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Share Do u like to eat egg??
19-6-2013 05:43 PM
Don't ever believe that eggs harm for our health. This is just a rumor! Read it!!!!
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Share Haze Attack~!!!
18-6-2013 10:08 AM
1. Keep the haze out Before going out of the house, make sure all your windows and ventilation outlets are closed. It is better to come back to stale air rather than a million haze particles that will stay inside for a long while. Practice this until the city’s air purity level goes up to ‘mo ...
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Share 替代品
17-6-2013 01:52 PM
真的是替代品吗? 在你心里真的是替代品吗? 不管对象是谁 感觉自己越来越像是替代品了 如果有一天我消失了 会有几个人会为我的不见而感到空虚? 我想应该不会吧 还记得有人说过 家人永远都会是你最要好的良伴 不管如何他们不会把你放在心里 不会把你抛弃 (一些特别家庭状况除外) 所谓的朋 ...
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