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(MBC-2016) W - Lee Jong Suk, Han Hyo Joo [Review dauswq pg 37]

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ProfileDrama: WRevised romanization: WHangul: 더블유Director: Jung Dae-YoonWriter: Song Jae-JungNetwork: MBCEpisodes: 16Release Date: July 20 - September 14, 2016Runtime: Wednesdays & Thursdays 22:00Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
PlotA romance takes place between Kang Chul (Lee Jong-Suk), who is super rich and exist in the webtoon “W,” and Oh Yeon-Joo (Han Hyo-Joo) who is a surgeon in the real world.
NotesDrama series will takeover the MBC Wednesdays & Thursdays 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "Lucky Romance" and followed by "Shopping KingLouie" September, 2016. First script reading took place early May, 2016 at MBC Broadcasting Station in Sangam, South Korea. Episode 8 was originally scheduled to air Thursday, August 11, 2016, but will instead air Wednesday, August 17, 2016. MBC will air the Summer Olympics on August 11, 2016.


Lee Jong-SukHan Hyo-JooJeong Eu-GeneLee Tae-HwanPark Won-Sang
Kang ChulOh Yeon-JooYoon So-HeeSeo Do-YoonHan Chul-Ho

Cha Kwang-SooKim Eui-SungLee Si-UnNam Gi-AeHeo Jung-Do
Son Hyun-SukOh Sung-MooPark Soo-BongGil Soo-SunPark Min-Soo

Kang Ki-YoungLee Se-RangRyoo Hye-RinYang Hye-Ji
Kang Suk-BumGil Soo-YoungSun-MiYoon-Hee

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Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk Are Reviewing New MBC Drama

Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk are linked together for a new drama.
Amidst rumors about actor Lee Jong Suk’s comeback, his side has spoken up.
On February 2, a representative from Lee Jong Suk’s side confirmed to TV Report that “Lee Jong Suk has been receiving a lot of offers. “W” is one of the pieces that is currently under consideration.”
Previously, one media outlet reported that Lee Jong Suk received an offer to play the main role of MBC’s “W,” and is discussing the possibility.
“W” will be directed by Jung Dae Yoon PD, director of “She Was Pretty,” and written by Song Jae Jung, writer of “Nine: 9 Times Time Travel” and “Queen In Hyun’s Man.” MBC says that it is “’W’ is in discussion for either a July or September premiere.”
After finishing up with “Pinocchio” in 2015, Lee Jong Suk will star in “Jade Lover,” (working title) a Chinese-Korean co-production.
Han Hyo Joo’s rep, BH Entertainment, stated that they have just started to review the drama and haven’t gone that far into discussions.
If Han Hyo Joo says yes, it will be her first drama in six years, since her last one in 2010 for MBC’s “Dong Yi.”
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Actress Han Hyo-joo to return to TV after six years
SEOUL, March 29 (Yonhap) -- Actress Han Hyo-joo will make a comeback on the small screen after a six-year hiatus, her talent agency said Tuesday.
Han will take a lead role in the forthcoming MBC TV series "W," her first appearance in a TV drama since the historical drama "Dongyi" in 2010, BH Entertainment said.
"W," a 16-episode romantic, suspense melodrama, is scheduled to hit the air in July, it added.
Actor Lee Jong-suk was cast as Han's counterpart in the new series.
Han recently appeared as a "gisaeng," a professional Korean female entertainer, in "Love, Lies," a domestic period drama film depicting the story of Korea's last "gisaengs" who dreamed of becoming top singers under Japan's colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula. The movie is set to open in local theaters on April 13.

limau Publish time 29-3-2016 11:11 AM

betul ni??? waaaaaaaaaaaaaa{:1_152:}

Lorra2411 Publish time 29-3-2016 11:17 AM

limau replied at 29-3-2016 11:11 AM
betul ni??? waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

katanya ganti cerita si Hwang Jung Eum :loveliness:

MellyNad Publish time 29-3-2016 11:33 AM

Excited tgk lee jong suk ni..handsome naw naw..{:iwanto

nadie90 Publish time 29-3-2016 12:36 PM

Ceq pun xsabaqqq{:1_152:}{:1_152:}
Drama nie pun akan bersiaran skli dgn drama kwn baik dia KWB dgn Suzy 2:lol:

dauswq Publish time 29-3-2016 01:18 PM

lame lg tayang citer ni
bulan 7

limau Publish time 29-3-2016 02:19 PM

Lorra2411 replied at 29-3-2016 11:17 AM
katanya ganti cerita si Hwang Jung Eum

oke masuk list:lol:

Lorra2411 Publish time 29-3-2016 02:52 PM

dauswq replied at 29-3-2016 01:18 PM
lame lg tayang citer ni
bulan 7

avvy daus ni cerita apa ye?

dauswq Publish time 29-3-2016 02:53 PM

Lorra2411 replied at 29-3-2016 02:52 PM
avvy daus ni cerita apa ye?

goodbye mr black
moon chae won jd gadis peleseran thai :lol:

masdiana-ana Publish time 30-3-2016 11:23 AM

kan bagus klau drama comeback han hyo joo hero dpt kt hero lain...tapi pasal han hyo joo iols layan jer drama nie.. walaupun hero kureng skit..rindu giler nk tgk dia berlakon drama..5 tahun harap2 drama nie tak mengecewakan..

masdiana-ana Publish time 30-3-2016 11:28 AM

dia jadi doctorkan watak ham hyo joo... yg lee jong suk jadi kidnapping ..klau han hyo joo jadi watak doctor ..nie watak dia yg kedua dia pegang watak doctor selepas filem love 911..

Lorra2411 Publish time 30-3-2016 11:33 AM

dauswq replied at 29-3-2016 02:53 PM
goodbye mr black
moon chae won jd gadis peleseran thai

yeke, skrg takde masa nak layan drama. tapi DOTS baru episode 8, yang lain masih sangkut kat episode 1 :'(

Kia_picanto Publish time 4-5-2016 04:30 PM

@bunick !!!!

Mana nak tgk ni?? KWB ke LJS??? {:3_85:}

runaway_dida Publish time 5-5-2016 11:07 AM

waaa.. LJS.. dengan Hyo Joo

I follow

tp nape lambat lagii{:sigho

milanhawkin Publish time 11-5-2016 03:20 PM

Banyaknya drama dlm waiting list i... huhuhu....

olnkrm Publish time 5-6-2016 11:46 AM

cant wait!! LJS {:1_152:}

naqibnasuha Publish time 11-6-2016 08:52 AM


new LJS:lol:

naqibnasuha Publish time 11-6-2016 08:53 AM

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