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The reason why You'll need Air Duct Cleaning: Mildew, Mold, And much more.

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Your heating and air system is much more than the box in your yard. There is an entire network of air ducts that sends conditioning throughout your home, and the grade of this network dramatically affects your comfort. Exactly like any mechanical device, air duct cleaning is an important section of maintaining the grade of your system. Without care, you will find several problems that will occur without you even realizing what is wrong.

Mold and Mildew

During summer time, anytime your AC is not running, the ductwork gets hotter. When you send cold air into your house, the ductwork rapidly cools, causing condensation. Normally, the effectiveness of the flow would prevent the condensation from lingering in the ducts. However, with time, the flow in one's body can decline, particularly if the sealing on the ductwork starts to weaken. If this occurs, moisture will sit in the ductwork and create mold. If left unchecked, mildew may cause several issues in your home.

The first concern which can be developed by mold is stench. Mildew festers, and if the situation gets bad enough, you can be sending stale, stinky oxygen through the house every time you fire up the thermostat. While this is certainly inconvenient, you will find much more severe health risks related to mold. Mold spores that become airborne can travel into your house, infecting the walls, carpet, and furniture. Over time, it may cause illness and breathing issues. Air duct cleaning will eliminate all traces of mold and mildew, and it may also improve the performance of one's body by eliminating dust.

Dust Buildup

No matter how often you clean, your house is packed with dust. Dead skin cells, fecal matter, pollen, and pet dander all contribute to what we realize as simple household dust. Dust is really a major issue for a heating and ventilation system. In large quantities, it may actually increase the cooling demand on the home. This increases the runtime of your AC unit, helping to make your power bills get bigger. Your ductwork is essentially a giant vacuum hose that pulls everything out from the air and sends it through the system.

While you will find filters that deal with a few of the dust issues, the stark reality is that very few folks have adequate filtration installed within their home. Only with expensive cleaners and purifiers can the dust issue be truly eliminated. For most homeowners, the filter is simply a bandage, preventing a concern from getting worse as opposed to solving it. When filtration fails, large quantities of dust start to produce in the ductwork. If enough buildup occurs, it can begin to affect the flow through the system. This just as before increases runtimes, further escalating your power bills. Rather than simply being a nuisance, dust buildup can actually start to cost you countless dollars a year.

The good news is that all these issues are entirely preventable. Call a nearby contractor today and inquire further how air duct cleaning can benefit your home.

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