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Pakistan Armed Forces Gallery and Discussion

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Pakistan starts assembling Pakistani-built combat aircraft

Updated : 2009-06-30 15:41

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Air Force (PAF) started assembling of the first Pakistani-built JF-17 Thunder combat aircraft on Tuesday, local TV channel reported.

Rao Qamar Suleman, Chief of Staff of the PAF, inaugurated the construction in a ceremony at Amra which houses the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex in the mountainous north of the Punjab province. Top military and civilian officials of Pakistan and China attended the ceremony, the private TV channel GEO NEWS reported.

GEO NEWS quoted Suleman as saying that this success will enhance Pakistan's air power in the region and at international scale. Suleman praised the Chinese cooperation and said that the joint Sino-Pakistan project is a living example of the cooperation between the two countries.

Pakistan and China signed an agreement for the production of 42 JF-17 fighters, which are expected to form the backbone of Pakistani aerial combat fleet in coming years.

The Pakistan Air Force has so far received eight JF-17 jets from China that are being used for testing and evaluation. The PAF plans to raise its first squadron of JF-17 jets by the end of this year.

- Xinhua -


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JF-17 Thunder aircraft reaches at stage to be assembled in Pakistan


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how about their plan to built JF-17 stealthy its still going on?

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The stealthier (better say 'lower RCS') version of the Thunder is still under development

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looks like an F16 or F20.
good bang for the buck. .

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Raid on Pakistan Army HQ


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PAF capable of destroying drones : Air Chief

RISALPUR: Air Chief Marshal Rao Qamar Suleman Thursday said that air force destroyed several hideouts and caches of ammunition of militants and paved the way for the military to make advance in the troubled areas of Swat.

He said that air force is completely supporting the military in its ongoing efforts in the tribal areas and Swat, adding F-16, F-7 and Mirages are taking part in the Swat operation.

The Air Chief maintained that Pakistan armed forces are grappling with not only the greater external enemies but also the problems of extremism and terrorism within the country.

Later talking to journalists, he said targeting the drones and taking them down is not a problem and Pakistan Air Force is fully capable for the purpose; however, any decision in this regard rests with the parliament and the government.

However, the Air Chief added that the action could lead Pakistan to confrontation with Nato or US.

Air Chief Marshal Rao said that Pakistan shot down Indian UAV drone during the 2001-02 standoff with India.

He hoped that Pakistan is likely to receive AWACS planes in November or October, adding India was given the same aircrafts which could lead to fresh escalation and arms race in the region.

Rao Qamar Suleman said that the country has a lot of expectations from the Air Force, which it will try to fulfil at all cost without fail.

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PAF F-16 Block 52 Induction Ceremony


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Security forces secure more area in SWA after intense engagements
Pakistan Times Federal Bureau

ISLAMABAD: After intense engagements, security forces on Sunday have secured the significant mountain top of Tarkona Narai after an effort lasting 16 hours and also progressed well on Jandola-Sararogha Axis securing important ridges in South Waziristan Agency (SWA).

According to ISPR, 15 terrorists were killed during security forces operation Rah-e-Nijat in SWA inthe last 24 hours. Security forces losses are one soldier shaheed and three injured.

Details of operations are as:

On Jandola - Sararogha Axis; After securing Kotkai Town, security forces advancing further have secured important ridge, point 1125 north of Shishwam and also secured an important feature one Km west of Gharlai which is 2 Kms north of Kotkai. Terrorists have fled from the area and are firing sporadic rockets at positions of security forces from distant heights.

On the western side of Axis security forces secured forward ridges of Kaskai 3 Kms north west of Kotkai.

On Shakai - Kaniguram Axis; The battle to secure Tarkona Narai the highest feature on important Junction east of Sherwangi commenced yesterday finally achieved success and has been completely secured. The mountain top had 4 strong points and series of bunkers.

Besides killing 4 terrorists on the mountain top itself, a fleeing terrorists vehicle carrying 8 terrorists was engaged and destroyed, killing all 8 terrorists. During this operation 1 Non Commissioned Officer embraced shahadat and 3 soldiers injured.

During search of a compound in area south west of Sherwangi 3 terrorists were killed and 1 x 12.7 mm gun, 8 rockets, 18 x 60 mm mortar bombs and 8 x 82 mm mortar bombs have been recovered.

As far as the Operation Rah-e-Rast in Swat and Malakand is concerned, 6 terrorists voluntarily surrendered to security forces at Pushtanai, and Derai.

Security forces conducted search operation at Sakrano Khwar near Shalpin, Mangaltan and apprehended 5 suspects.

On a tip off, security forces apprehended a wanted suicide bomber from village Kuz Durshkhela near Khawazakhela.

In Bajaur, at about 1745 hours on Saturday, MI-17 Helicopter while on dumping mission crash landed due to technical fault at Nawapass. Resultantly 6 soldiers (3 of Aviation and 3 of FC) embraced shahadat. Pilots of the helicopter were injured in the crash. Both are safe and out of danger.

Relief Activities in DI Khan and Tank, 299 ton of mix rations from Army have been distributed amongst IDPs of  D I Khan while 10 trucks carrying 50 tons mix rations have been distributed in Wana.

In all 6,541 cash cards have been distributed amongst the displaced families of SWA.

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Car Bomb at Pakistan Market Kills at Least 100

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton pledged U.S. support for Islamabad's campaign against Islamic militants, after a car bomb struck a busy market in northwestern Pakistan on Wednesday, killing 100 people, most of whom were women and children.

"I strongly condemn the cowardly attack today in Afghanistan," Clinton said.

"My thoughts and prayers are with all those who were injured and the families who lost loved ones."

SLIDESHOW: Deadly Car Bombing in Pakistan Market

More than 200 people were wounded in the blast in the main northwestern city of Peshawar, the deadliest in a surge of attacks by suspected insurgents this month. The government blamed militants seeking to avenge an army offensive launched this month against Al Qaeda and Taliban in their stronghold close to the Afghan border.

The bombing was the deadliest since explosions hit homecoming festivities for former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in Karachi in October 2007, killing about 150 people. Bhutto was later slain in a separate attack.

Wednesday's bomb destroyed much of the Mina Bazaar in Peshawar's old town, a warren of narrow alleys clogged with stalls and shops selling dresses, toys and cheap jewelry that drew many female shoppers and children in the conservative city.

The blast collapsed buildings, including a mosque, and set scores of shops ablaze. The wounded sat amid burning debris and parts of bodies as a huge plume of gray smoke rose above the city.

Crying for help, men tried to pull survivors from beneath wreckage. One man carried away a baby with a bloody face and a group of men rescued a young boy covered in dust, but others found only bodies of the dead. A two-story building collapsed as firefighters doused it with water, triggering more panic.

"There was a deafening sound and I was like a blind man for a few minutes," said Mohammad Usman, who was wounded in the shoulder. "I heard women and children crying and started to help others. There was the smell of human flesh in the air."
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    * Blasts at Pakistan Air Base, Wedding Bus Kill 24

Clinton, on her first visit to Pakistan as secretary of state, was a three-hour drive away in the capital, Islamabad, when the blast took place. Speaking to reporters, she praised the army's anti-Taliban offensive in South Waziristan and offered U.S. support.

"I want you to know this fight is not Pakistan's alone," Clinton said. "These extremists are committed to destroying what is dear to us as much as they are committed to destroying that which is dear to you and to all people. So this is our struggle as well."

Standing beside her, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said the violence would not break his government's will to fight back.

"The resolve and determination will not be shaken," Qureshi said. "People are carrying out such heinous crimes — they want to shake our resolve. I want to address them: We will not buckle. We will fight you. We will fight you because we want peace and stability in Pakistan."

Peshawar, the economic hub of the northwest and the seat of the provincial government, has long been a favorite target of militants who control large parts of territory to the west in tribal regions near the Afghanistan border. Extremism has flourished there since it was used as a staging ground in the 1980s for U.S.-funded fighters preparing to battle the Soviet-installed regime in Afghanistan.

No group claimed responsibility for the bombing, but that is not unusual, especially when the victims are Pakistani civilians. North West Frontier Province Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain said 100 people were killed. A doctor said 60 of the dead were either women or children.

Three bombs have exploded in Peshawar this month, including one that killed more than 50 people. They are part of at least 10 major attacks in Pakistan that have killed 250 people either claimed by or blamed on Taliban militants.

Most have targeted security forces, but some bombs have gone off in public places, apparently to undercut support for the army's assault on the border and expose the weakness of the government.

The Taliban have warned Pakistan that they would stage more attacks if the army does not end its ground offensive in the South Waziristan tribal region, where the military has sent 30,000 troops to flush out insurgents. South Waziristan is a major base for the Pakistani Taliban and other foreign militants.

Hussain blamed the militants for Wednesday's attack.

"We are hitting them at their center of terrorism, and they are hitting back targeting Peshawar," he said. "This is a tough time for us. We are picking up the bodies of our women and children, but we will follow these terrorists and eliminate them."

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@debmey ... this thread is about Pakistan Armed Forces, not bout terrorism ... dont flood this thread with unrelated articles .. damn !!

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the pakistani armed forces is fighting the biggest threat to their country sir as thousands of innocent civilians are being killed by these terrorists.
What strategy do you think they shld use to combat these Taliban terrorists?  What would yu do if yu are the chief of staff PAF.

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13# Debmey

juz sit on my "lazy bench" and enjoy my coconut drink....wala......

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I felt sick at what happened at Peshawar. I don't understand why they target a market full of women. You enjoying your coconut drink my fren?

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U.S. Reportedly Rushes Aid for Pakistani Assaults on Taliban
The Obama administration has reportedly rushed hundreds of millions of dollars in arms, equipment and high-tech sensors to Pakistani forces in recent months to support military operations in Taliban-controlled areas along the border with Afghanistan.

The Obama administration has reportedly rushed hundreds of millions of dollars in arms, equipment and high-tech sensors to Pakistani forces in recent months to support military operations in Taliban-controlled areas along the border with Afghanistan.

The New York Times, citing senior U.S. and Pakistani officials, reports that Obama personally intervened at the request of Pakistan's top army general to quicken the delivery of 10 Mi-17 troop transport helicopters. Senior Pentagon officials have also rushed spare parts for Cobra helicopter gunships, night vision goggles, body armor and eavesdropping equipment to the region, the New York Times reports.

American military surveillance drones are also supplying video images to Pakistani ground commanders, the New York Times reports, and Pentagon officials have supplied the Pakistani Air Force with infrared sensors for F-16 warplanes to lead bombing assaults on militant strongholds in South Waziristan.

The massive military buildup comes as President Obama considers sending tens of thousands more American soldiers to war in neighboring Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, a car bomb killed at least 100 people and wounded more than 200 others in northwestern Pakistan, indicating that drastic action will be needed to combat terrorism throughout the region -- not just in Afghanistan, where U.S. troops are winding up their deadliest month since the war began eight years ago.

Wednesday's marketplace bombing was the third in Peshawar this month by Taliban forces who seek to undercut support for the Pakistani army and expose the weakness of the Pakistani government. The combined death toll from the three blasts is 250 people.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, visiting the country for the first time as America's chief diplomat when the attack occurred, and she pledged the U.S. will support Pakistan in its ongoing campaign against militants.

Pakistan is currently struggling against "tenacious and brutal extremist groups," Clinton told reporters Wednesday at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "I want you to know this fight is not Pakistan's alone. ... These extremists are committed to destroying what is dear to us as much as they are committed to destroying that which is dear to you and to all people. So this is our struggle as well."

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters in Washington on Wednesday that Obama extends his condolences to "innocent victims" of violent extremists in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

"The events in Pakistan demonstrate the lengths extremists will go to and the type of threat they pose not just for this country, but for the country of Pakistan as well," he said.

Wednesday's bombing was part of a "real campaign" by extremists to demonstrate that they're a "force that can strike at any time and any place," said Gabe Schoenfeld, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, a Washington-based think tank.

"The war has been in Pakistan for some time," Schoenfeld told Wednesday. "The Taliban and Al Qaeda are heading for any point that's weak. This is their pushback, an attempt to try and destabilize Pakistan before they're crushed.

"It's a very critical moment. If the Pakistani military can deprive them of a safe haven, they can make it much more difficult for them to operate."

But, he said, the Pakistani authorities so far "cannot stop them."

"The Pakistani government needs to snuff this out and will require pressing hard against the Taliban and their safe haven," he said.

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Operation Rah-e-Nijat: 11 more terrorists killed
Pakistan Times Federal Bureau

ISLAMABAD: Eleven more terrorists have been killed in SWA as part of the ongoing operation Rah-e-Nijat, an ISPR news release said here Thursday.

Due to mortar fire on the security forces, one soldier embraced Shahadat while two others sustained injuries.On Jandola-Sararogha Axis, the security forces are consolidating their positions while the important town of Inzar Kalay has been fully sanitized and cleared of mines, IEDs and bobby traps.

Clearance of Zariwam is in progress where during securing of heights north of Ganra Kas, 5 terrorists fleeing from the area were killed. Due to terrorists mortar fire one soldier embraced Shahadat and 2 injured.

On Shakai- Kaniguram Axis the security forces are expanding their perimeter of security and closing in towards Kaniguram from east and west.

During expansion towards Kaniguram, a comprehensive training centre of terrorists has been discovered in area North West of Khaikaeh Narai - 2 Kms South of Kaniguram.

The security forces secured important height point 2200 west of Kaniguram overlooking road Gani Khel and Mazakai. During securing of this feature, 6 terrorists have been killed along with destruction of 4 bunkers.

Asman Manza feature located 1 km North of Kaniguram overlooking Kaniguram and facilitating move towards Kaniguram has also been secured while forces are consolidating their positions at Servek and Tarkona Narai.

On Razmak - Makeen Axis, the security forces after fully securing Sharakai Sar, successfully moved forward and secured Pakalita and Manza Sar feature North East of village China along main axis Razmak-Makeen.

Consolidation of their positions by security forces at Shaga, point 6813, Tip-Ghar Top and green top is continuing while position in Eastern portion and central area of Nawazkot is also being consolidated.

Operation Rah-e-Rast

As far as operation Rah-e-Rast in Swat and Waziristan is concerned, security forces conducted search operation in Nawakilli and apprehended four suspects.

During search operation security forces recovered vehicle of terrorist commander Hussain with driver from Ballogram near Mingora.

So far, 7,099 cash cards have been distributed amongst the displaced families of Waziristan.

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15# Debmey

yup....what to do????

long time ago this taliban also got full support from ur uncle......go back and search some history the history 1st....

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Post Last Edit by HangPC2 at 6-11-2009 12:46

Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF)

Founded  : 1951, Wah, Pakistan

Headquarters : Wah Cantonment Flag of Pakistan

Key people :  Lt.Gen. Shujaat Zamir Dar (Chairman) Usman Ali Bhatti (Director Exports)

Industry : Arms and ammunition manufacturer

Products : Infantry weapons
Ammunition for: small arms, artillery, mortar, tank and anti-tank, aircraft and anti-aircraft weapons, Pyrotechnics, fuzes, detonators, primers, propellants and explosives

Employees : Over 40,000

Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) was founded in 1951 with the primary objective of producing arms and ammunition for the armed forces of Pakistan. POF was given the responsibility of running the factories on sound commercial lines and utilizing any spare production capacity for meeting requirements of the civil sector and exports.


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15# Debmey

yup....what to do????

long time ago this taliban also got full support from ur uncle......go back and search some history the history 1st....
lkick2113 Post at 31-10-2009 00:04

The Taliban was a creation of Pakistan, not USA. Taliban came on the scene only after the liberation of Afghanistan. That is why Taliban can survive in Pakistan for so long.
The people supported by the US in the fight against the Soviets eventually became the Northern Alliance who ended up fighting with the Taliban.
The Taliban was actually supported by the Pakis, Saudis and UAEs. These are the countries who supported them materially as well as recognised them as legitimate government of Afghanistan.

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