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Why choose hanidoll sex doll?

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Company profile

hanidoll is a love doll sales specialty store. We sell dolls in a variety of styles, heights and materials, cheap or expensive depending on the price. I have my own factory. The dolls produced with high-end technology are more realistic, the skin is smoother and more delicate, and the hand feels softer. Headquarters products are sold all over the world, of which Japan accounts for 40%. All products are made of new polymer synthetic materials (TPE), sterile high temperature treatment, medical grade materials! Built-in metal skeleton, durable and not easy to deform. You can take various poses within the movable range. This product complies with national health, safety and environmental protection standards, and has passed FDA, CE, CPST testing.


(1) style

Combining the advantages of each factory and the needs of customers, hanidoll love dolls have developed the most varieties of love dolls on the market. Also, we have improved dolls with different heights, shapes and styles. hanidoll 100cm , 130cm , 148cm , 158cm , flat chest, beautiful chest, cute and neat dolls are deeply loved by customers! At the same time, hanidoll provides customizable heads to customers, anyone can help us achieve this by providing the mugshot they want.


(2) Function

Not only do hanidoll love dolls feel like human skin, but the metal skeleton inside allows the dolls to take on a variety of human-like poses. For example, wash your shoulders, sit up straight, stand, and move your arms back and forth. The doll's fingers can be updated to a metal skeleton, allowing the doll to bend its fingers like a human to create a variety of different works. Then, in order to increase the interaction between the doll and people, we developed the intelligent dialogue voice function. When customers touch the doll's chest, lower body or feet, the doll can intelligently make sounds. Customers can interact with the doll using fixed words in the instructions. (Note: The vocal functions are mainly in Japanese, Chinese, and English, and the dialogue function is only available in Japanese and Chinese.) Love Doll has a design that imitates human blood vessels. The blood vessels of the chest, arms, thighs and buttocks are clearly visible, making Love Doll more lifelike.


(3) Materials

There are two main types of love dolls, TPE and silicone. Due to the low raw material cost of TPE material, the dolls produced are relatively cheap and cost-effective than silicon. Dolls made of silicon are expensive, but silicon is actually better than TPE. TPE dolls are soft and silicone dolls are hard. Silicone dolls can be flocked (hair, eyebrows, etc.), but many people prefer TPE dolls.



Company Name: Hajime Trading Co., Ltd.


Address:トウキョウト, ミナトク, アカサカミッドタウン・タワー(27カイ), 7-1

AddressEnglish):7-1, Akasaka 9-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo


post code107-6227


phone number+8157-447-4562

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