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Can psoriasis heal itself and how can it be treated?

Viewed 178 times8-7-2022 05:29 PM |Personal category:Life

Psoriasis, or psoriasis, cannot be cured, but can be treated reasonably to 預防hpv avoid triggering or aggravation, and can only be cured clinically, i.e., long-term remission for a period of time, with the lesions receding but still with the possibility of recurrence.

Psoriasis generally we can not carry out a complete cure, belongs to the dermatology of a major important problem, is likely to lead to recurrent episodes, if can be treated in a timely manner, it is likely they will be prone to cause the spread of the disease, may be the enterprise due to 銀屑病初期 Chinese genetic information as well as through the body of pigment loss has a great relationship, usually in the diet do not eat some light-sensitive food, to eat more coarse grain legumes .

Psoriasis does not affect life expectancy, if not properly treated, such as taking drugs with high side effects or improper use of hormones, the lesions may be well controlled in the short term, but will be more serious after relapse. And it may lead to abnormalities in other organs of the body.

Therefore urban psoriasis needs to be treated under the guidance of a professional and skilled physician-teacher for the regulation of the model.

In the early stages of psoriasis we can develop to improve clinical cure by students actively carrying out treatment methods. A few will be cured for life without recurrence, but most of them will relapse and are difficult to eradicate. However, the severity of the impact of recurrence and the frequency of recurrence varies from person to person.

In the early stage of psoriasis, timely and active treatment is mainly to control the disease and delay 身體檢查i  ts onset. Doctors will choose different treatment methods according to the cause and severity of the disease, including medication and physical therapy. Medication is divided into oral medication and external medication. External medications may be used, and if severe, oral medications are required.

Psoriasis is also known as bullous pemphigoid. There are several ways to treat psoriasis:

1. External medication

Different therapeutic agents can usually be chosen depending on the specific site of the lesion. For example, retinoids, calcium-regulated neurophosphatase inhibitors, topical salicylic acid preparations, herbal ointments, etc.

2、Systemic medication

If the lesion area is large or has spread, the effect of local treatment is not obvious, then systemic medication can be given. The types of drugs include retinoic acid, immunomodulators, herbal medicines for clearing heat and detoxifying and cooling blood, biological agents, etc.

3、Physical therapy

Excimer laser treatment or specific wavelength ultraviolet irradiation treatment has certain curative effect on psoriasis lesions.

Specific treatment measures vary from person to person.

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