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KEEP CONNECTED WITH FREE INTERNET ROAMING WHILE TRAVELING OVERSEAS,ONLY WITH U MOBILE First telco in the market to offer free internet roaming for PREPAID users in 8 countriesand regions

Kuala Lumpur, 18 November 2014 – U Mobile Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative telco, wows Malaysian consumers once again with its first of its kind product by allowing PREPAID customers to enjoy surfing the internet during their overseas travelling for FREE in 8 different countries and regions! U Mobile was the first telco in the Malaysian market to offer FREE internet roaming service for its POSTPAID customer earlier this year. Now the company further extends this promotion to its prepaid customers, once again demonstrating its leadership in fronting product innovation for a wide range of unique services and offerings in the industry.

Making the Most Expensive Services Affordable to All
The Free Internet Roaming service enables U Mobile prepaid customersto surf mobile internet for FREE in 8 countries and regions including Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, making what is commonly known as the most expensive mobile service extremely affordable and accessible for everyone.
To be eligible for the prepaid Free Internet Roaming special offer, consumers simply need to make a top up with theminimum amount of RM50 to enjoy complimentary 50MB data everyday for the next 30 days. Once the 50MB limit is exhausted, customers can continue to enjoy internet roaming services at the lowest rate in the Malaysian market at RM30/day for all applicable countries and regions.
Once U Mobile prepaid subscribers reach their travel destination in any of the 8 countries and regions, they will be automatically connected to U Mobile’s preferred roaming operator, allowing them to immediately enjoy the Free Internet Roaming service.
(For a full list of participating roaming operators, please refer to Page 3)
U Mobile’s FREE Internet Roaming of 50MB everyday comes in handy for customers who wish to find directions and places to visit, or to stay connected with their friends and family while travelling overseas. The 50MB FREE quota is sufficient for consumers to share their special moments, interesting thoughts, and latest status updates via social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, or for them to connect on instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp™, WeChat™, LINE™ and KakaoTalk™ . (for more illustrations on what consumers can do with 50MB, please refer to the product briefing details)

Leading The Market Again With Product InnovationAnd Attractive Value-Added Services
U Mobile was the first telco in the market to offer Free Internet Roaming for its POSTPAID customers in May 2014 earlier this year. The service was initially offered to 7 countries and regions but has since been extended to Australia and India, amounting to 9 countries and regions in total.
As a data-centric mobile service provider, U Mobile always strives to provide innovative services at better value. Delivering yet another unique and first-of-its-kind value-added service (VAS) to the market, U Mobile spearheads product leadership in Internet roaming at a timely occasion as consumers set out on their holiday trips following the year-end school holidays and festive season.
“U Mobile recognizes the year-end as a condusive time for consumers to travel. 38% ofleisure travelers and 57% of business travelers use their mobile devices to look up travel information or to stay connected with their loved ones or work. Looking at the rising consumer trend and demand for data usage, we believe our FREE internet roaming offerings, first available for postpaid users and now for prepaid users, will be a great value-added service to our customers and a strong proposition for U Mobile,” said Jasmine Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of U Mobile Sdn. Bhd. For further information on U Mobile’s Free Internet Roaming promotion, please visit or the nearest U Mobile store outlet today.
The FREE Internet roaming promotion starts on 18 November 2014 and U Mobile customers will roam for free when they select the following roaming partner while travelling to the designated regions:

Country Roaming operator
Hong KongPCCW
Philippines Globe
TaiwanTaiwan Mobile

About U MobileU Mobile is Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative mobile telecommunication service provider that reaches out to millions of next generation mobile users via high quality mobile services, nationwide coverage, and an unrivaled user experience. U Mobile’s customers have an extensive selection of data and voice plans to choose from that fit perfectly into their current and future lifestyle of work, play and communication. Connecting users through providing a fresh and exciting mobile experience that caters to a wide range of audiences, U Mobile is always looking out for ways to surprise consumers through market-best value product offerings, services, promotions and deals.
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