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The 5 aspects parents noticed, the baby will soon be able to recover

Viewed 115 times12-8-2022 11:16 AM |Personal category:Life

Lili just had a baby a few days ago, and her husband is still immersed in the joy of being a new parent, 初生奶粉but the baby's face eczema makes Lili and her husband troubled. The eczema is like an undead "little strong", coated with the ointment prescribed by the doctor, with a few days to go down, but after a few days to grow out again. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.
What is baby eczema?
The most common skin disease in babies is eczema, which is traditionally called "ringworm" and "milk sore", and is also called seborrheic dermatitis or allergic dermatitis in Western medicine.
The skin of small children is special
The skin is the largest organ of the human body, it is responsible for regulating the temperature, feel external stimuli, BB皮膚敏感protect the body's tissues and organs, from physical, mechanical and chemical disease, the role of the original microbial attack, absorption, metabolism, secretion and excretion. The baby's skin has its own special characteristics: the skin stratum corneum has not yet developed, the dermis is thin, less fibrous tissue control acid-base ability is poor, the skin barrier function is weak immune system is not mature, easy to be stimulated by external physical and chemical factors, easy to be bacterial fungal invasion, resulting in skin infections. Because of the characteristics of the baby's skin, so our parents also pay more attention to the care of the baby's skin, and some babies a month after birth, or even 1-2 weeks on the rash, but also often make new parents very troubled.

Manifestations of infant eczema
The main symptom of infant eczema is itchiness, so some babies always seem irritable and will keep bb便便 rubbing their arms and hands on their faces, and even itchy babies can't sleep in the middle of the night.

Some mothers also found that their baby eczema and other children behave differently, and infant eczema also has three forms of expression: 1.

1. eczema is mostly distributed on the top of the head, forehead, cheeks, the distribution is more symmetrical, the skin is red, and on closer inspection you can see red spots, small papules, small bags, and often vesicles and crusts.

2. The skin is red, you can see the papules, there are scales, it looks like the white skin is falling down, the skin is rough and dry.

3. Mostly on the baby's scalp, both eyebrows, and the arch of the eyebrows, there are yellowish crusts that look oily.

Causes of eczema in babies
Eczema is caused by the interaction of several factors, of which genetics, environment, and diet are considered important.


Familial inheritance can cause babies to develop infant eczema. If the parents had eczema when they were small, the chances of their own baby having eczema will be significantly higher than those whose parents have not had eczema. If both parents or one of them is an allergist, the probability of the baby being an allergist is about 60%, so the baby having eczema has something to do with their own body type, and babies with allergies are more likely to have eczema.


Environmental factors cannot be ignored, such as dry climate, environmental pollution, more dust, the mother ate more irritating food during pregnancy, too many baby baths, hot and humid indoor temperatures, excessive formaldehyde in baby clothes, excessive use of chemicals such as detergents, and various polluting harmful substances may cause eczema.


During breastfeeding, if the mother ate certain allergic food, through the milk affected the baby; or too early to add or incorrectly add supplementary food to the baby may cause baby eczema.

Other causes

If the baby is emotionally disturbed, nervous and tired, sleep deprivation, baby's digestive disorders, skin acid-base imbalance, etc. can also easily cause eczema.

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