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Santorini Wine Tour

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During a Santorini Wine Tour, you will enjoy a wine tasting and audio guide. The audio guide will explain the process of wine making and how the old Santorinian wine makers lived. You will also enjoy tastings of the different Santorini wines, as well as a delicious Greek meze snack. The tour is educational and entertaining, just like a trip to Disney World. It is a fun and memorable way to learn about Santorini and its wine making culture.

A Santorini Wine Tour includes visits to three traditional wineries and two special ones. You will be picked up from your hotel by your tour guide, and the tour lasts four hours. You will learn about the unique winemaking industry in Santorini, and you will be able to taste the local wines and enjoy the stunning sunsets. You will be able to taste more than a dozen different types of wine and learn about Santorini's unique history and modern culture.

In Santorini, grapevines are grown in unique terraced land that is rich in volcanic ash. The resulting volcanic soil is inhospitable to the vine phylloxera. This is one of the main reasons Santorini wines are so distinctive. They are made from ancient grape varieties that are resistant to phylloxera, which decimated vine roots in Europe in the late 19th century.

During your Santorini wine tasting tour, you'll visit three traditional wineries for a taste of the region's famous wines. You'll learn about the island's unique geology and terrain and taste the products of these unique grapes. You'll also have the chance to try local cheese and snacks and sample 12 different types of wine. It's a great way to experience Santorini's rich wine culture and see how unique the local wines are.

The Santorini Wine Tour will take you to three family estates where you'll have the opportunity to taste a variety of local wines. The tours are guided by a sommelier and can be customized according to your personal preferences and taste. You'll learn about the Kouloura grape cultivation method and how it differs from traditional methods. Afterwards, you'll enjoy a delicious lunch of local snacks.

The most famous Santorini wines are made from the Assyrtiko grape. It's high-quality white wine that can't fall below 13.5%. The grapes are picked late at night and processed during the day, which prevents them from oxidizing and becoming too acidic. You can also sample the local products, such as fava, capers, barley, and cherry tomatoes. Local recipes include tomato meatballs and sponge.

On your Santorini wine tour, you'll visit three local vineyards, where you'll enjoy tasting up to 12 wines, along with a cheese platter and snacks. Depending on your preference, you can choose a half-day tour, or opt for a private wine tasting tour. This tour will take approximately 4 hours, but can be customized for a more personal experience. The tour can be arranged to accommodate smaller groups and you can even have it tailored to your needs and interests.

While Santorini wine is readily available in all of the local establishments, there is no substitute for tasting it at its source. Visiting Santorini wine producers is the best way to discover the unique flavors and characteristics of the wines produced in this region. In addition to wine tastings, you can also sample the island's famous dessert wines. This is the perfect way to end a day of sightseeing and sipping wine!

While Santorini has many attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy, wine tours are a favorite. Santorini wines are famous around the world, and are grown in this climate. The climate of Santorini is ideal for growing grapes, and winemaking has been done on this island for centuries. You can also enjoy a glass of Santorini wine at the Santo Winery, where you'll be able to take in a breathtaking view of the caldera.

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