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How to Choose the Perfect Chess Set

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Chess sets have been found in homes for recreation. They're also often displayed as beautiful decorative pieces that will create a statement in just about any room. Whatever your reasons for having one, homes are simply not complete unless there's a chess set located there somewhere!

There are lots of different uses for a lovely chess set, from beginner play to expert play, and obviously, for decorative value. But the top reason to own one is that anyone, at nearly every age, can take part in the historically royal, aristocratic game of chess.

Chess sets for beginner play and expert play do not need to differ very much. Choosing one is really a matter of personal preference and it generally comes right down to four factors: size, style, material, and budget.

Chess pieces and chess boards can be found in a number of materials, such as for instance wood, stone, or metal. Chess pieces, or "chessmen," could be crafted in a variety of styles, from the classic Staunton set to a newer style, with many styles in between. Chess pieces ought to be chosen in a measurement that will probably be comfortable for the principal users of the game. Small pieces might be a great option for kids and for portability, while larger pieces might be much more comfortable to an adult. It really is personal--What "feels" right for your requirements? The bases of the chessmen selected should dictate how big is the chess board. The board squares ought to be roughly 1.25 - 1.3 times how big is the king base to make sure adequate space and fit.

Chess equipment is generally created from three primary forms of materials. Let's have a closer look at these various material options that to select:


Wood is, certainly, typically the most popular material used to produce chess equipment. Chess boards and pieces can both be manufactured from wood. There are lots of fabulous sets, crafted from a number of woods and finishes that'll work for decades. Wooden chess sets are sturdy and strong and they'll add a lovely and sophisticated touch to your chess play and your setting. A few of the very popular forms of woods employed for chess sets today are rosewood, sheesham, ebony, and boxwood.

• Rosewood is really a beautiful, deep-colored wood that's durable and generally heavier than other woods found in chess sets. It's natural coloring runs from a strong rose to a black brownish-red. Rosewood has natural grains that lend a lovely, natural check out any wooden chess set.

• Sheesham, that is grown on government plantations in India, can be sometimes known as "golden rosewood." It's natural coloring ranges from golden to light brown. Sheesham is plentiful and durable, and is an excellent economic value if you should be buying good quality wooden chess set for a fair price.

• Ebony is a tough, very dense, wood that's a lovely, rich black coloring. It's one of the very most expensive woods found in chess sets, but can be one of the very most stunning choices it's possible to make.

• Boxwood is another hard and dense wood found in the crafting of wooden chess pieces. It's usually employed for the "white" pieces in a chess set, because of its naturally white, or light coloring.


There are lots of varieties of metal chess pieces which range from classic Staunton pieces to less traditional, yet equally stunning, metal chessmen in unique styles such as for instance Persian, Roman Bust or Renaissance. Metal chess pieces are generally manufactured from brass or nickel. They're generally more pricey than the usual wooden chess set, but are a wonderful option if you should be on the market for a long-lasting, sturdy, and highly durable set.


Stone is still another favorite material for chess sets throughout the world. Marble and alabaster are two popular materials found in creating stone chess sets. Alabaster and marble sets are excellent choices, not merely for chess enthusiasts but for folks who want a sensational decorative centerpiece. They're sturdy and heavily weighted, and built to take center stage in just about any room! These sets can last for generations.

And lastly, one non-traditional, final option in the overall game of chess that's widely available today, is electronic chess. If you intend to have someone constantly you then would excel to take a peek at some electronic chess options. αγορα σκακι These sets will enable you to either play alone from the computer or with a partner. Some are made for beginners--to make them learn the basic principles of the game. And some are made to challenge the advanced skills of the expert player. The best option for you'll ultimately depend on your own style and amount of play.

Whether you select a wooden chess set or a rock, metal, or electronic chess game, you'd be well served to buy the very best set as you are able to afford. The task of the overall game is likely to be there, whatever the form of set you select, as you'll without doubt learn whenever you make your first move!

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