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Why Using VPS?

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VPS is a virtual server, using the latest virtualization technology Xen to create multiple isolated virtual private hosts ("Virtual Private Server" for short "VPS") on a physical server. Each VPS has its own root access, IP addresses, memory, processor, files, applications, system function libraries and configuration files. Basically, VPS is an indispensable skill for network technology and website management personnel, so what are the benefits of learning to use VPS?

1. Easily manage websites and programs. Unlike shared hosting, VPS is more powerful. Although the host has a control panel to manage the website, it cannot continue further with more complicated adjustments and changes due to restrictions on permissions. After using VPS, you can have a thorough understanding of the principles of the website, and it is easy and simple to manage. Even if the website and the program malfunction, the problem will be found and solved quickly.

2. Familiar with server technology. The management and authority of VPS is the same as that of server, with the difference between Windows system and Linux system. Learning to use VPS and being familiar with the management of the two systems is equivalent to mastering server technology and becoming a professional server technician.

3. In-depth understanding of network technology. With the VPS knowledge, you will have a newer understanding of network virtual resources such as space (hard disk), bandwidth, traffic, IP, etc., and will have a broader thinking. You can use the Internet to locate and manage websites and programs.

4. Optimization of the website. After learning to use VPS, it is very conducive to the optimization and marketing of the website. Site group selection and management, website page and keyword optimization, SEO ranking, etc. With optimizing and promoting the website continuously, you will attract more traffic, expand the influence of the website, and obtain higher economic benefits.

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The simple answer here is that you should consider it when shared hosting isn’t powerful enough to meet your needs but dedicated or cloud hosting is out of your budget.

The complicated answer is that each different type of hosting comes with its pros and cons and so you’ll want to do a little research to determine what works for you. VPS hosting can actually work well as a starter option because it gives you access to more resources and therefore faster speeds and more reliability than shared hosting.

The downside of using VPS hosting is that somebody, somewhere, will need to carry out the role of server administrator. You can teach yourself and learn as you go by trial and error, but you can also consider managed hosting, which effectively means that the host will manage the server on your behalf.

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