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An article to read and understand the Internet of Things IOT is a thing?

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When the artificial intelligence market exploded, the smart home, the Internet of Everything ushered in a new inflection point, the Internet of Things "to connect everything to the network" injected a new genetic intelligence.iot modules The AIOT market is fueled by the explosive growth of smart terminal devices and the new user demand for human-machine connectivity.

History of AIoT

IoT has also evolved from the networking of machines to the networking of things to the networking of people, processes, and data. The current development of AIoT can also be divided into three stages:5g fwa standalone intelligence, connected intelligence, and active intelligence.

1. Standalone Intelligence

In the standalone intelligence stage, there is no interconnection between devices and smart devices need to wait for the user to initiate the interaction requirements. In this case, the standalone system needs to accurately sense, recognize and understand various commands from the user, such as voice, gestures, etc., and make correct decisions, execution and feedback.

Smart objects that cannot be interconnected can only be islands of data and services, far from meeting people's needs. To continuously upgrade and optimize the smart scene experience, the first thing you need to do is to break the island effect of single smart item.

2. Connected Intelligence

Intelligent application of interconnected networks essentially refers to the product quality matrix of interconnected products through an enterprise, using the mode of "a student brain (cloud or central control), multiple terminals (sensors)".

3. Active Intelligence

In the active intelligence stage, the intelligent system can be on standby according to various information such as user behavioral preferences, user portrait, environment, etc., and can provide services suitable for the user without having to wait for the user's request, such as a private secretary.

Compared with Connected Intelligence, Active Intelligence truly realizes the intelligence and automation of AIoT, which can greatly change our lives.

What AI can do for IoT

The current development of the Internet of Things is only the realization of the Internet of Things, and the ultimate requirement of the market for the Internet of Things is the realization of services.The addition of AI technology breaks the narrow sense of the space of the connection of things, and further releases the concept of everything is intelligent, and empowers the Internet of Things to solve the practical application of specific scenarios of the brain.

The essence of the Internet of Things is data, IoT for AI to provide a constant flow of data for support, AI technology can make the management of massive information data to achieve accurate analysis, so that China's intelligent single product is more able to understand the design intent of the student user. In other words, IoT is the user speaks out the demand to be handed over to the machine to do, while the emergence of AIoT is to discover a user's demand through machine learning to take the initiative to do.

Application Scenarios of AIoT

1. Smart Home

The purpose of a smart home is to connect various devices in the home through the Internet of Things and provide a variety of control functions and detection means. Compared with traditional homes, it has functions such as network communication, information appliances, and device automation.

At this level, smart home just realizes home automation, while AIoT helps users actively deal with affairs through AI empowerment and user behavior analysis, giving smart home a "qualitative change" from home automation to home intelligence.

2. Smart City

Smart city will become the mainstream form of the future city. On the basis of all the connections, artificial intelligence will add intelligent elements to the city, forming a "city brain" and helping to realize intelligent and automated city management mode.

The smart city will unify and intelligently manage the existing government services, smart police, smart medical care, smart education, smart transportation, etc., so that these sub-fields can be integrated into the smart city. It will enable these sub-fields to be integrated into the smart city system.

3.Intelligent Security

Solving the problems of single security data not being able to solve security problems, single-point intelligence, poor system friendliness, etc., can help smart security to improve greater value in many ways, such as improving voice control functions and facilitating traffic intelligence.

The current situation and future of AIoT

IoT is the trend of the future, but brings such a huge market size of data to analyze is almost impossible to get to achieve, and the data if the students can not be transformed into meaningful information will also be worthless. However, Artificial Intelligence can play a very important role in this development process and solve the urgent need. IoT can collect a large amount of relevant data by connecting network nodes, while AI can gain insights from data resources and make the right decisions using problem analysis teaching methods. In other words, the combination of IoT and AI China can continuously enhance and improve the current technological innovation ecological and economic environment in China.

Currently, there are still some problems in the security of massive data collection, technical compatibility of IoT interconnected devices, and artificial intelligence. Utilizing a blockchain platform to ensure the security of AIoT provides an alternative to these problems. We believe that the powerful combination of IoT and AI still has great potential in the future.

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