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Although the world market of rubber machinery is relatively in depression these years, China alone shows a "blowout" development trend. This is due to the vigorous development of China's meridian tire. The world’s tire industry center is moving to China. China has become a major country of producing and consuming rubber machinery in the world. research shows that from 2003 to 2005, China’s newly increased number of full-steel loading meridian tire machines reached more than 15 million. Calculating in term of investing 150 million yuan every 300 thousand sets, China invested 7.5 billion on rubber machinery, 2.5 billion each year on average.
From 2004 to 2006, China’s newly increased number of half-steel meridian tire machines reached more than 60 million. Calculating in term of investing 100--120 million yuan every 1 million sets, China invested 6--7.5 billion on rubber machinery, 2--2.4 billion each year on average.
In addition, the non-tire rubber industry developes fast in our country. China is the world's largest producer of bicycle as well as rubber shoes. This lead to a huge demand for rubber machinery. It is estimated that the demand for rubber machinery reaches over 2 billion yuan each year.
It is worth noting that although China has become a major country of production and consumption of rubber machines, the import and export situation of rubber machinery is not good. Trade deficit is huge. According to research team,, in 2002 and 2003, the value of exports of rubber machine was $20 million and $35 million respectively, while the value of imports was up to $450 million. It is conservatively estimated that in recent years, China's imports of rubber machines reaches at least $500 million. Among them, steel cord calendering machine accounts for nearly $100 million.
Steel cord calendering machines are developed only by Dalian Rubber and Plastic Machinery Co., LTD so far. And no domestic tire factory has adopted the host. In recent years, domestic tire factories have to import about 20 sets at a price of 10 million per set every year.
The types of internal mixer used most widely in China are GK255N, GK250E, GK270N, GK400N, GK320E and F270, F370 etc. Internal mixers with lager capacity mainly depends on import. While tread extruding production line with four composition has not been used in any domestic tire factories so far.
Full-steel molding machines totally rely on import for China cannot produce yet.
Vulcanizing machines are being developed towards hydraulic vulcanizing machines. The most widely used tire vulcanizing machine in our country is mechanical tire curing press. But foreign hydraulic vulcanizer dominates the industry. In china, hydraulic vulcanizer producers who really form as an industry is only Guilin rubber machinery factory. But its scale is still small. Hydraulic vulcanizing machines in domestic are mostly imported.
When it comes to tire testing equipments, the gap is even lager. Beijing 625 House has developed one set of flat raft tester and it is the only one in China. Other tire factories all have to import from abroad.
China is one of countries whose tire industry develops most rapidly in the world. The production growth of full-steel loading meridian tire, half-steel meridian tire and engineering tire comes out at the world’s top rank. The starting and developing of these projects make the rubber machinery products in an over-demand situation. According to experts’ prediction, in the following years, China's tire industry will continue booming, and conservatively estimated, China's consumption of rubber machinery will be between 5 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan. Meanwhile, Continental AG is seeking for more joint ventures and proprietorships to establish tire factories. While the world’s ten famous tire companies have built factories in China. The world’s tire manufacturing center is moving to China fast. This leads to a larger demand for rubber machinery.
Besides, according to statistics by Rubber Machinery Professional Committee of China Chemical and Equipment Association in 2011, our country’s sale growth of rubber machinery has turned to non-tire industry. As the development of iron and steel, electric power, coal etc, rubber belt industry gets a good market opportunity. Meanwhile, a large number of facilities and equipments need renewal, requiring a higher performance on rubber products like duct and belts.That will definitely cause a greater demand for non-tire rubber machinery.
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