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Growing Plants For Beauty and Decoration

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If you are into growing plants, you might like to know that nearly any plant can be grown in a suitable container for its whole life. This is equally true when the plant is either a tree or shrub, an annual or a perennial. Container-growing will provide you with some options that aren't available with plants in their natural settings.


You can move a container of growing plants to anyplace where it can get more or less sun, and in this way you can give a plant whatever it needs without uprooting it. You can also use container plants to bring the most colorful flowers to the forefront when they are blooming, and then slide them back a bit when they are finished blooming.


Container-grown plants are much more dependent on you than their outdoor relatives, though. Whereas the outdoor tree always has an occasional shower if it lives outside, your indoor growing plants depend on you for this, along with their other needs. Pay very close attention to your feeding and fertilizing of indoor plants. And when you water, make sure you don't wash away any feed or fertilizer you've just added.


Nearly any container that can hold soil can become a suitable planter. It should have a diameter that is roughly equal to about one half the height of the plant. Make sure that the container you select has holes drilled in the bottom, so that excess water can drain out. The thing that kills indoor growing plants the most often is overwatering and drowning.


Your choice in soil and additives is important to the health of indoor plants. Your medium must be able to hold some water, but also be able to drain fairly easily. Commercial potting mixes usually fill this need very adequately. There are quite a few different kinds of potting mixes available to gardeners, but you will want to choose one with a high quality, even if it costs a little more. Add peat or compost to help retain moisture. And add a bit of sand to help with drainage. Do not use soil from your yard or garden, because they may be infested with insects and fungi. Check out Grow Supplies


If you're growing plants in containers, some may eventually need re-potting, because their roots have exhausted the room in their pots. To give the plant more room to grow, transplant it into a larger container. Use the next larger size pot available - don't transplant from a small pot into an enormous one.

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