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Veneer 9-7-2019 06:43 AM
Sorting myself out.
Veneer 9-6-2019 08:06 AM
I do whatever I want. I can't be bothered by others problem and public/community "perception".
Veneer 24-5-2019 06:47 PM
I want to hear a lie that does not sound like a lie.
Veneer 27-4-2019 06:27 PM
Veneer 10-3-2019 02:18 AM
It's easier to make people believe in lie than prove the truth.
Veneer 16-2-2019 03:25 AM
In the mood for some Elvis's song.
Veneer 28-10-2018 08:51 AM
If you're suprised and talking shit about how women looks without makeup you are literally admitting you’ve never been with a girl. I'm genuinely sorry you had to spend most of your life shoved in a locker you fucking dweebs.


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