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What methods can be used for artificial abortion

Viewed 50 times20-12-2023 02:54 PM

Nowadays, due to relatively advanced technology and fast spreading news, many young children will be influenced by the internet etc. to have early love affairs. Because they are still infants,子宮肌瘤不孕 and parents and school teachers who are afraid of embarrassment, I rarely talk to young children about love. Many young girls get pregnant out of wedlock. So they want to get away from their parents and make themselves hypocritical. So what are some of the ways people do these things?

Medical abortion. This means that it is performed by taking medication under medical advice. Biggest Benefit: There is no manual instrument intervention to avoid genital damage or infection;

Cons: Low success rate, about 75% . If there is a problem, i.e., 無痛人流醫院the flow of medication is not clear, the residual fetal membrane tissue will cause blood clots, and you must be hospitalized immediately for scraping and cleaning, or your life will be in danger. Therefore, some people are not bright and ready to be admitted unconditionally, and it is not easy to choose this method. In addition, adapting to a small population, generally not mainstreamed after 55 days, and with heart disease and anemia is not conducive to use.

Abortion. Nowadays, people usually scrape the uterus first, so that the fetal tissue attached to the uterine wall is separated, and then sucked out with negative pressure suction. Biggest advantages:Success rate up to 99%, 終止懷孕多少錢rarely unclean; if something happens during the procedure, the patient will have an immediate response and can be resuscitated in a timely manner; you can be discharged after one hour of post-operative observation, and it takes about one and a half hours from admission to discharge.

Disadvantages: pain, some weak people may lead to the emergence of intraoperative shock; if in the process of abortion constantly appear instrument disinfection is not clean or some basic conditions, easy to develop and cause the impact of reproductive infection.

Painless abortion. This is the abortion method of choice for many people today, and the biggest benefit is because it is performed on the basis of general anesthesia for the abortion patient, so it is not only highly successful, but also painless and fast as time goes by. However, apart from the possibility of early infection, which is the same as with regular abortions, there is also an Achilles heel in that if the uterus is perforated during the procedure, the patient will be unresponsive due to the anesthesia, and sometimes the doctor may not be able to notice in time, and his or her life will be in danger.

However, all these methods of letting themselves go will cause harm to their own bodies. For the sake of one's own health, one should strengthen one's protective measures and handle contraception well, and parents and teachers should also strengthen the education of their children to avoid artificiality.

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