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how to clean a leather steering wheel

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You have now arrived at your first spoke in the steering wheel. To cross the wheel spokes, use a loop stitch by looping the thread around and into the next hole on both sides of the wheel spoke. Pull each and every stitch as tightly as possible with a firm and steady pull. Don't worry about breaking the waxed thread as it was designed to take a lot of abuse. After you get to the other side of the wheel spoke pick up the next pair of holes that you can close almost all the way and keep watching how to clean a leather steering wheel going.

If the leather wheel cover is sized correctly it will not overly stretch are you proceed with your stitching. There will be a bit of bunching but this is normal in the installation process. After you get to the bottom again grab the last stitches and loop them over and back under the original knot while running the threads out the seam. Afterwards you will need to tie several knots and then cut off the excess stitching. Make sure to leave at least a half inch slack and tuck the knot in the seam.

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