Meteor^Girl Publish time 16-6-2004 09:00 PM

kita pun pelik .. ingatkan apple6 ngan apple5 lain org !! pic toro camner?? senyap jerk

whitedove Publish time 17-6-2004 10:52 AM

latest on Takuya

Last Wednesday (9/6/04), Takuya, Nakai, Tsuyoshi & Shingo trooped off to France to find Goro a bottle of wine in 24 hours! Apparently, masa New Year "hana" marathon dalam program TV SmapxSmap hari tu, Goro-chan menang dan boleh wish apa saja yg dia nak (kite ada tengok clip ni)...Goro-chan was the only one who hit the time before the song ended...Tsuyoshi came in second while Takuya was third, Shingo was fourth while Nakai-kun was last (:lol this little guy didn't seem to be running whole-heartedly!), Goro-chan decides on a "batsu" (denda) pada groupmates yg lain, dan "batsu"nya adalah 4 orang tu kena pergi cari wine yg Goro-chan suka ni kat France dalam masa 24 jam! :lol Goro-chan nak balas dendam la tu...selalunya dia je yg kena "batsu"...Takuya is the only member yg baru kena "batsu" 2 atau 3 kali selama 8 tahun program SmapxSmap ditayangkan...

PrincessFiona Publish time 17-6-2004 02:39 PM

sara Publish time 17-6-2004 04:51 PM

Originally posted by PrincessFiona at 17-6-2004 02:39 PM:

eeeeeee...comelnya gambar foto shoot ke atau capture dari drama dia..comellah..kawaii..:clap:

PrincessFiona Publish time 17-6-2004 04:53 PM

drama dia PRIDE kat jambatan tu....

PrincessFiona Publish time 17-6-2004 04:56 PM

whitedove Publish time 18-6-2004 10:41 AM

Originally posted by PrincessFiona at 17-6-2004 04:56 PM: ...

cho kakkoi!!! :P

sara Publish time 18-6-2004 10:52 AM

ada tak gambar masa Halu kiss Aki kat jambatan tu. Actually masa ni diaorang buat deal akan jadi couple but if Aki's boyfriend back Halu akan serahkan Aki balik. Then Halu try to kiss her lips but she refuse and the he kiss her left or right so touching..

sebabnya masa kat bed pun dia kiss her eyes juga then dia bertumbuk dengan Aki boyfriend pun because he hurted her touching..and memorable..

that the best scene for me in Pride

whitedove Publish time 18-6-2004 11:03 AM

knowing Takuya...

OK, mari kita lihat permulaan dan sejarah hidup Takuya sebagai seorang entertainer...dalam article kat bawah ni, kite dah 'highlight'kan mana2 yg kite rasa penting kalau korang malas nak baca semua...

Takuya and SMAP

When talking about Takuya Kimura, one couldn't help but bring out the topic of SMAP. If you don't know of SMAP, you probably live outside of Japan (though it's recently revealed that SMAP's fans are actually from all over the world from as far as the United States and France). But try talking to some Japanese people about Takuya, chances are they might go, "Eh, Smappu no Kimura-kun? Sugoi ne!" So, this is how the story of how Takuya Kimura who we know today began.

Japanese supergroup, SMAP was formed in 1988 with six boys hand-picked by talent agency Johnny's Office. Before SMAP, these six boys were part of Skateboys, background dancers for Hikaru Genji, the hottest idol group at that time. The name stands for Sports/Music/Assemble/People, but it is pronounced as one word.

The initial members were, in order of age, Masahiro Nakai, who's officially the leader of the pack (born 18th August, 1972), Takuya Kimura (13th November, 1972), Goro Inagaki (8th December, 1973), Katsuyuki Mori (19th February, 1974), Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (9th July, 1974), and Shingo Katori (31st January, 1977).

Though formed as a dancing and singing pop idol group, their CD debut was not until September 1991, although their first concert was held in January that year. Their 15 years of fairytale was not an overnight success story. They had played to a full house, but none of the songs were their own. For years, their CD sales figures were the worst (for a newly debuted group) in Johnny's Office history. They even performed in a half-empty venue, depicting their lack of popularity in their earlier years. But it's this kind of hardship that made them work even harder than everybody else.

As song programmes were being given the chop everywhere at the time, they were "farmed out" to variety shows in order to learn the basics of comedy and slapstick, as well as appearing in TV dramas and stage productions that required teenage boys. Thus, when Takuya Kimura's sudden rise to fame at the end of 1993 gave the entire group the break they needed, they were well-trained and prepared for any offer that came their way. The time was ripe for them, and their 12th single Hey Hey Ookini Maido Ari, which went on sale in March 1994 became their 1st No.1 hit. In less than a year, they became a household name and an unprecedented (in the sense that their popularity spread to age groups who had never shown much interest in young pop idols) phenomenal showbiz success. Their concerts are packed with fans ranging in age from 4 to 84, and the proportion of male audience is constantly rising.

Though it is well known that their ability as singers still leave a lot to be desired, they themselves have never made any bones about this. In fact, their generally poor singing has become a standing joke. Despite this, people in the music business are known to listen to SMAP albums. From around SMAP 007 Gold Singer (1995), their albums have boasted the participation of well-known American jazz and fusion musicians, and the quality of the music is excellent. The musicians apparently enjoy playing for SMAP, because they are given complete freedom. They need not worry about overshadowing SMAP, because all five members know they are hardly first-rate singers and focus on just doing their best. The result of the instruments and vocals concentrating on themselves, nearly oblivious of each other, is a strangely exciting musical duel (their vocal harmony sounds surprisingly good when singing together).

As of Summer 2004, they have 36 singles, 17 original albums, 5 best song collections, and over 300 songs to their name. The songs used to be of the "young love" variety but, since $10 (late 1993), they have come to have extremely varied and original concepts, quite often at a tangent from the musical trend of the time, or pre-empting it. From around 1998, Japanese music critics started calling it "SMAP" music -- a genre by itself. The vocals, each quite distinctive when singing alone, somehow loses individual characteristics and become the SMAP voice (according to singers who know Takuya personally say that he can actually sing much better, but contains himself knowing that he mustn't destroy the group voice). The annual SMAP concerts may not be a music-lover's heaven, but are extravaganzas packed with singing, dancing and comic turns, and have been called the best shows in Japan, and "a lifetime treat for every Japanese woman". The (nearly) hour-long hilarious stand-up talk section (or the MC segment as they call it), which is unscripted and changes from performance to performance as the whim takes SMAP, is by itself worth hearing.

In April 1996, their own variety show SMAPxSMAP started. Now in its 8th year and immensely popular, every week it features gourmet cooking, contests, comic sketches, parodies and music, all featuring SMAP and usually suggested by them. Katsuyuki Mori left the group at the end of May 1996, very soon after the show went on air but, if anything, both SMAP as a group and the remaining members as individual entertainers have won even greater support and acclaim through the quality and varied nature of their work. Where pop-idols' peak periods are usually three years maximum, SMAP has remained at the top of their profession for 10 years and is still going strong. Over the years, all five members have become top-billing actors, yet in SMAPxSMAP there is no limit to what they can and will do, whether it's dressing themselves up as ice cream cones long past the sell-by date, or vying in a cooking competition with one another for the title of "Bistro King", or fencing traditional-style in dead earnest, or parodying themselves as dumb and untalented (and little known) teenage idols.

At the end of August 2001, the group faced the biggest crisis of their career: Goro Inagaki had gotten himself arrested for illegal parking and resisting police questioning. SMAP was in the middle of their 10th anniversary concert tour, and had to carry on with just the four of them. Although Goro was released after two nights and the prosecutor's office had decided not to press charges, it was obvious that the Japanese public's sensitivities would not condone his returning to work without first undergoing a suitable period of self-imposed penance. SMAPxSMAP broadcasts were suspended, and the media speculated on the possibility of SMAP disbanding, or sacking Goro and continuing as a group of four. However, the remaining SMAP members were staunch in their support of Goro. "SMAP are FIVE" became their byword, and also their fans'. Instead of demanding a refund for their concert tickets, SMAP fans who could afford it flew from all around the country to attend even more performances and show support. SMAPxSMAP went back on air after a month, with the four determinedly holding fort until Goro could make a comeback. Takuya particularly took advantage of every opportunity to keep reminding the public that they were one member short.

The comeback took place on 14th January 2002, on a special live broadcast of SMAPxSMAP. Nearly half the country's viewing populace is said to have tuned in to watch Goro make an official apology in front of a live studio audience, and be welcomed back into the fold by a jubilant SMAP. That particular episode made it in SMAPxSMAP history as the highest-rated episode of all time. That summer saw the group doing a concert tour that pulled in the largest number of audience in Japanese showbiz history --1,150,000 tickets sold in 24 performances, proving, in the words of the media, that SMAP was, and is, in both name and actuality, the No.1 supergroup in Japan.

To be continued...

Info thanks to:

lynn Publish time 18-6-2004 11:34 AM

Originally posted by sara at 18/6/2004 10:52:
ada tak gambar masa Halu kiss Aki kat jambatan tu. Actually masa ni diaorang buat deal akan jadi couple but if Aki's boyfriend back Halu akan serahkan Aki balik. Then Halu try to kiss her lips but...


PrincessFiona Publish time 18-6-2004 11:46 AM

sorry gambar tu tak jumpa yang ada cuma nie..enjoy kay

sara Publish time 18-6-2004 12:36 PM

Originally posted by whitedove at 18-6-2004 11:03 AM:
OK, mari kita lihat permulaan dan sejarah hidup Takuya sebagai seorang entertainer...dalam article kat bawah ni, kite dah 'highlight'kan mana2 yg kite rasa penting kalau korang malas nak baca semua ...

well SMAP memang best....i heard a bout Goro too but nasib baik he can make a comeback thanks whitedove

whitedove Publish time 18-6-2004 04:53 PM

Originally posted by sara at 18-6-2004 12:36 PM:

well SMAP memang best....i heard a bout Goro too but nasib baik he can make a comeback thanks whitedove

no problem! :bgrin:

OK, sementara menunggu article tu di'continue', here's something for Takuya's fans viewing pleasure...These are clips from the latest episodes of SMAPxSMAP, 14 June 2004...they are in ZIP files, right click to save...

SMAPxSMAP June 14 Ending Talk
SMAPxSMAP June 14 End Performance: Boku wa Kimi wo Tsurete Yuku (Album MIJ '03)

Enjoy the clips!

P/S: Kalau tak dapat download bagitau la ye...:)

apple5 Publish time 19-6-2004 02:31 AM

Originally posted by Meteor^Girl at 16-6-2004 09:00 PM:
kita pun pelik .. ingatkan apple6 ngan apple5 lain org !! pic toro camner?? senyap jerk
:off:bukan ke aku dah confirmkan ke ngan ko...??tunggu pic tu sampai ngan no akaun ko jer kan...

apple5 Publish time 19-6-2004 02:33 AM

Originally posted by PrincessFiona at 17-6-2004 02:39 PM:
so,so cute!!!

whitedove Publish time 19-6-2004 12:26 PM

2 of my favourite clips...

Right click to save...

SMAPxSMAP May 10 End Song - Sayonara no Koibito (Album: SMAP 001)

apple5 Publish time 20-6-2004 04:01 PM

thanx whitedove!!

sara Publish time 21-6-2004 08:58 AM

whitedove tak leh download pun...:(

leon_mclaren78 Publish time 22-6-2004 02:19 AM

Jeng-jeng... Leon McLaren mula merisik Takuya... beware!!!

Soalan ini khas utk peminat fanatik Takuya sahaja! Kalo belum cukup fanatik, takyah jawab yek!!

Gini... korang yg dah lama support Takuya (lebih dr 10 tahun) ni... apakah perasaan korang bila Takuya dah ader awek. Pastu tetiba nak kawin jer.... time tu apa perasaan korang yek?! Ader tak rasa cam frust menonggeng ker di hari perkahwinan dia...:cry:

Aku bukan aper... risau betul aku sbb bila tiba masanya Leon Lai nak kawin ker... aku takut tak dpt terima... memang aku sedar Leon tu pun manusia yg perlu hidup normal mcm lelaki lain... tapi... isk... aku ni dah tahap over-fanatik!! Walopun kat depan Leon aku buat cool, tapi kalo diikutkan hati, nak ajer aku pikul Leon tu bawak balik rumah... hehehehe!!!:lol:lol:lol

Isk.... memang susah kalo minat artis yg masih dok bujang trang-tang-tang nih....! Nasib baik masa aku mula minat Hrithik Roshan dia baru jer kawin... takde la aku sedih sangat!!!

P/S: nak tau.... Sebelum ni Takuya penah tak potong... errr... potong rambut sampai pendek?! Pendek mcm rambut Leon Lai tu ker??!!

[ Last edited by leon_mclaren78 on 22-6-2004 at 02:23 AM ]

PrincessFiona Publish time 22-6-2004 09:27 AM

aku rasa whitedove boleh jawab soalan nie....aku memang peminat dia tapi selepas cerita LG before tu Long Vacation aku tak minat sebab dia tak sesuai rambut panjang...aku rasa dia potong rambut masa cerita LG tu.....
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