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[Accesories & Hobbies] Why regular crane load test is needed for your overhead crane and hoist?

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Why crane load test?
Crane load test is one important part of crane regular maintenance, which is not optional but mandatory. Proper load testing helps you to know how much weights your overhead crane can handle before them stops working properly or breaks. The crane load testing is important for:
  • 1. Learning what your overhead crane manufacturer performance bottlenecks and breaking points are.
  • 2. Finding the functional errors that only occur under stressing.
  • 3. Narrowing the safety gap for those working on or around the equipment.
  • 4. Lowering the frequency and serious nature of incidents involving the overhead crane and hoist.
OSHA requirement on crane load testing
On crane load testing, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has criteria and rules for load testing as part of crane regular maintenance.
Various degrees of qualification are necessary for overhead crane inspection and load testing.
A designated person appointed by crane management should be competent to perform the duties of crane operator.
A qualified person should have professional knowledge, training, and experience when it comes to overhead crane and hoists.
The time of crane inspections and load testing depend on the condition of overhead crane, frequency of use, and conditions of application environment. Frequent or constant exposure to extreme temperature or environments will need constant attention to the overhead crane.
Types of inspections
Daily and monthly normal services inspections
According to OSHA, the crane hooks, hoist chains, wire ropes and other operating parts should be checked and inspected visually and daily by the overhead crane operator. The daily inspection and operation of the overhead crane should be performed by a designated person.
Monthly or quarterly server load testing
Severe service load testing should be conducted at least quarterly by a qualified person with professional knowledge, training and experience. The severe service load testing means normal or heavy use in some irregular or nonstandard environment, which tests the ability of the overhead crane to perform in bad weather, unusually high or low temperatures, or during exposure to corrosive fumes, dust or other hazardous environments.
Semi-annual heavy service load testing
Heavy service load testing should be performed at least every six months to insure the proper functioning of the overhead crane and hoist. Heavy service is defined as use 80% to 100% of rated load, or in excess of 10 lift cycles per hour as normal procedures. All load blocks must display this load rating. The annual inspections should be conducted by an external certified crane inspector.
Avoid emergences
Crane inspection and crane load testing is used to detect the potential hazard to avoid emergences. The crane operator should know what is going on with the overhead crane on a daily basis. To ensure safe working conditions all the time, the crane operator should be qualitied with professional training.
Avoiding costly accidents and/or fines is central to your company’s bottom line. All safety and performance decisions ultimately translate into money and the justification for load testing is no different.
Overhead crane load testing procedures
As for the load testing of overhead cranes, it should be bear in mind that the test loads shall not be more than the 125 % of the rated lifting capacity. And also all the load testing reports should be filed which can be accessed by the personnel who is in charge.
Generally, overhead crane load testing goes through the following procedures:
1. Pretest procedures of overhead crane
Pretest procedures of overhead is mainly concerns the preparation working of overhead cranes to make sure everything is normal condition and make sure the safety of the overhead crane, and all the load testing related stall informed of the testing, testing procedures, etc.
2. Crane load testing
The crane load testing should include the operational tests and rated load test.
Operational tests
Before the initial use all the new and altered or upgraded overhead cranes should be tested to insure compliance with this section including the following functions:
  • Lifting and lowering,
  • Trolley running
  • Bridge running
  • Limit switches, locking and safety devices.
Rated load testing
Test loads shall not be more than 125 percent of the rated load unless otherwise recommended by the manufacturer. These test reports shall be placed on file where readily available to appointed personnel.


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