tsuyoshi also appeared to be losing control but he made it safely. His distance was 13.51m.

Next was Takuya. Goro was heard wishing him good luck. He appeared to be focused and finally threw his slipper. It went really really high and got stuck in the ceiling! Nakai ran into the field and started jumping while Shingo fell to the floor, laughing really really hard! Takuya was laughing too and gave two thumb's up! The other members kept pointing to the ceiling where Takuya's slipper was stuck. Takuya watched his own replay and laughed harder, clapping his hands! The host announced that it was a foul.

The next member was Nakai.

Nakai: Tsuyoshi got it there (pointing to the 13m mark). Takuya got it to the ceiling. It looked kirei (pretty) up there!

Nakai: Goro-chan threw it pretty high, but Kimura is great! (Takuya gave him a thumb's up)

Nakai then started and he threw it really really far! Tsuyoshi couldn't believe it. When the replay was shown, Tsuyoshi was heard saying kirei and kakkoi (cool). The replay was shown again and the commentator agreed that it was kirei. Nakai gave a kawaii face when he realized that it reached 17.39m! Nakai said that he wanted to do another kakkoi pose, so he did a ridiculously funny and kawaii re-enaction of how he did it just now.

The last one was Shingo. Shingo made a serious face before making it to the circle. The audience screamed his name and wished good luck to the baby SMAP. Shingo too made a ridiculously funny pose before he threw his slipper, which didn't go far! He rolled on the floor, laughing so hard! Nakai said that this was not SMAP and Takuya said that it was not right! And then the replay was shown.

Tsuyoshi: It's really true!
Nakai: This can't be!

Shingo only made 6.20m, so this meant that Nakai won the SLIPPER SHOT-PUT!

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whitedove Publish time 31-7-2004 01:35 PM



SMAPxSMAP July 26 Ending Talk
The topic is "What SMAP song you would listen to in your car during summer?" Members chose:

Goro: Touch Me Kiss Me
Shingo: living large
Nakai: sunrise, sunshine
Tsuyoshi: Over Flow

SMAPxSMAP July 26 Ending Song - living large (kakkoi! kakkoi! kakkoi!)

As usual, download with Net Transport or Internet Download Manager...

Next week's guest for Bistro SMAP is Cameron Diaz!

News tidbits:

- SMAP made Japanese TV history again by appearing LIVE on 2 TV stations, SIMULTANEOUSLY!

- It's revealed this week that SMAP is tied with Zard in fourth place after having 35 Top 10 entries in the Japanese Oricon singles chart!

whitedove Publish time 2-8-2004 11:06 AM

News tidbits

Howl's Moving Castle in 61st Venice Film Festival (1st - 11th September 2004)

The 61st Venice International Film Festival will be held at the Lido from 1st to 11th September 2004, directed for the first time by Marco Mé»®ler. A festival comprising about 70 films and 19 digital pics, divided into 5 main sections. The closing night will take place at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

Howl's Moving Castle, voiced by Takuya Kimura is in the "Venezia 61" category.An international competition of 35mm feature-length films presented as world premieres or not yet screened publicly outside their country of origin and in Italy.Some of the new important works by directors already present in past editions of the Festival may be screened out of competition. Only full-length feature films in 35 or 70mm are admittable, so long as presented as a world premiere or at least never publicly screened outside their country of origin and in Italy.

Venice 61 Jury will award prizes for the feature-length films in competition, in the following categories:
- Golden Lion for Best Film
- Jury Grand Prix, Silver Lion
- Special Prize for Best Director, Silver Lion
- Coppa Volpi for Best Actor
- Coppa Volpi for Best Actress
- Osella for an Outstanding Technical Contribution
- "Marcello Mastroianni" Award for Best Young Actor or Actress
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