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Lets TALK coffee...

Give your take, please :)

Lets talk about coffee
Suzy Sumner

I often get asked about coffee C is it really bad for us or ok, how much, what type? The reason there is no clear response on coffee is that there are both positive and negative side effects!If you are consuming a lot of caffeine (around 500mg a day) or if you regularly experience anxiety, restlessness or headaches it may be a moment to look at your coffee habit. Bear in mind that an average espresso is about 80mg of caffeine, a larger coffee (contrary to popular belief) has more caffeine in it as more water has passed through the grains to take the caffeine with it (around 95-200mg depending on size). Other factors also play a role including level of roasting and whether beans are coarsely or finely ground. Oh yes and adding sugar and milk does not reduce the caffeine!So what are the perks? helps to stimulate alertness, can improve mood and concentration and even performance (some athletes have a coffee before a run). It has been shown to help reduce Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases and also contains some antioxidants (basically stops us rusting from the inside!)
Great lets have a cup then!But, you also need to know that caffeine has its problems:Caffeine raises blood pressure and stress levels (stress hormones including cortisol) in the body and can also exacerbate gastro-intestinal problems (abdominal pain, diarrhea). For women it can also increase PMS, osteoporosis and a series of other issues. It also raises blood sugar in the body (even more if you add sugar!)
So whats the bottom line?
Pretty much like most other things we know we need to keep in moderation:
Good to know:
[*] not too much (keep well under 500mg per day C better around 200mg)
[*] the best quality you can better one good one than 4 office filter coffees!
[*]avoid coffee on an empty stomach after breakfast or after lunch are the best times
[*]reduce or cut out sugar in it (try a small piece of dark chocolate at first to see if that helps)
[*]when you have one really enjoy it!

bellaamsar Publish time 13-7-2019 06:43 AM

I cant live without coffee. Sehari kalau tak minum macam tak keruan

saizeriya Publish time 13-7-2019 07:57 AM

Saya hanya mula minum kopi secara konstan once I reached 30 years old. Sejak dari tu juga, saya berminat mengetahui apa sahaja tentang kopi.

Antara perkara yang saya baru ketahui ialah kopi jenis Robusta lebih tinggi tahap asidiknya berbanding dengan Arabika.

Tahap pembakaran biji kopi juga turut mempengaruhi rasa kopi. Pilihan saya semestinya dark roasted.

joyahbawang Publish time 13-7-2019 08:48 AM

Yup, taking coffee in moderation is the best

My favourite has to be latte or cappuccino {:1_511:}{:1_200:}

seribulan Publish time 13-7-2019 02:52 PM

Koopickup Coffee @ Double expresso Starbuck :)

ikanmasin Publish time 13-7-2019 10:41 PM

akk biasa mnm kopi tenom:loveliness:
kadang kalau adik dtg malaya kirim kopi
tumbuk sandakan..

seribulan Publish time 13-7-2019 11:23 PM

Kopi Che Nah...
Kopi Pak Belalang...

Bff suka kopi Radix :)

Unicorn_heart Publish time 13-7-2019 11:34 PM

Coffee without sugar is my everyday life saver {:singo . I can drink it at anytime and having no trouble getting my sleep. Tapi, bila dah nak tua ni {:imisso Tetiba rasa insaf nak minum green tea,wish me luck since i couldn't see any progress with it.At the end,coffee juga pilihan

matryoshka Publish time 14-7-2019 06:42 AM

Suka kopi pekat kurang gula. Klau time hujan tu lg syok dpt plk biskut banjir. Kopi yg jd faberet kopi gantang (mai from kedah) dgn kopi mat rezki (pahang). Mabeles

Bantalkuning Publish time 14-7-2019 10:01 AM

i minum coffee ikut mood.. paling suka mocha.. tapi kalau dkt kampung suka la kopi kapal api tu lepas tu cicah dgn biskut lutut@ biskut mayat yg keras panjang tu.. sedapnyaaaa

kuihbakar Publish time 14-7-2019 10:01 AM

Saya dan suami adalah pencinta kopi. Pergi mana2 nampak kopi mesti nak cuba. Kopi yang paling saya suka adalah latte.

Kopi ais paling sedap adalah di Vietnam pada tekak saya.

Kopi paling kenangan adalah kopi mesin pekan sehari Temerloh. Balik Temerloh memang akan minum ni setiap masa

Kopi paling romantik adalah ketika minum di pekan kecil Freisinger German. Minum tepi jalan sambil melihat2 orang lalu lalang.

Kopi paling enjoy adalah latte di McD wakaf Che yeh keluar dengan husband tengah malam. Borak2 sambil bercinta. Hahaha

seribulan Publish time 14-7-2019 03:52 PM

Kopi Janda ada kan?

Kat Aussie, kopi stall di mana mana even at 7e...buat sendiri...
Sedap dah harum...memang tiap hari minum...

Satu lagi turkish coffee :)

lilylulu Publish time 14-7-2019 04:52 PM

iolss kene ade mood nak minum kopi. usually akan pesan mocha sbb ade rase chocolate. tapi kalau kopi susu best gak mmmm nyum nyum

fishcracker Publish time 14-7-2019 06:33 PM

Kopi o kosong,no sugar...nak jaga berat badan
Kalau kopi yang lain2 tu iol lebih suka yang ada rasa pahit kopi lebih n lemak2 dari freshmilk,kurang manis

farlis Publish time 14-7-2019 06:36 PM

My fav is always latte..

I teringat2 kopi telur di hanoi...Mmg rare sungguh

hotmak Publish time 15-7-2019 12:34 PM

kuihbakar replied at 14-7-2019 10:01 AM
Saya dan suami adalah pencinta kopi. Pergi mana2 nampak kopi mesti nak cuba. Kopi yang paling saya s ...

kopi mesin pekan sehari tu jual kat belah mana ye :D

seribulan Publish time 15-7-2019 12:44 PM

Bff bagi kopi collagen cappucino :) tengah minum...dapnyerr...

kuihbakar Publish time 15-7-2019 01:43 PM

hotmak replied at 15-7-2019 12:34 PM
kopi mesin pekan sehari tu jual kat belah mana ye

Belakang dia ada kedai orang jual sate. Ada dua gerai je yang jual kopi mesin. Satu Melayu. Satu cina. Yang cina tu lejen dari zaman uwan2 dulu lagi.

kuihbakar Publish time 15-7-2019 01:44 PM

seribulan replied at 15-7-2019 12:44 PM
Bff bagi kopi collagen cappucinotengah minum...dapnyerr...

Nak sikit....

seribulan Publish time 15-7-2019 06:05 PM

kuihbakar replied at 15-7-2019 12:44 PM
Nak sikit....

Meh meh...mai secawen ;P
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