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Does your baby always have allergies? Mostly due to insufficient care

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The baby's skin is allergic, red and itchy, repeatedly tormenting parents and babies. Adults are often troubled by skin allergies. Babies are more likely to be troubled by allergies due to their delicate skin and poor immunity. So how should parents take care of their babies to prevent them from skin allergies?

What causes skin allergies in babies?

There are many factors that cause skin allergies in babies. 嬰兒皮膚過敏Because the baby's skin barrier is not fully developed, the skin will be very sensitive to any external stimulation. Among them, dietary factors, environmental factors, and chemical factors are the main factors that cause allergies in babies. Allergenic foods (nuts, milk, seafood, etc.), animal fur, dust and pollen, an environment with high humidity, mold, etc. can all cause skin allergies in babies.

What should I do if my baby has skin allergies?

If the baby has skin allergies, parents should adjust the baby's diet and pay attention to avoiding allergenic factors in life. During your baby's skin allergies, you can eat more spleen-strengthening foods, which can help relieve allergies, such as yam, gorgon seeds, etc. At the same time, it is forbidden to eat spicy foods, such as seafood, beef and mutton, etc. It is also not recommended to eat some hot fruits such as mango and pineapple.

For babies who take complementary foods, foods such as milk, soy products, and eggs should be added with caution. After the baby gradually accepts complementary food, you can start to add small amounts, but only one type at a time. And after the baby eats it, closely observe the baby's reaction. If any abnormality occurs, stop eating it immediately.

How to prevent allergies in babies?

Choose the right toiletries: It is important to clean your baby well, but you cannot overdo it, otherwise it will destroy the baby's skin barrier and cause your baby's skin to be sensitive. Be sure to choose safe and additive-free toiletries for babies, especially those containing alkaline ingredients, such as soap.

Improve immunity: To make iron, you need to be strong yourself. If you want your baby to be free from allergies, you must improve your baby's immunity! Maintain a regular diet, get enough sleep, exercise more, get some sunshine, and eat more fruits and vegetables to ensure balanced nutrition.

Pay attention to what you wear: It is better to make baby clothes made of pure cotton. Do not choose silk clothes, woolen clothes, man-made fibers and other materials. In addition, the baby's new clothes should be washed before wearing. At the same time, attention should also be paid to indoor temperature control. The temperature should be controlled at around 25 degrees and the humidity should be 40%. If your baby is prone to allergies, don't keep pets. Always open windows at home for ventilation to ensure fresh air in the living room.

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