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how to clean steering wheel leather

Viewed 49 times10-11-2022 08:59 PM |Personal category:auto| how, to, clean, steering, wheel

Leather steering wheel covers not only help protect the wheel from everyday wear or sun damage but they also greatly improve the driving experience by providing excellent grip for better handling.

Here you will gain the knowledge to perform a baseball stitch installation to any newly bought or homemade leather steering wheel cover.

The regular instructions that usually come with a store purchased leather wrap shows a typical loop stitch. If the stock factory look is what you're looking for then you will need to know how to use a baseball stitch.

 To begin with how to clean steering wheel leather, take your leather wheel wrap and stretch it over the entire steering wheel. Make sure that the temperature in your vehicle is not too hot or cold as leather easily stretches in hot weather and become less stretchable in cold weather. Place the cover over the bottom of the steering wheel and stretch it over the sides. Don't forget to use your fingers to stretch it over the top of the wheel. At this point you want to be a little bit careful as to not pull too hard on the seam as you can easily tear it. Double check it to see if it is carefully aligned so that the seam will be where it is supposed to be. This is usually over the old seam location but you may want it be slightly more to the front or back. Consistency is important here as a seam that meanders inside the rim can make it more difficult to install. A quick tip is to slow twist as you stitch so that you are able to pull evenly from both the front and back.

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