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[Accesories & Hobbies] How to install bridge crane and overhead crane?

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The installation of bridge crane is divided into three steps:
  • Lift the guide rail onto the bearing beam and fix it with splint and pressing plate.
  • Assemble the electric hoist and end beam crane machine, and raise them to the bearing capacity.
  • Install sliding wire, connect electrical cabinet, debug.

Reverse braking is often used in the working organization of foreign bridge cranes to change the organizational braking from extra speed to near zero speed, and then stop the reverse braking of mechanical braking. This kind of braking method: in the deceleration process, the reverse connection braking is selected, the braking torque is small, and the braking torque is large when the mechanical braking is used in the stop and emergency stop. In addition, the crane can also be used to reduce the braking speed and vibration of the crane.

The transmission system of bridge crane generally adopts AC transmission system, and the operation organization of bridge crane generally needs reverse braking or other electric braking to ensure fast and stable braking under normal operation speed. Hoist the main beam onto the bearing beam with a crane. The span of the bridge crane is customized according to the measured bearing capacity span. After the end beam is installed, the crane girder span is accurately measured. The error should be controlled within 0.5cm. If the error deviation will lead to crane rail gnawing. The installation of electric hoist should also be adjusted according to the width of I-beam.

When the crane has a long travel, it should operate at an additional speed. In order to stop accurately, it needs to run below the additional speed, so in most cases, it does not need the low speed function, and the low speed duration is very short. Therefore, it is generally applicable to the communication system with large slip loss and low investment. It is very important to install and debug the bridge crane. We have also made great optimization to the electric control cabinet. Select two in one control system, the two in one control cabinet is the perfect integration and optimization of electric control of car and car. The most important thing is to reduce the failure rate of the crane and extend the service life of the crane.

As for the lifting organization controlled by the control panel, this standard only rules that at least one gear will descend at low speed, but there is no rule for the low speed technical function. Although the reverse engagement brake and single-phase brake have poor functions, they can also be used as the lower gear. Under the control of the cam controller, it is very easy not to adjust because it is difficult to set the lower gear and the function is poor.

In order to fix the track of bridge crane, each track is connected one by one with splint, and then the rail is locked on the bearing capacity by pressing plate or bolt. At the same time, the track distance is measured to match the span of the crane beam. If there is any error in the bearing beam level, steel plate should be added to ensure the track installation level. AC speed regulation system generally adopts thyristor stator voltage regulation, energy consumption braking, eddy current braking, hydraulic push rod braking, multi speed motor and dual motor schemes. The capacity of the motor, resistor and other primary components of the speed regulation system should be selected and checked according to the actual working conditions. When the hydraulic push rod brake is used to improve the speed regulation of the tissue, the support brake should be provided.
How to install bridge crane and overhead crane?

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