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Tell you the steps to clean your humidifier.

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What do I have to do to clean my humidifier? Unplug the power supply. Unplug the power supply when cleaning the humidifier product to avoid inadvertent leakage of water droplets that may cause electrical shock safety accidents to personnel. Disassemble the humidifier and divide it into the following two important parts. One for the water tank and one for the platform base. Cleaning of the water tank. Pour out the water that is not left in the tank. 加濕器 Then by filling a part of it with water, add various cleaning agents, shake and soak for a while, so that the cleaning agents make full use of the dissolution process to work, and pour out the water after a few minutes time. The cleaning of the base. The cleaning of the base, remember that we do not want to make the air outlet filled with water. You can add a small amount of water to the sink of the base, not over the bottom, add the system cleaner, dissolve it and soak it completely for a short while. Here is mainly the atomizer these small components, if found here more dirt accumulation, will affect as well as the size of the spray. Finally with a lot of water in time to clean a few times, until our humidifier work looks more shiny as new general.

Humidifier should be how to clean, scaling, etc.

Ultrasonic humidifier cleaning work method: 1, cut off the power, pour the net residual water: before cleaning using ultrasonic humidifier design we should be able to first need to cut off the power and pour the net residual water in the machine.

2, appearance as well as cleaning: usually companies use a lot of water and soft cloth with the development of clean humidifier appearance information can be. If the appearance of the humidifier is dirty, and stained with oil, it is recommended a everyone for the use of risk-neutral detergent appropriate increase dilution with a soft cloth to the appearance of the machine aspect of timely wipe, after thorough decontamination ability China again choose to use water to wipe the appearance of the machine equipment, until the product appearance clean.

3, remove the scale: ultrasonic in the use of such a period of learning time problem, it is easy to accumulate scale inside the tank structure, water tank, transducer and other parts, therefore, the regular organization to remove the scale becomes an important teaching task of cleaning ultrasonic humidifier.

There are mainly include the following steps.

a、Prepare some special limescale cleaning agent.

b, prepare water (preferably softened water) and special brushes.

c, special cleaning agent will be poured on the surface of the body cells with limescale.

d, soak for 5 minutes and then use water and soft brush to clean the limescale clean environment.

e, the use of water will be limescale cleaner using different parts appear to thoroughly achieve cleaning;.

f, continue to study the use or shade dry machine after careful storage.

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