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Alert: 'Koobface' Virus Attacks Facebook

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Info dari Wired:

By Scott Gilbertson December 05, 2008 | 8:41:05 AM Categories: Security

Koobface Attention new viewers: those 5000 "friends" you have on Facebook? They might not actually be your friends. In fact, some of them might be scammers trying to infect your computer with a new virus dubbed "Koobface".

Koobface, which already made the rounds on MySpace, is now worming its way through Facebook. The Koobface virus uses Facebook's private messaging system to infect computers via a shared video.

Unsuspecting users will see a video link (shared by an infected friend) with the message, "You look just awesome in this new movie." Click the link will lead you to an outside site where you're told that you need to download a Flash update, which is actually a virus file. Once the virus is installed, it will try to grab sensitive data off your PC, like credit card numbers.

In a way this a very old virus; it operates much like mass-mailing worms that used to infest Usenet and e-mail lists. But it's proving an effective tactic on social networks where private messages from friends seem more trustworthy than traditional e-mail, which even the most neophyte web users have come to distrust.

With its some 120 million users, Facebook is not only a potentially lucrative target, but it's well into the mainstream, which means more gullible, less internet-savvy users for virus creators to prey on.

The virus watchdog blog for McAfee labs reports that Facebook is aware of the Koobface attack and is already working to remove the spammed links from its system. But with dozens of Koobface variants known to exist, McAfee warns that "the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better."

In the mean time, the best way to avoid Koobface is to adhere to the tried and true rule of internet safety: never open unexpected e-mail attachments, videos or other links, even if they are from someone you know.

Should your PC be infected the Koobface worm, the Facebook security blog suggests resetting your password and running updated anti-virus software to purge the worm from your system.

*Lepas seminggu tred ni kat sini, akan aku movekan ke bod Virus.

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Post time 6-12-2008 12:25 PM | Show all posts
thank you. good info.

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Post time 6-12-2008 12:48 PM | Show all posts
nasib baik xde facebook..


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Post time 6-12-2008 05:08 PM | Show all posts
aku memang tak pernah dan suka nak layan Social Networks seperti Friendster
My space ke Facebook ke..kalau join pun..nak explore setting sahaja dan akaun
aku akan la kita ada hobby masing-masing..apa pun..ini a good alert lah
kepada mereka yang memang suka join..sepatutnya, bukan alert yang ini sahaja..
mereka kenalah ALERT benda-bnda dalam internet ini, jangan main suka-suka
click apa yang kita tak boleh percaya.

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 Author| Post time 6-12-2008 05:35 PM | Show all posts

Reply #4 trunks's post

Samalah kita... aku ada jugak friendster tu tapi update sekali jer masa mula2 guna tu...

Benda Koobface ni bahaya sket sebab cara dia buat user click and install malware tu is ngan cara inesen... dia kuar popup suruh update Flash... orang akan ingat Flash dia dah outdated and surely akan nak click... boom! Infected PC.

Moral of the story: Nak update Flash/Shockwave... gi terus ke Adobe site and update sana and bukan dari popups etc.

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Post time 6-12-2008 07:05 PM | Show all posts

Reply #5 0001's post

sekali saja update? haha..buang karen saja ko buat..itulah aku bagitau
sudah dasar tak minat, buat pun buang karen..

cara infected, memang agak bijaklah juga..install flash ..tapi kan
kalau antivirus power yang ada online monitor, boleh detect kot
kalau kita click link yang bukan-bukan ( maaflah, aku tak install sebarang
antivirus pun tak ingat pulak )

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Post time 6-12-2008 07:12 PM | Show all posts
alahai... myspace dulu pun aku guna buat uplod avater ke forum ni je.
frenster pun buat usha awek je.
facebook? takyah la... takde masa...

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 Author| Post time 6-12-2008 07:51 PM | Show all posts

Reply #6 trunks's post

Memang buang karen jer... nyesal buang masa buat benda freindster tu.

Yeah, AV yg ada Web Antivirus leh detect kot... KAV ada tu... tapi aku disable part tu sebab memang aku tak click apa2 pun selalunya.

Also kalau guna Firefox and NoScript tu mungkin jugak boleh selamat... tapi bukan semua orang tau ni... lagi2 bebudak yg dok giler mySpace/Facebook ni... pakai click jer apa yg kuar.

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Post time 7-12-2008 05:37 AM | Show all posts

Reply #1 0001's post

good info


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