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The original home of the dishwashing sponge has a plethora of amazing applicatio

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Sponge may give stain removal cleaning impact, but with a little innovation, it can also be changed into natural loofah bath sponge other life props, not only to live in the home life, but also to save money on cleaning props. The most often used double-sided dishcloth, with one side soft and one side firm, has a multipurpose effect.

1 window washing glass is an excellent usage.

Take two double-sided sponges and cut the intersection of the yellow and hemp dish scrubber  green sides with a utility knife to a depth that will allow the barbeque tongs to fit through.

Insert the barbeque meat clip into the sponge cloth, and cellulose sponge block use it to clean the more difficult to penetrate home goods, such as blinds or glass cracks, or the hood fan blade, windshield, and it is advised to use it in conjunction with the detergent.

2 may be used to clean water pipelines.

Take a piece of traditional green fabric and cut it into long strips, roughly 3 to 4 equal sections. Because you will be rolling it up after cutting it, soak it in water for about 1 minute to soften it.

After softening at the front end, a bamboo chopstick wrapped up to the end and then secured with a rubber band may be used to clean the water pipe or deeper into the more difficult to clean hole, but also to clean the drain hole in the sink.

3 should be used to protect the table legs.

Cut a piece of traditional green fabric into a suitable form based on the size of your table legs.

It is advised to pick the classic green ramen cloth, because of its rough texture, may play a role in safeguarding the table legs, and will be more effective than the yellow sponge to come.

Excellent for cleaning the fan

Using a double-sided sponge cucumber cloth, cut the yellow side of the hobby knife, horizontal painting 2 knives, straight to the painting 4 knives, cutting depth to the green cucumber cloth, do not cut off the cucumber cloth, unfolded to form a similar shape to cut the mango.

Simple and clean! Can be cut with the cleaner, used to clean the fan blades, or generally more difficult to get into the gap to deal with!

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Is it necessary to sterilize your dish sponge? It will just aggravate the germs!

Dishwashing sponges are really useful.

Anti-bacterial sponge, a kitchen latent bacteria solution

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