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How to do foreign trade promotion and diversion and what alternative channels ar

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In addition to exhibitions, what other channels can be used to promote and guide foreign trade? Nothing but the internet. The lowest end is email development letters, and the slightly higher end is promotional channels. There are two main types of online channels, one is to get traffic through B2B platforms, and the other is to set up an independent official foreign trade website. So, for foreign trade friends who want to transition to cross-border e-commerce or are starting their own business, which is more effective, the B2B platform or the foreign trade independent official website? Therefore, today I will talk about foreign trade promotion drainage counseling based on my own experience.

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Build your own website to do seo, sem this social history is also a little different time,youfind limited then according to my own experience to you can talk about.

First look at B2B


1. low threshold. B2B platform is very mature in all aspects, you only need to meet the conditions of use of the platform, you can open your own online store, start launching products. Today's mature B2B platforms include Alibaba International (made in China), global resources, and foreign platforms such as tradekey.

2. Low cost. Others will say are you kidding me? Any B2B need 30,000 yuan to start, plus P4P, etc., at least 40,000 yuan a year to start. In fact, this is really the cheapest. If we build an official website, you can ask, it costs $20,000 to build a so-called marketing website with no traffic. And then if you do SEO, you have to bring in a professional SEO person, and the salary of an ordinary SEO person won't be low. If you speak English, it's double. Website outsourcing to be 70-80 thousand years, the effect of who knows. Unlike the official website of this foreign trade company, the B2B platform needs a professional website maintenance team. Only 1-2 platform operators and related business personnel can carry out normal platform operations. For some start-up foreign trade companies, many of the early platform operation process is the same person's operation + business.

3. Use the transportation advantage of the platform. For some well-known B2B platforms, in addition to the body of foreign customers who are already familiar with the B2B platform, the platform will also have a professional advertising team to attract more traffic for the platform to provide suppliers. Suppliers in the platform only need to follow the platform's operating model to optimize product rankings and content quality, improving access to queries and even orders. Really, the same optimization of an official website, at least 3 months ago the effect is still the old domain name, because there is a sandbox, such as search engine optimization, just let Google included for a long time.B2B really fast, a week may have a query, which is quite efficient for foreign trade to promote drainage.


1. Platform rules constraints. Each mature B2B platform will have a number of different operating modes and platform rules for standardized normal operation, the platform will also be for the development of the need to upgrade and optimize the rules. If you want to develop on the B2B platform for a long time, you should always pay attention to the changing trend of the platform and adjust the operation direction, otherwise it will affect the operation effect of the platform.

2. Customer information is hidden. Through the platform business operations to take care of, you can directly access to an important part of the customer service resources mainly from the platform, but some B2B platform will take into account the privacy and security of different customers, customer relations can be selective to hide their mailbox information, unless the customer takes the initiative to inform his mailbox, telephone network information, otherwise you can not get. So need we should often see on a mailbox this development.

3. Peer competition is heating up: B2B platform has many peers, many of them in order to show the product in front of the customer in order to get the attention of the customer, and a variety of customers have a lot of opportunities to choose. This means that if you want to get more customers, you'll have to improve all aspects of your platform's business model and increase your platform's promotional investment. Many inquiries, customers are dozens of a hair, so you will often encounter the situation of responding to customer inquiries do not answer, even if the price is low you do not have a profit, foreign trade promotion channels to increase the difficulty.

Independent official website


1. Not bound by the rules of the platform. The official website is your own independent official website. Unlike the platform is bound by many rules, you can take care of it yourself. Except for some display websites which are only for display purposes, most marketing official websites want to get traffic from Google, so they need to take care of the official website from the SEO point of view.

2. Have your own customer resources. Once the customer is on the website, you can craft your product page, guide the customer to read it, call to action at the right time and guide the customer to do what you want him to do, leave an email, contact, inquiry, etc. As long as the customer takes action, he will enter into his own pool of customers and keep the customer resources by himself.

3. Reduce competition with peers. B2B platform has a large number of domestic peer suppliers, in addition to some have unique technical advantages, most products are similar. In Google, a customer comes to your foreign trade official website, all his attention will be on your website, there are not too many peer interference to distract the customer's attention, inquiries from Google will also be higher than the quality of the platform, because the search for resources are accurate resources, Google promotion is the best puddle of foreign trade promotion diversion.


1, lack of science and technology. Build a foreign trade company website mainly involves us a lot of problems aspects, including network servers to carry out the selection, space, website system construction, programming, website management and maintenance of the community, etc., need to go through a team of students to do, which is our country a lot of China's foreign trade bosses do not consider building a station. Self-built station is not perfect advice for small and medium-sized foreign trade development enterprises should go to do, the required human resources and material resources, as well as the cost is too high, even if you don't have your own when all the time, the energy spent is not your imagination so some simple, every day, constantly updating the article on the need to spend half of your energy, and the ranking of your one not to maintain the country has to fall. What's more terrible is that, if you are not careful, your website information will be gone, like my very early fur site, when a day after the traffic impact of 400-500, suddenly one day, the program a broken, can not be repaired can not be retrieved. Another example is that once had a very bullish take 8, once nearly in the seo circle bullish, almost monopolized all the keywords involved in the international market brand clothing bags, traffic a day hundreds of thousands of counts, and now also has disappeared.

2. Lack of talent. For foreign trade bosses who do not have contact with Google, a Google SEO heard completely confused, and SEO talent recruitment costs are very high, so that many want to do Google but do not have the conditions of foreign trade bosses can only go to choose the effect of unknown Google SEO outsourcing company, SEO foreign trade company is actually a do not understand your industry, resulting in the effect of spending money did not come out.

3. Poor traffic. A new official website out, no traffic exposure. You need to do SEO, promotion of traffic. This is the work of the promotion team. Either you build a team or you use tools. It's really hard for foreign trade companies that lack talent. Even if the most basic keywords are ready to find a few.

4. you don't know how to optimize the page, a real official website is not asked, we must do the landing page, according to the effect of individual pages are constantly optimized, if their own team does not have technical staff, it is simply impossible not to optimize the flow.

5. Even if the bidding of sem is the same as that of p4p, the bidding of B2B has already helped you to filter out the customers who want to buy something, and part of the traffic of B2B comes through the ads on Google. Foreigners open B2B, do not want to buy things to close the site, inside the selection of products certainly also want to buy things, so through the B2B over the foreigners who want to buy things, those invalid clicks will not be counted as you consume. But what about burning ads on Google yourself? I might want to know how this product operates, because clicking on Google's ads already counts for money. That year burned tens of thousands of dollars, keywords are looking for good, but most are not to buy the product.

Of course, the industry development of different learning situations we will have a lot of different, some niche cultural products or new enterprise products, B2B are not spend money to invest in advertising to do seo, you guys in the internal casually how to optimize the problem is not effective, this time it is necessary to improve their own to do the official website promotion.

Each channel will have its own unique advantages, foreign trade friends can choose a suitable channel for foreign trade promotion according to their own situation, if you do not develop customers, then you can come to me to learn, there is no platform can also develop customers, of course, if the conditions allow, it is recommended that together with B2B platforms and foreign trade official website, the other methods can also be followed at the same time, multi-channel foreign trade promotion and drainage is also is an opportunity for more product exposure, more orders, more foreign trade promotion and drainage tutorials, I will share with you in the next issue, I hope this foreign trade promotion and drainage tutorial can give you some help.

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