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clean steering wheel complete review

Viewed 30 times10-11-2022 09:03 PM |Personal category:auto| clean, steering, wheel

Grab a flat head screwdriver and push the knots and thread ends directly into the seam. Do this carefully and lightly as you can cut the thread by accident if the screwdriver is too sharp. The main reason you need to leave some extra string at the end after tying the knots is so that the knots can pull a bit loose if required. By leaving a bit of thread it will prevent clean steering wheel them from coming all the way apart.

You have now successfully learned all the steps on how to install a steering wheel cover. Don't distress if your first attempt at installing a leather steering wheel wrap did not come out as perfectly as you planned as you can always start again by going back to where you have a good seam. The most important factor here is to keep the seam straight as you continue with your stitching. If you run into a knot don't try to tug at it, rather, use the needle to untie the knot. Leather steering wheel covers are a great investment and will improve the look of your wheel as well as provide better grip and handling.

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