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Every night and every Sunday is my digital detox period. So selalu nya telefon sy mmg tak tgk. Org yang rapat mmg tau sy tak kan reply apa2 mesage pada waktu malam dan sundays ni. Hehe. Maka, beribu kemaafan kepada contact sy kelmarin atau kepada yg sy tak reply msg tu.
Apakah digital detox?
Digital detox adalah period dimana anda tidak menggunakan electronic devices seperti smartphone, laptop, tablets, wifi devices.
Kenapa digital detox?
Sebab sy nak biasakan diri tidak bergantung kepada social media, telefon. Sedarkah anda, bukan kanak-kanak je yang ketagih dgn gadjet? Sy rasa orang dewasa lagi teruk ketagihannya...dah mcm berzikir dah kan..kejap2 pegang fon. Sy seperti itu dahulu..sebab tu sy amalkan digital detox ni..
Sblm ni sy limitkan hanya baca messages tapi tak reply. Sehingga lah satu malam sebelum tidur, sedang sy cek whatsapp, anak sy ckp dia tak sabar nak jadi mak, sebab dia nak selalu tgk fon mcm saya. Maka sy ambil keputusan utk tak tgk telefon langsung.
Kebaikan digital detox.
Banyak kebaikannya bila sy mula disconnect. Lagi2 sy yg PJJ dgn husband, tentu lebih byk kerja yg perlu sy buat kan. Bila mula digital detox, lebih banyak kerja yg sy dpt selesaikan. Lebih banyak masa, better communication dgn anak2 dan suami. Sy menjadi lebih tenang, fokus, kurang anxiety, kurang marah-marah, emosi menjadi lebih baik.
Tips untuk digital detox
1. Set time. Set bila anda nak buat digital detox. Start small tapi continuous. Contohnya setiap malam dari pukul 8mlm sehingga pukul 5pg esoknya.
2. Buat aktiviti yg mengurangkan penggunaan smartphone. Contohnya: pergi beriadah, picnic, hiking, lepak dgn kawan.
3. Set timer: set timer bila anda mula menggunakan digitals. Lagi2 org berbusiness kan, selalu kene reply msgs dari customer. Set time 10minit utk setiap session anda mereply msgs. Sy mula set timer bila sy sedar yg sy mula2 nya nk reply msg customer je...sekai TERjebak tgk social media, pastu TERjebak lagi tgk utube, etc.
4. Unsubscribe/Logout. Sy unsubscribe/logout astro, movies, tv series, emails, youtube channel yg menjurus ke arah tidak sedarkan diri melayan internet.
Setelah berbulan lamanya sy amalkan digital detox ni barulah skrg pandai control diri utk tidak bergantung kpd digitals. Bila dah pandai baru start pelan-pelan buat apa yg kita suka cthnya tgk tv series...but with certain limited time only....
YES! digitals and internet addiction is real!

Sumber dari FB...

Sonneblume Publish time 25-9-2017 10:19 PM

Good idea. Biasanya saya buat bila bercuti je. Memang sengaja tak bawa charger bila bercuti 2-3 hari. Handphone tengok masa nak tidur je, baca message. Pic holiday upload lepas balik holiday.

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Very good topic! {:thumbo

You may try 30-Day Digital Detox Challenge!

6 Simple Things To Do Before You Start

1. Create a log. Choose one worrkday or a full workweek, as well as one weekend, to track your use of all tech devices. Determine the No.1 behaviour you want to cut down or eliminate, which may involve multiple devices.

2. Find a partner. Sharing your experience with another person will help make you accountable for your behaviour and for sticking with the detox.

3. Contemplate. Identify five negative consequences of your technology use and five postive results that will come from cutting down or changing your technology use.

4. Support yourself. Write and post statements such as 'I want to be in control of my choices around technology, around your home, car and office'.

5. Move your computer to a less confortable place in your home.

6. Buy a new journal for this detox. At the end of each day, write down something (length is unimportant) about your experience with the process.

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You may try 30-Day Digital Detox Challenge!

Doing the 30-Day Tech Detox

Day 1. Pay attention to and internally note every time you feel the impulse or hear the thought to check one of your devices or computer. When you notice this, ask yourself, “Am I checking out of habit?” and “Is this checking necessary right now?” If the answer is “Habit” or “Not Necessary,” then repeat to yourself “Stop” and do just that. Simultaneously, designate three times in the day when you are allowed to check your device, whether necessary or not.
Day 2.Refrain from any tech use when socializing or otherwise interacting with people. This includes everyone — shopkeepers, waiters and service people as well as your family and friends.
Day 3. Refrain from holding your device in your hand or keeping it in your pocket when it’s not in use. Store it out of sight elsewhere.
Day 4. Refrain from using any of your devices during the first hour after you wake up in the morning. If your smartphone is also your alarm clock, treat it as such. Turn it completely off as soon as it’s sounded your morning wake-up.
Day 5. Refrain from using tech devices during the last hour before you go to bed.
Day 6. Turn off all alerts and notifications on your device. If your cell phone is your alarm clock, leave only the alarm notification intact.
Day 7.Refrain from using your devices on public transportation or in taxis.
Day 8. Write down four activities or experiences that nourish your spirit. Keep these simple and accessible — not the climbing-to-the-summit-of-Mount-Everest sort. Give yourself one of these experiences today, and get one on the calendar for each week to come. This practice should continue weekly after your detox as well.
Day 9. Refrain from using your devices while waiting in line — any kind of line.
Day 10. Refrain from using technology in the car, except when you need GPS assistance.
Day 11. Refrain from using while waiting for something to begin, such as a movie, a play, a concert or a social interaction.
Day 12. Refrain from using during events — for example, at concerts, the theater or children’s recitals.
Day 13. Make your bathroom a tech-free zone.
Day 14. Refrain from using technology while walking on the street.
Day 15. Make your bedroom a tech-free zone. Remove all devices and computers and refrain from using in the room or area where you sleep.
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You may try 30-Day Digital Detox Challenge!

Doing the 30-Day Tech Detox

Day 16. Set aside two continuous three-hour blocks of time in the day when you will be tech-free. This can be scheduled on a weekend day if it is impossible during the workweek.
Day 17. Refrain from using while exercising, unless you are providing yourself with music.
Day 18. Refrain from immediately using the internet to research non-work-related information that you have forgotten or want to know — for example, looking up the name of a television actor or the year a song was released. Wait at least 24 hours before going online to find out the answer, if the answer hasn’t already occurred to you.
Day 19. If there is a website that is particularly addictive for you, sign up for Net Nanny or another service that prevents you from accessing it.
Day 20. Refrain from tech use while cooking and eating.
Day 21. Refrain from using when walking or being in nature.
Day 22. Commit to one tech-free day per month — the third Sunday of the month, for example. Now, enter these dates into your calendar for the rest of the year — and stick to them. Tell those close to you that you will not be available via your devices on that day of the month so that if they need to reach you about an urgent matter, they’ll know why you’re not electronically reachable. If necessary, provide children and others who may need to reach you with an emergency contact person on your “dry” days. Confirm with your backup person that they will be available.
Day 23. Commit to going tech-free on your next vacation, except when a specific matter, perhaps work related, absolutely requires tech access.
Day 24. Refrain from using while interacting with your children. If you don’t have children, refrain from use while with your pets (or plants).
Day 25. Take a half-hour tech-free walk with no destination. Wander like a happy dog.
Day 26. Spend 10 minutes doing nothing — on purpose. Sit still, be quiet, listen to the sounds, feel your breath, experience the sensations in your body.
Day 27. Send a handwritten letter, card or note to someone you know. Express anything that feels important about your detox.
Day 28. Do something in the “real” world that you would ordinarily do online — for example, call a friend instead of emailing or go to the store to buy food or a magazine or a book.
Day 29. Write down three things you are grateful for or happy about that are not tech-based.
Day 30. Make this moment matter, right now. Three times today, stop what you are doing and fully be where you are, sense your direct experience, allow things to be exactly as they are. Feel your own presence.
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You may try 30-Day Digital Detox Challenge!

Of Your Screen And Into Your Body

1. Take three slow, deep breaths. Lengthen the inhalation and relax deeply with the exhalation. Feel the sensation of the breath from the inside out.

2. Slowly roll your neck around in a circle in one direction and then back again in the other direction.

3. Slowly roll each hand and each foot around in a circle and then back again in the opposite direction. Pay attention to the sensations.

4. Place both hands over your heart, one on top of the other. Feel the sensations that arise both in your hands and in your chest.

5. Take 10 conscious, mindful steps. Pay close attention to the sensation in each foot as you place it on the ground, shift through from heel to toe, lift it off the ground, and place it down again.

6. Hug someone you love (or at least like). Hold the embrace a bit longer than you normally would. Feel the sensations that arise both inside and outside your body.



idakamaruddin Publish time 26-9-2017 11:45 AM

saya bole katakan saya mmg gadjet addictive

tp hanya pada fon sahaja, internet tak bole tak ada dalam kehidupan saya

p/s: baru tukar plan unlimited data kt fon saya ;P

TAPIIII bila saya berada dirumah mmg fon saya jarang pegang..cuma saya akan tengok jugak (mostly wasap nforum)

dulu saya ada FB/IG sume tapi saya realised hati saya jd jahat bila tgk org post something kt FB/IG..

itu la saya..hati tak berapa saya tak nak teruskan jadi x berapa baik, maka saya decided utk tutup akaun FB (dah setahun lebih FB saya deactivated ---- Alhamdullillah mmg tenang hidup saya skg)

jadi saya banyak lepak di forum (mcm skg ni) dan wasap saje..itu pn wasap group dgn BFF (1 gorup sahaja)

tapi bila malam kami sume slow down sbb sebagai isteri/ibu byk keje nk dilakukan di rumah lagi2 bila kita bekerja siang hari

maka waktu malam mmg jarang saya pegang fon dan fon saya sllu anak saya main (tengo you tube) atau dibiar je bercaj atau just biar je terletak dimana2

cuma dlm masa beberapa jap atau sblm tido saya akan scroll kejap forum or wasap kalau ada msg n browse apa2 website

n saya cakap saya tak bole tak ada internet sbb saya selalu dgr ceramah online n saya fon saya tu saya guna utk baca Quran sbb guna apps Quran dlm fon sangat senang..bila2 kita bole buka n baca

tapi Alhamdulillah saya belum lagi tak dpt control penggunaan fon/internet dalam diri saya, cuma saya tak bole fon/internet tu tak ada dgn saya


samisfar Publish time 26-9-2017 02:13 PM

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Smartphones and all digital gadgets that connected to cyber world are making us less focused, that constantly checking our email and Twitter,dms pms is making us less productive, and more disconnected from our real lives. Tapi what do we really know about how our devices are affecting us?

Kita have plenty of anecdotes, but the science of how always-on technology impacts human behavior is still in its infancy(peringkat awal)

Results from the few studies(source frm internet)that have been done are troubling. Social media appears to promote narcissism, smartphones could be causing insomnia, and screens seem to be making our kids less empathetic(empati)

So apa Mod suggest is stupendous and can and bole achieve remarkable change of behaviour and lives pattern.....i like this so much!

I tried but failed countless of times and definitely i am trying hard.Normally when im studying thats when when i shut off everything!

Mod Seribulan its goin to be mind boggling to adapt to this but the its worth the try!{:1_132:}

nerdy69 Publish time 26-9-2017 04:17 PM

Possible.. Once a week..

willow12 Publish time 26-9-2017 05:53 PM

Very2 good article/info.

Zaman hi tech skrg ni mmg kita terlampau2 bergantung pd applications utk mudahkan kerja kita. Bg iols under x generation, weols melalui fasa transisi dari era analog ke era digital... Masih ada sisa elemen old school dalam menjalani kehidupan seharian.. Contohnya, i tak suka guna waze sgt bila memandu. Iols just bukak utk check traffic sama ada jem atau tidak dan get some rough ideas on the route.The rest i will follow signboards. Ini akan buat saya lebih peka jalan2 yg saya lalu dan adapt the environment. Mmg a bit challenging tp somehow it's fun. What i want to relate is, there are many ways how we can detox our life from the gadgets...start from tiny things like buy/subscribe the physical newspapers, play board games with family members, send greeting cards via post mail, make more calls instead of texting etc. Those are the things that listed in my 2017 bucket. Alhamdulillah it works.
Now i nak try pulak apa yg tt suggest. No devices sehari penuh dlm seminggu. Wish me luck!

seribulan Publish time 26-9-2017 05:57 PM

willow12 replied at 26-9-2017 04:53 PM
Very2 good article/info.

Zaman hi tech skrg ni mmg kita terlampau2 bergantung pd applications utk ...

I dont like waze too. Usually find the map, memorize landscape, use gut lost{:2conggalo...usually for the better...the best route...reach destination {:smileo

willow12 Publish time 26-9-2017 05:59 PM

seribulan replied at 26-9-2017 05:57 PM
I dont like waze too. Usually find the map, memorize landscape, use gut lost{:2cong ...

And, waze always make my device battery drain triple faster.

-electrifying- Publish time 26-9-2017 06:03 PM

iols akan buat2 tertggl hp bila kuar lepak...
lagipon kt opis mmg tak boleh ade hp, letak di locker je, ble lunch bru tgk kjap..
malam pon xtgk sgt, sbb men game je... so addict kt hp mmg xde la....
cme skrg ni nk kurangkan kebergantungan dkt hbskan mse kt games ;P

AmandaRollins Publish time 27-9-2017 06:11 AM

I think i can do..sbb time keja mmg xleh main hp..keja 8jam,rehat 1hour tu jela belek2 hp main game,jenguk forum cari,reply wassap..klu ada misscall,call balik no tu(yg ni je problem,sbb takut org call tuk emergency)
But my problem bila malam je..mmg susah ckt nk berenggang ngn hp

peratikanjee Publish time 27-9-2017 10:25 AM

for me, i hanya aktif hadap fone waktu bekerja je :P means..kalau dgn family or kawan2 jarang2 i tgk all the massive wassap yg ntah brp bnyk group tuh! {:1_550:} bila klr dgn husband ke tmpt dekat2 mmg jarang2 bawak fon..tapi wajib kemaskini wasap sebelum masuk tido & bangun awal pagi..but not too addicted smpai berjam2

ceri_pink Publish time 27-9-2017 02:40 PM

Dulu bila aktif dengan online bisnes, nak tak nak memang terasa asyik hp je dekat tangan. Mula mula seronok tp lepastu mula rasa penat.

Sampai efek emosi, masa dengan anak & suami. Dah la suami selalu oustation. Bila suami cuti, suami je main main dengan anak. Kalau keluar rumah, tangan pegang hp lagi. Sampai satu tahap, suami tegur. And saya pun perasan selalu nak marah marah. So selalu rasa stress dgn diri sendiri. Maybe tak pandai manage time.

So sekarang, relaks off ig, fb on kadang kadang utk tengok resepi sahaja. Keluar rumah masih bawak hp tp untuk ambil gambar anak. Rasa lebih relaks. Banyak aktiviti dengan anak.

Lagi satu takut anak pun jadi addict dengan gadget bila tengok tangan mak berjahit hp. Huhu.

nancyjay Publish time 28-9-2017 01:54 PM

i oulss ok je klu satu hari xtgk hp xhadap social media ni.. lagi2 kalau balik rumah fil mmg coverage xde.. so hp tu mmg ltk dlm beg je.. kdg org col pun xperasan.. tp rasa perempuan ok je digital detox ni.. lelaki for sure susah.. xckup kt office dgn hp sambung kt rumah.. ggggrrrrr.. smpi anak2 pun xlayan... tu geram je... rse nk humban je hp tu kdg2...:huffy

bintangct Publish time 29-9-2017 12:27 AM

Iols whatsapp susah nak detox skit.. part media social ok boleh je

Iols skg dah slow down personal fb sbb rasa kdg2 hati mengata kat kawan2 lain Skg emosi iols lebih stabil haha Lebih baik tak ambil tahu sgt sbb ada kwn2 iols segala benda nk letak fb

airmasak Publish time 29-9-2017 09:59 PM

Edited by airmasak at 29-9-2017 02:05 PM

seribulan replied at 26-9-2017 09:57 AM
I dont like waze too. Usually find the map, memorize landscape, use gut lost{:2cong ...
Kalau guna waze pun boleh sesat. pernah guna waze dan waze bawak jalan bergaung+tak ada orang+merbahaya+masuk hutan walaupun akhirnya sampai ke tempat yg dituju.

Disebabkan selalu drive sorang-sorang, selalu dengar je ape waze ckp dan xblh tengok phone. so jadi la pak turut kepada app. dengar je apa waze ckp.
Kalau guna waze pun sesat, akhirnya marah waze. dah marah-marah dgn seketul app.

Lagi satu i perasan kalau guna waze, iols lambat hafal jalan. Kalau dulu lalu jalan yang sama berberapa kali dah hafal selok belok, tapi kalau guna waze kena banyak kali lalu baru ingat. Tak tau la org lain pun sama ke tak tapi itu yg i perasan berlaku pada diri sendiri.

Tapi xdapat dinafikan ada jugak kebaikannya guna waze. Blh tengok mana jalan yg sesak, tau ETA, tau kalau ada halangan kat jalan..

Mungkin i kene try digital detox ni. Tapi i xblh kalau hp x on. Rasa mcm ada emergency yg akan berlaku, mcm ada important call yg akan di terima. Rasa berdebar-debar pulak. Mungkin limitkan masa penggunaan dan lebihkan buat aktiviti luar.
*btw thanks tt. xpernah pulak i terpikir pasal digital detox ni, sesuatu yg perlu i dipertimbangkan..

kittypong31 Publish time 1-10-2017 10:40 PM

Sanggup! usually I off data/wifi on saturday/sunday morning by doing work out & spend time with family.. It's about balance anyway.
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