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deep cleaning leather steering wheel

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Do not begin stitching at the seam as this will make it very difficult to get it pulled tightly. Similar to a loop stitch, you need to pull every stitch tightly before proceeding to the next one. As you attempt to pull each individual stitch tight you will notice cleaning leather steering wheel that the wax in the thread aids in helping to hold earlier stitches tight. The proper way to pull is firmly and slowly as opposed to quick jerky motions. Furthermore, pull straight out to the sides and not in a forward motion as you may accidentally over stretch the cover if pulled incorrectly.

 Slowly and methodically should be your method when attempting to install a steering wheel cover for the first time. Managing the thread is the most challenging step, but doing it slowly and surely will get you into an easier rhythm. Prepare about 2-3 hours to successfully perform baseball stitch on your leather steering wheel cover. You will notice that when you arrive at a spoke, the baseball stitch has distinct advantages over a loop stitch method. Firstly you will have a thread on each side of the spoke which allows you to loop the thread on both sides. Second, you will be able to pull the seam tighter and closer to the spokes than with a loop stitch.

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