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Active Headrest Dvd Player

Active Headrest DVD Player 9" USB SD FM OSD wide angle PAL, NTSC dual Universal source from ; http://www.cardvdonline.comportable car dvd player headrestdual portable dvd player for car headrestbest portable dvd player for car headrestheadrest dvd playerdvd headrestheadrest dvdled display led screen jynxbox store dreambox dm800 hd se v2 alarm security system dreambox dm7080SIM 2.1 cardA8p cardSUNRAY SR4 V2SUNRAY SR4 800HD SE SIMSUNRAY SR4 HD SE A8P cardSUNRAY DM800 SR4 HD SESUNRAY 800HD SE A8P HDMI with WIFI
car dvd player headrest
1)Model No.:DV9917-BK(Active Headrest DVD)
2)9" A grade new Innolux digital panel
3)Wrapped with leather design,BMW concept
4)Twin DVD or Master DVD and Slave Monitor for your choose
5)High resolution,800(W)X3(RGB)X480(H)
7)Display Mode: 16:9 wide view angle
9)Slot-in DVD mechanism(Anti-shock DV D loader)
10)Built-in 8 bit and 32 bit Game function,wireless joysticks included
11)With USB port and SD card slot
12)Built in dual IR transmitter
13)Built in FM transmitter
14)Built in Dual powerful speakers
15)English OSD menu,Multi-language support
16)4 colors available:Beige,Black,Grey,Brown

What is active headrest DVD?
If the headrests on your seats look like they're made by two joint pieces, they're most likely active headrest DVD. Although some of the active headrests are in 'one-piece-design', they still have the 'active' feature.
An active head restraint (or headrest) moves forward and upward in a rear-end collision to decrease the space between the restraint and the occupant's head, reducing the degree to which the head accelerates before making contact. The less acceleration, the lower the chance of injury.

Why choose active headrest DVD?
Using a lever-action mechanism built into a seat, the active headrest redirects the force of an occupant's body as it presses into the backrest to move the head restraint forward. The beauty of this design is that it reacts proportionately to the occupant's motion. Unlike the type of pyrotechnic charge used in airbags and seat belt pretensions — the intensity of which may be too high or low - the active head restraints' motion is dictated by the occupant's size and weight and the severity of impact.
Another reason is that most clients do not want to damage the original headrest pillow,so Active Headrest DVD would be the perfect choice.
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