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Myopia in children and adolescents how to ensure that this prevent myopia

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Myopia is the most common problem encountered by people in daily life, eye myopia key there are two, one is congenital eye myopia, there is also is due to the acquired nature and did not protect the eyes caused by myopia, I think too much protection近視眼藥水 of the eyes is also a kind of damage to the eyes, today I will give you a specific introduction to the children and adolescents myopia how? Interested partners can take a look at Oh.

1, the prevention of their own

Children themselves should be aware of the prevention of myopia, and actively participate in physical exercise to enhance resistance, to ensure a reasonable schedule.

The distance and near to take into account; active eye exercises, to clear the extraocular muscle part of the fatigue; develop a good diet structure, not picky, not picky food; develop a good lifestyle, get up early and go to bed early, reasonable configuration小朋友近視 of their own study time.

2, the prevention at home

(1) create an excellent learning environment: in particular, indoor lighting, with 8-15 watt daylight or 25-40 watt electric bulbs is most appropriate.

(2) shaping a reasonable protection of the eyes habitual: go to read books sitting upright, eyes from the books about 1 foot, reading time to about 1 hour should rest 15min most appropriate.

Prevent lying down, lying down to read books, watching TV series length should not be too long.

(3) bring a full range of nutritional value: children's food category, not only fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and nutrients, protein, human fat, such as meat, eggs, milk, etc., due to the physical health of both eyes from the whole body and mind.

3, the prevention of the institution

First of all, the environment facilities of the institution: the classroom should be clean and tidy, the lighting effect all over should be scientific and standardized, the relative height of dining chairs should be suitable, books and printing paper should not have return light, etc.; secondly, the cultural education of the institution to protect the eyes: regularly carry out vision test, enhance the cultural education of eye health, publicity planning, urge the近視眼藥水 students to do eye exercises by heart; finally, reduce the workload, in addition to the sitting position should be changed regularly. front and back left and right rotation.

4, the prevention of social development

Nowadays, parents' expectations of their children are too high, and the escalation of common sense is rapid, thus adding a lot of additional pressure to the trainees.

This in turn has led to an increase in the probability of eye myopia, which is a social problem to be dealt with. Therefore the first step must be the application of social development to make the baby relatively get rid of a little and relaxed in the stage of gaze development.

In the 21st new century, along with the new technological products in a variety of ways, the academic burden is getting heavier and heavier, there are many children who mostly wear myopia glasses during their student years, some are gradually increasing myopia since childhood, some are afraid to inform their parents, and when the myopia is measured at the same time is 100 degrees Celsius, I have categorized the following types of conditions for you.

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