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F-22 Raptor

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 Author| Post time 24-6-2006 01:11 AM | Show all posts
U.S., Israel spar over JSF purchase

By Ramit Plushnick-Masti
Associated Press


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Post time 6-7-2006 10:22 PM | Show all posts

F-22 fly wit F-15

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Post time 8-7-2006 05:39 PM | Show all posts
hapi family...

from 4 different century air fighter

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Post time 9-7-2006 11:17 AM | Show all posts
Originally posted by HangPC2 at 23-6-2006 11:58

tak silap aku dulu digelar ''Aurora'' ker ???

Aurora lain... Aurora pesawat pengintip...tapi tak tau apa cerita...

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Post time 9-7-2006 04:24 PM | Show all posts
f 22 .. berapa lama ia dpt bertahan ?

sudah tentu syarikat avionik lain di US berusaha nak kuarkan model baru utk memenangi kontrek pembekalan pesawat utk USAF dan US marines ..

mungkin F 22 skrg ..

apa apa pon, salute le ke syarikat avionik diaorg .. slalu ada modal tebal dan always buat r n d .. mereka tu org biasa mcm kita juga, tapi mengapa kita tak boley ?/ ayoyoyoy

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Post time 10-7-2006 08:34 AM | Show all posts
Originally posted by manusia biasa at 9-7-2006 04:24 PM
f 22 .. berapa lama ia dpt bertahan ?

sudah tentu syarikat avionik lain di US berusaha nak kuarkan model baru utk memenangi kontrek pembekalan pesawat utk USAF dan US marines ..

mungkin F 22  ...

hang pun pahamkan kat malaysia macam mana.... :nerd:

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Post time 26-2-2007 11:02 AM | Show all posts

Software Bug Halts F-22 Flight

Software Bug Halts F-22 Flight
"The new US stealth fighter, the F-22 Raptor,was deployed for the first time to Asia earlier this month. On Feb. 11,twelve Raptors flying from Hawaii to Japan were forced to turn backwhen a software glitch crashed all of the F-22s' on-board computers asthey crossed the international date line. The delay in arrival in Japanwas previously reported,with rumors of problems with the software. CNN television, however,this morning reported that every fighter completely lost all navigationand communications when they crossed the international date line. Theyreportedly had to turn around and follow their tankers by visualcontact back to Hawaii. According to the CNN story, if they had notbeen with their tankers, or the weather had been bad, this would havebeen serious. CNN has not put up anything on their website yet."

huaaah klu crash software bahaya ni hahah

[ Last edited by  yipun78 at 27-2-2007 08:28 AM ]

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Post time 26-2-2007 11:54 AM | Show all posts
teringat aku kes Pilot USAF F-22 Raptor stuck kat dalam kokpit

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Post time 26-2-2007 10:11 PM | Show all posts
Every brand new fighter is bound to have design and software flaws.
You guys won't be laughing if one of your brand new Su-30MKM crashes thanks to a design bug.
Neither will we if one of our brand new F-15SG which cost a bomb crash thanks to some crappy fault.

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Post time 27-2-2007 10:35 AM | Show all posts
walaupun kokpit FC-1 aka JF-17 Thunder agak ketinggalan tak pernah dengar ada masalah

[ Last edited by  HangPC2 at 27-2-2007 10:39 AM ]

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Post time 25-4-2007 06:53 PM | Show all posts

F22 Raptor - King of the sky

In one controlled test, two F-22 Raptors were pitted against four F-15 Eagles. At the end of the test, all F-15 Eagles were tracked and targeted without ever seeing the two F-22 Raptors. Eagle pilots reported not even seeing the Raptor systems appear on their radars to even acknowledge their presence in the skies - a testament to the next generation capabilities of these stealth-based aircraft.

Base Series Information:Series Designation: Lockheed Martin / Boeing F-22 RaptorType Designation: Air Dominance FighterContractor: Lockheed Martin Corporation / The Boeing Company - USACountry of Origin: United StatesInitial Year of Service: 2005Crew / Accommodations: 1

Available Hardpoints:
4 External and 8 Internal Hardpoints

Available Armament/ Munitions:
1 x 20mm Cannon
4 x AIM-9 Sidewinders (side weapon bays)
4 x AIM-120A Amraams (internal ventral bay)
6 x AIM-120Cs (internal ventral bay)
6 x GBU-32 JDAM PGMs (internal ventral bay)
8 x GBU-39 Small Diameter Bombs (250lbs ea)

4 x underwing hardpoints with a maximum of 5,000lbs (2,270kg) of mission-specific weaponry or fuel droptanks.

Dimensions / Measurements :

Wing Span:
44.49 ft (13.56 m)
Overall Length:
62 .1 ft (18.92 m)
Overall Height:
16.47 ft (5.02 m)
Overall Empty Weight:
32,000 lbs (14,514 kg)
Maximum Take-Off Weight:
55,000 lbs (24,947.58 kg)

Overall Performance:

2 x Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 afterburning turbofans generating 35,000lbs of thrust each.
Maximum Speed: 1,600 mph - Mach 2.42 (2,574 km/h)
Maximum Range: 2,000 miles (3,218 km)
Service Ceiling: 50,000 ft (15,240 m)

Rate of Climb:
Not Available


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Post time 25-4-2007 09:44 PM | Show all posts


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Post time 25-4-2007 11:49 PM | Show all posts
looks like nobody will stand a chance against f22.

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Post time 26-4-2007 08:28 AM | Show all posts

[1 Mar 2000] An experimental MiG fighter jet, conceived as a response to U.S. warplane developments, carried out its maiden flight Tuesday but its designer said that the plane would never enter production.
The aircraft, known as Project 1.44 or the MFI _ the Russian acronym for the "multi-functional fighter'' _ took off from the Zhukovsky air base near Moscow and flew for 18 minutes.
Test pilot Vladimir Gorbunov climbed to about 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) and flew two circles over the airfield at a speed of 500-600 kilometers per hour (310-370 mph) before landing, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported.
The plane's design began in the late 1980s to counter the development of the most advanced U.S. fighter, the F-22 Raptor. But the government cash shortage that followed the Soviet collapse has thwarted its development and its maiden flight has been repeatedly postponed.
The F-22 first flew in 1997, and several aircraft have been undergoing a test program prior to the operation deployment in 2005.
The new MiG was shown to the media for the first time last January, and its designers had to acknowledge that the aircraft is just a stopgap experimental machine, lacking stealth capabilities and combat equipment.
Nikolai Nikitin, the chief designer for the MiG corporation, said Tuesday that there are no production plans for the new plane. He argued that its tests would allow to check some design features for future projects.


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Post time 26-4-2007 08:31 AM | Show all posts
"Russia has unveiled its new fighter aircraft, designed to be the country's response to the latest United States' combat plane. But it has yet to make its maiden flight.
The Multi-Functional Fighter, or MFI, was shown to Russian ministers at an airfield outside Moscow. In the past, the government has abruptly canceled several scheduled public displays of the new aircraft.
It is seen by Russia as providing the basis for the development of a new generation combat planes.
Its builders, MAPO-MiG, say it will be able to outperform the most advanced US fighter the F-22 Raptor.

Top speed of Mach 2.5
Like the American fighter, the MFI has a "thrust vectoring" system that allows the plane to make sharper turns than current fighters. It is estimated to have a top speed of Mach 2.5.
It also has similar stealth capabilities, relying on composite materials and a special shape to avoid detection by enemy radar.
The MiG company's director general Mikhail Korzhuyev said that "if this plane was used to beat off the Anglo-American air raids on Iraq, 90% of all the launched guided weapons, including cruise missiles, would be shot down before they reached targets on the territory of Iraq".
However, the new plane, which has taken 12 years to develop, is not expected to carry out its maiden flight until next month. So far, it has only carried runs on the airfield.
Correspondents say the display appeared to be part of at attempt by MAPO-MiG to win government funds needed to finance the tests, which could cost about $45m.
The project was nearly abandoned in the later 1980s because it was considered too expensive."


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Post time 27-4-2007 09:04 AM | Show all posts
PAK FA coming soon

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Post time 26-3-2009 04:08 PM | Show all posts
akhirnya terhempas jugak.....

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Post time 26-3-2009 04:22 PM | Show all posts

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Post time 28-3-2009 01:13 PM | Show all posts
selain Iraq, F-22 ni digunapakai jugak dalam peperangan antara manusia (US la sape lagi) dan robot-robot decepticons....
terbukti senjata raptor ni takleh musnahkan decepticons

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Post time 3-4-2009 10:34 AM | Show all posts
Exercise Red Flag between F-22 versus F16 and F15 drivers recently showed how deadly the rapors are..the F16 and f15 drivers all walked away killed and shot down everytime they went up to fight the on bros..dipertik dari Popular Mechanics

Inside the War Games for U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilots
This week fighter jocks role-play bad guys trying to shoot down the U.S. Air Force's most advanced warplane梩he F-22 Raptor梐nd "die wholesale" in the process. The Air National Guard 174th Fighter Wing will be flying training missions over the desert outside Nellis Air Force Base in a high-stakes war game. Here are the pilots who train against the deadliest dogfighter in the world.
By Joe Pappalardo
Published on: April 1, 2009

This week, warplanes from the Air National Guard 174th Fighter Wing will be flying training missions over the desert outside Nellis Air Force Base, trying desperately to compete during simulated combat over the high Nevada desert. Their foes are F-22 Raptors, stealth airplanes that can identify and destroy foes before their targets even know they are there.

The stakes are high梒areers can be made and pilots' lives ended as dozens of warplanes share airspace in faux combat. To add to the pressure, this mission will be the Syracuse, N.Y.朾ased air wing's last deployment in F-16 fighters. In 2010 the wing will be assigned to fly armed drones by joystick, ending more than 60 years of manned aircraft operations.

"I'm honored to have the privilege of leading this detachment on its last deployment in the F-16," says Lt. Col. D. Scott Brenton, deputy operations group commander with the 174th Fighter Wing. "I can think of no better place to take a fighter wing on its last deployment than to Nellis." The name of the game is training, not victory, in this last mission梐fter all, they will be facing the most sophisticated airplane in the world.

Brenton (call sign "Gripper") has flown the F-16 for 20 years and has close to 4000 hours, including 750 hours of combat. He is also a former Weapons School instructor pilot at Nellis, the same program in which the 174th today is testing its mettle against the Raptor. He doesn't like to lose, but against the F-22 he has little choice. "Fighter pilots are competitive by nature. When the F-22 first became operational, most F-16 and F-15 pilots relished the challenge of going up against it," he says. "I know I did. That is, until I actually did it and discovered how humbling an experience it really was."

The F-22's manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, and the Air Force cite a 30:1 kill ratio between Raptors and their prey. That doesn't equate to one F-22 taking on dozens of enemies; the figure means that for every Raptor shot down, 30 opposing airplanes are expected to be killed. "The F-22 was not built to fight a fair fight," Brenton says.

The Art of Losing
No U.S. airplane梠r any other in the world梒an match the F-22 in a dogfight during combat training. To get experience in realistic battle conditions, Raptor pilots梐lways the Blue Team

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