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Various Treatments For Vitiligo

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Various surgical procedures are available for vitiligo treatment. They involve the removal of skin cells and color, usually the face, and are effective for most people. However, they are not effective for the hands and lower arms. These treatments are expensive, and they can have serious side effects, such as infection and failure to work. Although there are few treatments available for vitiligo, some treatments can improve the appearance of affected skin.

Monobenzone, a topical medication, is the only FDA-approved treatment for the disease. Although this medication can significantly improve the condition, it is not an ideal treatment for patients with a widespread disease. It is also difficult to obtain from a pharmacy, so doctors often prescribe it for those with extensive loss of pigmentation. Other treatments, such as light therapy, are less effective and haven't been studied.

Other treatments for vitiligo include cosmetic surgery and topical medications. Injections of a powerful steroid may help improve a person's appearance. Skin grafts from a normal-colored area can be transplanted onto the depigmented area. In addition, a monochromatic excimer laser is a safe and effective treatment. A doctor can prescribe the proper dosage of this medication based on the severity of the disease.

Another treatment for vitiligo involves depigmentation, which is an effective way to restore the skin's color. This procedure is usually used when a patient has a large area of skin with vitiligo and has tried every other treatment without success. A doctor will use topical medications like PUVA to treat the affected area. The procedure can be performed twice or three times per day, and can last up to nine months.

Besides topical medications, there are some specialized therapies for vitiligo. These can be based on a doctor's diagnosis. Various types of medication are available. The most common drug used for vitiligo is a diamox. This is a combination of diamox and doxycyclosin. The drugs are used to treat the depigmented patches, but this is not an ideal solution for vitiligo.

There are several methods for treating vitiligo. The most common type is known as classical vitiligo. It starts in early childhood and is often characterized by a patch of white skin on the body. The loss of color may begin with lightening and progress to complete loss. Occasionally, the affected area will develop gray pigment-free hair. This condition may be spread over multiple areas, but rarely affects the entire surface of the skin.

A number of medications are available for vitiligo treatment. A combination of drugs called JAK inhibitors can reduce inflammatory chemicals and stimulate the growth of melanocytes in the affected areas. Fortunately, the most common method is surgery, which may take months or years to take effect. During this time, most vitiligo treatments have to be repeated several times. In addition to surgical procedures, medication for vitiligo may also be prescribed.

PUVA and psoralen treatments are the two most common forms of vitiligo treatment. This therapy involves taking a drug called psoralen and receiving UVA light treatment. It takes a long time to work, and requires two sessions a week for about a year. During this time, the affected skin is transplanted. This method has been proven to be effective in about 90% of cases.

A number of medicines for vitiligo are available. However, a few of them are not recommended for all patients. They may not work for all patients or may cause side effects. The most common treatment for vitiligo is topical treatment. There is no cure for vitiligo, but a variety of treatments can help improve skin tone. Listed below are some of the most common options for vitiligo treatments.

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Over-the-counter medications are available for vitiligo. While these products don't repigment skin, they can help manage the condition. Some of these medications are not designed to actively repigment the skin. For those who do decide to use them, they must consult a doctor. Some may prescribe a different medication for different symptoms, and some may be allergic to the drug. There is no definitive cure for vitiligo.

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