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yayai This user has been deleted
Post time 26-2-2005 12:40 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Aku ada terjumpa satu website nih...suka hati dia jerk kutuk Mesia
Cuba korang try baca....apa pendapat korang...
Mana la tau kot2 ada yang setuju...


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Post time 5-3-2005 10:29 AM | Show all posts
Originally posted by yayai at 26-2-2005 12:40 AM:
Aku ada terjumpa satu website nih...suka hati dia jerk kutuk Mesia
Cuba korang try baca....apa pendapat korang...
Mana la tau kot2 ada yang setuju...

:dia: [url=http://members. ...

Teruk betul ya..

Tengok ni: ... d=gsqR7T#pid4912521

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aspirinzzzzz This user has been deleted
Post time 22-3-2005 02:37 AM | Show all posts


I wonder......
I guess our government has make them pissed off by claiming Simpadan island are ours (or Ambalat name in indonesian ???)

honestly we've started a war with our brothers and sisters in indonesia b'coz of our govenrment fault.

gezz war sucks !!!

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polar_bear This user has been deleted
Post time 23-3-2005 06:56 PM | Show all posts
banyaknya gambar... siapakah pemilik website itu? dari negara mana?

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Post time 23-3-2005 07:37 PM | Show all posts
Originally posted by aspirinzzzzz at 21-3-2005 18:37:
I wonder......
I guess our government has make them pissed off by claiming Simpadan island are ours (or Ambalat name in indonesian ???)

honestly we've started a war with our brothers and sister ...

aspirinzzzzz, enough with your pathetic attempt at disguising as a Malaysian ...  :no:

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error_shocker This user has been deleted
Post time 24-3-2005 10:11 AM | Show all posts
yeah.. also enough malaysia government try to steal our island

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aspirinzzzzz This user has been deleted
Post time 24-3-2005 03:28 PM | Show all posts
Originally posted by error_shocker at 24-3-2005 10:11:
yeah.. also enough malaysia government try to steal our island

I agree with this !!

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Post time 24-3-2005 05:14 PM | Show all posts
tak cukup lagi ka kat bod kat atas tuh...........


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Post time 31-3-2005 11:11 PM | Show all posts
Originally posted by yayai at 26-2-2005 12:40 AM:
Aku ada terjumpa satu website nih...suka hati dia jerk kutuk Mesia
Cuba korang try baca....apa pendapat korang...
Mana la tau kot2 ada yang setuju...

:dia: [url=http://members. ...

orang sakit mental jer buat gitu

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Post time 4-8-2005 10:17 PM | Show all posts
greamnya aku...nak support us pastu burukkan malaysia hish memang ada otak tapi takdak akal....mane dia dapat gamba semua tu...lagi satu aku tengok pompuan malay sorang tu bawak periuk tapi dia cakap perempuan tu meludah kat bendera us...bedebah punya wolang.....

give peace a chance.....
kalau negara islam berpecah tu yang us suka tu...senang diorang nak serang.....

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Post time 4-8-2005 10:18 PM | Show all posts
aku tadi klik yang satu tu...pastu keluar code pc nih direkod aku tutup terus ...kena spam ke? :stp:

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Post time 6-8-2005 09:38 AM | Show all posts
Originally posted by esciemo at 4-8-2005 10:17 PM:
greamnya aku...nak support us pastu burukkan malaysia hish memang ada otak tapi takdak akal....mane dia dapat gamba semua tu...lagi satu aku tengok pompuan malay sorang tu bawak periuk tapi dia cak ...


:bgrin: comel kucing

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Post time 11-8-2005 02:22 PM | Show all posts
Tumpang baca!

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mat_toro This user has been deleted
Post time 20-1-2006 11:23 AM | Show all posts
Cannot see la the pics... office firewall tulis Site is Prohibited... gangguan mental betul laa...

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Post time 17-3-2006 08:32 AM | Show all posts

For Cik Mat to read

Welcome to
    This website will explore a Terrorist State not specifically individual terrorists.  Surprisingly it is NOT in the Middle East or Africa, but it is a Muslim based dominated country located in the Asian Pacific Rim.
The country is = MALAYSIA

Yes, that's right, Malaysia.
You ask why haven't you heard something about Malaysia and it's role as a 'Terrorist State' before now.  Well it has been in the news but the news media continues to play down the role Malaysia has with terrorist, even after 911, USS Cole, several U.S. Embassy Bombings, Afghanistan and Iraq.  The primary reason for this is because a lot of U.S. businesses are operating and producing products in Malaysia, among these Oil and Gas.  Malaysia was
picked so the American people can know the truth about this country and it's overwhelming
desire to destroy the West, specifically the United States.

    We will explore which U.S. owned companies and other key foreign based companies are
doing business in Malaysia.  Also, we will explore how Malaysia functions as a Terrorist
State and what participation they have.

    You will learn how it is arming itself with sophisticated weapons supplied by all the
MAJOR weapons producers in the world including the United States; Russia; Great Britain; Australia, and France.
    The Object of this Website, so aptly named "Terrorist Hunters" is to bring you the truth
and necessary information so you can be objective in the governments hunt for terrorist and why some countries like the obvious Saudi Arabia and the less obvious like Malaysia are excluded from their so called 'Axis of Evil' list.  It is solely because of American Big Business Interest.

    Since my webspace is limited, information will have to be in a summary format, often times in an outline. Remember Malaysia Sucks

Malaysia Sucks
1. Fact Outline ...
Fact - NO Middle Eastern Muslim is required to have a VISA for entry into Malaysia.  ALL Arabs are welcome and may stay in Malaysia as long as they wish.  Many end
up with duel citizenship's (passports) from their native Arabic / Middle East Country
and Malaysia.  This makes it easier for them to travel to western countries, especially the United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, and Australia.  If necessary, a Malaysian Passport may be obtained by ANY Muslim for a fee.  This is usually done
by someone working at a middle level position within the Malaysian government.  Further, these passports are generally acquired at local immigration office outside
the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.  They may also be obtained at Malaysian Embassies around the world. Important Note: Malaysia has a U.S. Embassy in Washington, DC
and a Consular Office in Los Angeles, California.  Please feel free, as an American, to stop by, and take a piss on one of their locations here in the good old USA and
show what you think of these low life ass wipes.
When foreign Muslims want a Malaysian Passport, it is typical for 'Brokers
(middle men)' to be used inside Malaysia.
Also available for Muslim foreigners are Malaysian Work Visas (a good example
would be Muslims from Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines).
In other words, any Muslim with money can get what he wants, and terrorist
don't have a 'Cash Flow' problem.  Remember Malaysia Sucks
Fact - Arabs, including 'Known' international terrorist groups such as Al-Qaida have
and continue to hold meetings throughout Malaysia, most of which are in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.  These meetings are cloaked in the named of 'Islam.'  They are
in fact heavily attended by local Malays and other regional Muslim Groups including those from the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. Remember Malaysia Sucks

Fact - More recently, anti US and extremist Muslim meetings are being held in Terrengganu, a dominated Muslim state in Malaysia, with a political party called
PAS, who opposes the central government because it wants radical Muslim
domination and a total Islamic State.  This would lead to open and out right civil
war in country if they ever came to power.  PAS supports al-Qaeda, Jihad, and
even operates terrorist training camps. Remember Malaysia Sucks

Fact - Kelantan another area (state) in Malaysia is coming udder extremist muslim dominated rule as the country slides further towards an Islamic only government.
Further evidence is in Pattani, Thailand a border town with Malaysia where extremist are getting both bold and violent.  This is part of the Human Trafficking and Opium
trade routes. Remember Malaysia Sucks

Fact - Malaysian Banks play a Key Role in funneling (laundering) money for
Muslim Terrorist Groups, from around the world including Al-Qaida and Abu Sayyaf.
Banks have been known to launder funds from various illegal international crime syndicates such as Drug Smuggling, and Human Tafficing.  Follow the money, below.  Bank Negara, the Malaysian National Central Bank along with the ruling UMNO (United Malay National Organization) Political Party fully endorse and encourage such banking transactions and practices.  These are directly created under the previous ruling dictator, known as The Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad; and his bag man, former Finance Minster, YB Tun Daim Zainuddin, both of whom are Muslims !!  This banking policy, and general support of Islamic Terrorist
Cells and Groups, has been adopted by the NEW Prime Minister, a Mahathir hand selected and groomed crony *****, know as Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,
and is still in place and practiced today.  Remember Malaysia Sucks

Fact - During the original Gulf War in 1990-91 to oust Iraq's Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, while the entire world supported over 30 countries in their military effort; Malaysia opposed the international community and supported Iraq.  They claimed America's blood would cover the Iraqi Sands and Muslim Jihad would prevail.  They oppose the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan today.  They opposed the ousting of the
Taliban in Afghanistan, shed joy over the 911 attacks in the USA.
Even now most high ranking political leaders (Muslims) in Malaysia oppose
anything the U.S. does except the special trade incentives we give them,
and the U.S. presence of almost every major U.S. company having some
type of factory in Malaysia (see chart below). Remember Malaysia Sucks

Fact - Muslim women are treated no better in Malaysia than anywhere else:
    Malaysia has Religious Police just like Saudi Arabia who trail Muslim Women
and punish them for 'violations of so called Islamic Law.'
    ALL Malay girls are forced to undergo Clitoral Surgery called clitoridectomy or female circumcision.  This is the cutting off of all or part of a woman's or girls clitoris, practiced in some societies as a social or cultural rite of passage.  It is painful and humiliating for the girl.  It is nothing more than a method to control a Muslim Woman's role in society, that is to serve a man and have his children.  Sexual pleasure for a woman is considered totally unimportant.
    Further, Muslim Women are forced into marriage according to their immediate
next of kin, usually their father, if he is alive.
    Malaysian Malays or Muslim Men living in Malaysia may have up to four wives officially, in the west we call this promiscuous, but polygamy is legal in Islam.
This includes male converts.  A convert is someone who becomes a Muslim.
    Wealthy Muslims could have dozens of wives and countless children by each.
    Malay Muslim Women are expected to have not less than four children to expand Islam and insure that Muslims dominate the voting political structure inside of Malaysia.
    For a Malay Man to get a divorce from any wife he simply says the word 'Divorce' three or four times in the presence of his male friends and a Muslim Cleric and the woman is discarded like a used piece of furniture.
    The legal age for ALL women in Malaysia is 16, although Muslim girls, especially kampong (Malay Village) girls may be 14 if the Cleric approves.
    It is common place for Muslim Men to beat and domineer their wives.
    Malay Women, even at a young age are coerced and intimidated into wearing the traditional Muslim Head Scarf called a tudung (Burka or Veil).  This is becoming
more of an issue everyday in Malaysia and women who want to express their sense
of self awareness even in major cities like Penang and Kuala Lumpur are intimidated by co-workers to wear this garb, see pictures below.
    Muslim women caught even in the presence of foreigners (infidels, as we are called) means that they could be arrested by the religious police.  These Muslim Women in Malaysia could face anything from 30 days bread and water to a flogging.
    If a non-Muslim wishes to marry (man or woman) they MUST covert to Islam.
    No Muslim (man, woman, or child) may ever change or denounce their faith,
and to do so is punishable by DEATH !!! Remember Malaysia Sucks

Fact - Malaysia has a poor Human Rights Record, this is reflected in its recent
handling of both alien and illegal aliens in the country.  After years of promoting
and encouraging Muslims to come to Malaysia to fill jobs at foreign manufacturing plants like Intel; work in the booming construction industry; and fill domestic
positions like live in maids and hotel workers, the economy took a turn for the
worse, now only at about 7% growth (we in the U.S .should be so lucky), they have decided to get rid of the Muslim aliens they once so welcomed with opened arms.  They have ordered them to leave, so those that did not were fined, imprisoned,
and beaten.  Countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines have strongly
protested the treatment of their citizens held in 'Detainee Camps' awaiting
deportation, many of whom have died or were raped by Muslim Malay guards
in prison. Remember Malaysia Sucks

Fact - Except for rare occurrences, Malaysia allows only Muslim workers into the country to supplement it's work force.  During the late 1980's through the mid 1990's these Muslim alien workers primarily came from Indonesia.  At that time their were more Malays (Muslims) than any other race in the country but Anwar Ibrahim the former Deputy Prime Minister and an advocate of an ALL unified Malay based
country put into place a policy that would insure the balance of power in the government would main in control of the Muslim dominated majority.  The
Indonesians would often be granted Malaysian Citizenship or encouraged to
marry local Malay girls and obtain citizenship.  The ones primarily granted this
privilege were Indonesians from Sumatra, the Malays origin.  Indonesians from Sumatra are either staunch dedicated Islamist or radical Muslims in nature.  As a
result of this, Malaysia was inundated with illegal alien Muslims from all over the
world, especially Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Cambodia. Remember Malaysia Sucks

Fact - Malaysia claims to hold FREE Democratic Elections, but their is only ONE Political Party, Barisan Nasional (BN).  Opposition leaders and demonstrators are arrested and sent to Government Orientation Centers for retraining (brain washing). Remember Malaysia Sucks

Fact - Censorship is everywhere in Malaysia.  ALL radio, TV, Magazines, and Newspapers including foreign News Media and Services such as the Wall Street Journal, AP, CNN, etc. are censored heavily.  NO articles or news is permitted about unrest or especially negative news about the government and particular the Prime Minister (PM). Remember Malaysia Sucks

Fact - Pirated Products are a way of life in Malaysia.  Anyone who has ever visited
the Outdoor Market in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, knows you can get virtually any well known 'Brand Name' clothing; or the latest CD's, Video Tapes, and DVD.  Where is Mr. Hollywood (RIAA) who slaps someone like Napster down and puts them out of business or Disney who chases little street vendors at outdoor U.S. swap meets for selling Disney T-shirts?  These companies who punish U.S. citizens are losing literally millions of dollars do to these pirated items and knock offs.  This is
done in plain site, even in front of the police who foot patrol this sector to protect tourist from pick pockets. Remember Malaysia Sucks

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Post time 17-3-2006 08:37 AM | Show all posts
ermmmm gangguan mental n pathetic foment article any ignoramos kind of,  will wrote all this garbage anyway...

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mat_toro This user has been deleted
Post time 23-3-2006 12:47 PM | Show all posts
Thanks Cik Pun!!! That was really funny...:lol

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Post time 24-3-2006 01:17 PM | Show all posts
Your welcome Cik Mat.

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Post time 4-6-2006 12:26 AM | Show all posts
Mungkin yang buat website itu adalah antara satu kaum di Malaysia....

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Post time 4-6-2006 06:04 AM | Show all posts

wake up

PaCiFIC- Patriotic Citizens Forum on Identity Cards.

Secretary General - Joshua Kong's press release No. 80 for PaCiFIC dated 4th June, 2006
From Joshua Y. C. Kong, P. O. Box 11923, 88821 Kota Kinabalu.

Any thing common in Yayasan Islam Sabah (YIS) and Darul Islam Sabah (DIS)?

Just before we launched PaCiFIC's signature campaign on 15th March, 2006, there were two pages in Daily Express over the OTHER signature campaign to harbour illegals in Sabah (DE 20th February, 2006).
Then the sudden arrest on 16th March of the DIS and what kind of coincidences?  (see the news story below).  Who are these people who claimed to be citizens?  Dubious ones???
In the YIS press statement, there was the talk of the same archipelago for free movement of the people as mentioned by DIS, and so mere coincidences?   Go and read the press statements again.
Why YIS's signature drive did not take place, did it?  If not , why not?
I had written before that PaCiFIC's signature campaign is divine.  So if you have not given your full support for Sabah in Borneo, please sign up the said petition now.
We need the protection of the true God in Sabah.
PaCiFIC makes a peaceful landmark in Sabah and the Nation.
Joshua Y. C. Kong.
Acting Secretary General, CONSUMERS' ASSOCIATION OF SABAH & LABUAN FT Secretary General, PaCiFIC- Patriotic Citizens Forum on Identity Cards.

No links to Al-Qaeda
01 June, 2006
Kuala Lumpur: Eleven suspected militants who were arrested over the past two months in Sabah and Selangor are not linked to Al-Qaeda, said Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohd Bakri Omar Wednesday.
He said they were members of a radical group known as "Darul Islam Sabah" who planned to create a "Daulah Islamiah Nusantara" (Islamic archipelago) covering Indonesia, Malaysia and Southern Philippines.
They had been detained under Section 73(1) of the Internal Security Act 1960, he told reporters after presenting basic police certificates to cadet assistant superintendents and probationary inspectors, here.
He said investigations on the 11 suspects revealed that they had been involved in smuggling firearms and ammunition in the region.
"The group also assisted seven Indonesian militant groups, including Umar Patek and Dul Matin, who were involved in the Bali bombing in October 2002 to sneak into Southern Philippines from Indonesia from 2003 to last March," he said.
"Those detained comprise six local citizens, three Indonesians and two Filipinos and one of them has Malaysian permanent resident status. They were arrested between March 16 and April 3 in Sabah and Selangor," he said.
Three of the suspects were teachers while one was a company supervisor. Bakri said the police had seized two automatic pistols and 91 rounds of ammunition and books and documents on jihad (holy war) from two of the Indonesians.
"The group provided transit for Indonesian militants to sneak into Southern Philippines and smuggled firearms from Southern Philippines to Indonesia besides receiving military training in Southern Philippines," he said.
"They had also smuggled three M16 rifles, eight automatic pistols from Southern Philippines for use by Indonesian militants from 2003 to last March through Sabah," he said.
Following their arests, police had identified two Darul Islam Sabah cells in Tawau and Sandakan, Bakri said.
"With their arrests, the police have crushed the underground network of militant group Darul Islam Sabah who had collaborated with Indonesian militants.
"The police action has also effectively curbed their activities using Sabah to sneak into Southern Philippines and smuggle firearms from Southern Philippines to Indonesia," he said.
He said the police would continue their investigation to determine whether the remnants of the group still existed in the country.
The six Malaysians detained are:
* Mohd Nazri Dollah, 31, (teacher) from Tawau, Sabah,
* Mohd Arshad Patangari, 22, (teacher) from Tawau, Sabah,
* A. Artas Burhanuddin, 38, (timber grader) from Tawau, Sabah,
* Francis Indanan, 38, (taxi driver) from Tawau, Sabah,
* Adzmi Pindatun, 22, (unemployed) from Tawau, Sabah, and
* Idris Lanama, 31, (dates trader) from Klang, Selangor. The three Indonesian are:
* Aboud Ghafar Shahril, 38, (temporary teacher) from Tawau, Sabah, * Zainuddin Suharno, 28, from Central Java, and
* Jaki Hamid, 28, from Sulawesi. The two Filipinos are:
* Jeknal Adil, 22 (labourer) from Tawau, Sabah, * Binsali Omar, 40, (company supervisor with Malaysian PR status) from Sabah. - Bernama

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