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Analyze the four modes of cold chain logistics distribution

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With the increasing demand for fresh food distribution,cold chain logisticshas emerged to provide great convenience for fresh food storage and transportation. Fresh food from all over the world is transported by farmers in refrigerated trucks to various parts of China. Weather and climate vary from place to place and people are demanding more and more food. Cold chain logistics and distribution have also become more and more important, greatly increasing the importance of the cold chain logistics industry in the market.

Today, let's talk about the four modes of cold chain logistics and distribution.

PART1 Self-built logistics company distribution management mode

Self-constructed logistics distribution mode means that fresh e-commerce companies have their own distribution team and their own fresh products can be distributed. Consumers order fresh products and then load fresh products from the store, the distribution is to take an integrated mode, without the need for third-party participation.

This self-built logistics and cold chain delivery model has two advantages.

It can effectively control all logistics activities, improve the quality of logistics services and reduce transaction risks.

2. Fresh food e-commerce can communicate directly with consumers, and can quickly grasp customer information and market trends.

But there are some shortcomings in the self-built distribution management mode, that is, the cold chain logistics service system construction needs to be carried out fresh food e-commerce companies to invest in the use of a large number of funds, if we do not have a large enough economic and technological strength with a large enough number of orders to support the development of enterprises will inevitably be dragged down.

The second part of the third-party logistics and distribution model

Third-party logistics and distribution mode refers to a mode of fresh food e-commerce by entrusting a third-party logistics company to provide distribution for it.

The advantage of the third-party logistics and distribution model is that the logistics company can help fresh product e-commerce separate the fresh product sales business from the logistics business. With sales as the core, it reduces the fresh e-commerce logistics costs and provides specialized and diversified logistics services for customers.

However, there are some disadvantages of using third-party logistics and distribution model, such as information technology is not widely used, logistics companies and customers can not share resources, and it is difficult to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of supply. Then, e-commerce enterprises can not quickly grasp the market dynamics.

PART3 Crowdsourcing logistics enterprise distribution management model

The crowdsourcing logistics distribution model is a new distribution model explored by emerging e-commerce since 2015. This model is more similar to the domestic cab, and its core is to make full use of people's free time to complete the "last mile" distribution task.

The advantages of this distribution mode are low cost and effective integration of resources. Delivery speed is fast, which is conducive to improving delivery efficiency.

However, the disadvantages of this model are that it cannot guarantee the safety of users' goods, the professional distribution is insufficient, and the quality of service is not balanced.

PART4 Self-pickup service distribution management mode

Self-pickup distribution management mode is that consumers can place an order online, the e-commerce platform will be fresh enterprise product information into the refrigerated trucks directly to the end of the network, by the consumer behavior for students themselves through the extraction mode, the self-pickup mode is mainly with the distribution point near the convenience stores need to economic cooperation, or the company's self-built stores, thermal insulation express cabinets and so on.

The advantages of this teaching mode mainly lies in that we can carry out to solve the traditional Chinese home delivery leads to the delivery of goods in our country is not timely, affecting the quality of fresh products and other issues, and the use of self-pickup delivery system can be picked up by the consumer through their own, can shorten the delivery of goods to use the time, but also reduce the investment of manpower.

Of course, this model also has shortcomings, self-built stores or insulation express cabinets higher cost, cooperation convenience stores are not directly managed, can not guarantee the quality of service and so on.

As the e-commerce platform has higher and higher requirements for logistics and distribution, the cold chain logistics is also paying more and more attention to the service and delivery time, so no matter what kind of logistics and distribution mode is used, the choice of e-commerce platform should be well analyzed.


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Reply herrylauu 24-1-2024 08:59 AM
Air freight is typically more expensive compared to other modes of transportation, making it less cost-effective for certain products.


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