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Author: HangPC2

Pakistan Armed Forces Gallery and Discussion

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Integrated Dynamics Pakistan UAV

Integrated Dynamics (abbreviated ID) is a private company in Pakistan  that designs, manufactures and exports various types of  ...
HangPC2 Post at 20-2-2010 20:26

mini rocketpon ade??? pergh.........

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Pakistan Chengdu F-7


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Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)


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HangPC2 Post at 27-11-2010 13:24

    FC-10 ka???

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Pakistan tests first locally-built helicopter


Published: Dec 15, 2010 20:56 Updated: Dec 15, 2010 20:56

ISLAMABAD : Pakistan on Wednesday successfully conducted flight of its first locally-manufactured two-seater helicopter.

Three engineers from Rawalpindi Mujibur Rehman, Rehan Janjua and Shakir Ayub,designed the helicopter capable of flying at the height of 17,000 feet with a top speed of 190 kph.

Private sector engineers plan to go for serial production of the helicopter. “ We plan to develop the helicopter for ambulance and security operations ”, said Mujibur Rehman Khan, a retired air force officer.

“ Traditional helicopters have a stick-to-head, a mechanical system, so when the pilot moves the stick a mechanical system moves the push-pull rods on the rotor system.

“ We have a fly-by-wire system, where the control of the pilot goes into the electronics of the aircraft and then ultimately moves the swash plate or the control rod servos. It's like driving a car with a joystick rather than a steering wheel. ”

The helicopter has been built at the cost of nine million rupees. “ We have a plan to build 80 helicopters, which we intend to sell to public sector forces, ” he added.

Sources :


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Iraqi AF Hunter aircraft piloted by PAF Saif-ul-Azam - 1967 Arab-Israel war. 2 kills (Mirage-III, Vatour Bomber).


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Mengapa Msia tak nak co-operation in military hardware dengan Pakistan?

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Turki mempunyai teknologi - us , israel dan eropah
Pakistan mempunyai teknologi China
Indonesia mempunayi teknologi russia

Seandainya kita mempunyai pakatan dalam membangunkan teknologi ketenteraan secara bersama dgn negara islam ini...saya percaya malaysia juga akan mampu berdiri sendiri dlm teknologi ketenteraan....

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Pakistan may give ' interested ' China access to secret US copter remains in Abbotabad

Washington, May 11(ANI): China may soon get its hands on the wreckage of the United States' secret stealth-modified helicopter, which was abandoned by its troops during a raid on Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden's compound in Abbotabad, according to Pakistani officials.

The US has already asked the Pakistanis to return the helicopter wreckage, but one Pakistani official told ABC News that the Chinese were also " very interested " in seeing the remains.

Another official said : " We might let them [the Chinese] take a look. "

According to the report, a US official said he did not know if the Pakistanis had offered a peek of the chopper's remains to China, but added that he would be "shocked" if the Chinese had not already been given access to the damaged aircraft.

The chopper, which aviation experts believe to be a highly classified modified version of a Blackhawk helicopter, clipped a wall during ' Operation Geronimo ' , the White House said.

The US Navy SEALs, who rode in on the bird, attempted to destroy it after abandoning it on the ground, but a significant portion of the tail section survived the explosion, the report said.

In the days after the raid, the tail section and other pieces of debris- including a mysterious cloth-like covering that the local children found entertaining to play with- were photographed being hauled away from the crash site by tractor, it added.

According to the report, aviation experts said the unusual configuration of the rear rotor, the curious hub-cap like housing around it and the general shape of the bird are all clues the helicopter was highly modified to not only be quiet, but to have as small a radar signature as possible.

The helicopter's remains have apparently become another chip in a tense, high-stakes game of diplomacy between the US and Pakistan following the US' unilateral military raid of bin Laden's compound inside Pakistan.

According to former White House counterterrorism advisor Richard Clarke, the potential technological advancements gleaned from the bird could be a " much appreciated gift " to the Chinese.

" Because Pakistan gets access to Chinese missile technology and other advanced systems, Islamabad is always looking for ways to give China something in return, " Clarke said.

If the Chinese are allowed to see the wreckage, it may not be the first time the Chinese military was given an opportunity to benefit technologically from America's misfortune, the report said.

In 1999, an American stealth F-117 Nighthawk bomber was shot down in Serbia, the wreckage of which was reportedly passed along to the Chinese. (ANI)


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negara islam yg hebat........

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Aku rasa U.S target pakistan lak skrg ni..... Pakistan masih lagi berlembut...sepatutnya mereka perlu bertegas dgn sebarang pencerobohan oleh negara luar...

Kalau kita lihat sekarang pakistan akan ditentang oleh U.S, NATO dan Taliban

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Post Last Edit by HangPC2 at 1-6-2011 23:22

SATUMA Pakistan

SATUMA (Surveillance And Target Unmanned Aircraft), established in 1989, is a team of highly dedicated, qualified and skilled engineers involved in research and development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. As the company name implies, SATUMA has been very focused in its objective of developing UAVs indigenously for Pakistan Armed Forces and International customers.

Facility :

The SATUMA research and development site lies 25 km out of Islamabad on the bank of river Soan with an engineering floor area of 5,000 Sq. ft. and a small airstrip for testing and evaluating scaled air frames, testing engines and other outdoor activities.

Product :


- Medium Range UAV  Flamingo

- Tactical Range UAV Jasoos II (Bravo+)

- Short Range UAV Mukhbar

- Mini UAV Stingray

- UAV Half Scale Trainer HST

- UAV Full Scale Trainer FST

Target Drones

- Short Range - Tunder SR

- Long Range - Tunder LR

- Training System - Assualt

- High Speed Drone - Shooting Star

Auxiliary Equipment

- Ground Control Station - GCS

- Payloads
- GCS for Tunder-LR


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War in Frontier Drives Pakistan's Efforts To Boost Protection

ISLAMABAD - Heavy casualties from roadside bomb attacks during anti-Taliban operations have led Pakistan's state-owned Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) to increase vehicle protection and develop an indigenous mine-resistant, ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicle, the Burraq.

Military spokesmen have acknowledged the considerable casualties caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs). This is echoed by South Asia analyst Brian Cloughley, who is familiar with some of the countermeasures employed.

" The Army's casualties from IEDs in [Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/Federally Administered Tribal Areas] began to increase in 2006, and countermeasures were taken, including local upgrades, less use of unarmored vehicles and introduction of more [armored personnel carriers] from the eastern frontier, " he said.

He also said HIT concurrently increased production of the U.S. M113.

Initial efforts to counter the IED threat by acquiring MRAP vehicles from the U.S. were unsuccessful because of the high cost of overseas options, said Haris Khan of the Pakistan Military Consortium. Therefore, during the initial anti-Taliban operations, troop movements were carried out in soft-skinned vehicles (trucks and pick-ups), which offered no protection against small-arms, sniper, mine, IED and RPG-7 attacks.

The M113 was better protected but not the ideal response.

" The M113's armor doesn't provide much protection from small-arms' fire, never mind IEDs of the size that are now being employed by the insurgents, " Cloughley said.

HIT responded by developing a lighter bar-armor package for fighting vehicles that has been fitted to the M113 and the Type-59II, which along with the Al-Zarrar tank, is used for mobile direct-fire support.

Earlier this month, at a conference organized by Defence iQ, a military forum, HIT chairman Lt. Gen. Ayyaz Salim Rana specifically cited Dragunov/SVD-armed snipers as a danger to the operators of turret-mounted heavy machine guns. In response, HIT developed a sheet-metal shelter to allow the heavy machine gun to be fired from under armor.

The Army also has deployed HIT's Mohafiz security vehicle, based on the British Land Rover Defender 110. The Mohafiz does not offer much protection against IEDs or mines. A slightly less armored variant of the Defender, the British Snatch vehicle, has been heavily criticized for its lack of protection in Afghanistan and Iraq.

To counter the IED/mine menace, HIT developed the Burraq, a four-wheel-drive MRAP first seen on state media briefly in February 2010.

Despite being denied the opportunity to publicly unveil the Burraq at the canceled IDEAS2010 show in December, HIT still refused to give any information. Still, Cloughley has praised it as " a step in the right direction. " From his initial observations, Khan said, " it can accommodate at least eight or perhaps even 12 men," and probably weighs about 12 to 15 tons. He said the main benefit of the Burraq is its obvious V-shaped hull and raised compartment to protect the crew against mines and IEDs. He also said that, like the Mohafiz, it would provide " basic protection against 7.62mm armor-piercing bullets, though it may have the capacity to have additional armor fitted to withstand 14.5mm or even RPG-7 rounds. "

He also observed that the Burraq used the same wheels as the Mohafiz, which perhaps indicates HIT tried to use as many existing subsystems from the smaller vehicle as possible to hurry the Burraq into service.

" It is certainly geared toward fighting in the rough terrain of northwest Pakistan, " Cloughley said.


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Saad - APC based on the Talha design. Modified with extended hull and 6 road wheels, 14.5 mm machine gun, improved armour protection and a more powerful engine supplied by Germany's MTU. Accommodates 13 fully equipped troops.


Sakb - Armoured command vehicle based on Talha APC.

HIT Al-Hamza IFV

Al-Hamza - Infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) based on the Saad APC, fitted with 25 mm automatic cannon, an export product not in service with the Pakistan Army.


Maaz - Based on the Talha APC, armed with the Baktar-Shikan anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) launcher and operated by a crew of 4. There is capacity for 8 extra rounds and the missile firing unit on the roof is retracted into the cabin for reloading.


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Post Last Edit by HangPC2 at 31-12-2011 00:53

Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT)

AARDIC Display Center

APC Factory


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sememangnya pakistan ni hebat la..dia dapat gak US punya weapon..dia dapat gak China punya JF-17 tu aku tengok best juga la..

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