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(SBS) Doctors - Kim Rae Won, Park Shin Hye, Lee Sung Kyung [Review minami pg 35]

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[*]Drama: Doctors (working title)
[*]Revised romanization: Dakteoseu
[*]Hangul: 닥터스
[*]Director: Oh Choong-Hwan
[*]Writer: Ha Myung-Hee
[*]Network: SBS
[*]Release Date: June 20, 2016 --
[*]Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00
[*]Language: Korean
[*]Country: South Korea

PlotWhen Hye-Jung was young, her life was difficult. She was good at fighting, but also studied well. Overcoming her tough situation, she is now a doctor.
[*]"Doctors" takes over the SBS Monday & Tuesday 22:00 time slot previously occupied by "The Royal Gambler" and will be replaced by "Scarlet Heart: Ryeo" August 29, 2016.
[*]Early working title was "Yeoggangpae Hyejung" ("Female Gangster Hye-Jung").
[*]First script reading took place April 28, 2016 at SBS Ilsan Production Studios in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
[*]First teaser trailer was filmed on May 28, 2016.


Kim Rae-WonPark Shin-HyeLee Sung-KyungYoon Gyun-Sang
Hong Ji-HongYoo Hye-JungJin Seo-WooJung Yoon-Do

Additional Cast Members:
[*]Kim Young-Ae - Hye-Jung's grandmother
[*]Ji Soo - Soo-Chul
[*]You Da-In - Jo In-Joo
[*]Kim Min-Suk - doctor
[*]Moon Ji-In - Soon-Hee
[*]Yoon Hae-Young - Yoon Ji-Young
[*]Jang Hyun-Sung - Kim Tae-Ho
[*]Eom Hyo-Seop - Jin Myung-Ho
[*]Jeon Kuk-Hwan - Jin Sung-Jong
[*]Lee Ho-Jae - Hong Doo-Sik
[*]Jung Hae-Kyun - Hye-Jung's father
[*]Jo Hyun-Sik - Ahn Joong-Dae
[*]Kal So-Won - Hye-Jung (young)

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Kim Rae-won offered SBS’s Doctors opposite Park Shin-hyeby girlfriday | March 15, 2016 | 141 Comments

Hm, Kim Rae-won (Punch) and Park Shin-hye (Pinocchio)? The casting for this drama is far from confirmed, but right now they’re the two leads in contention for SBS’s new medical series Doctors. I don’t know. I will totally eat my words if they end up being a good match, but when the production started out by courting Park Shin-hye and Lee Sung-kyung (Cheese in the Trap), I thought maybe they were going for something light. Courting Kim Rae-won, on the other hand, makes me think it’s going to be a serious medical drama.

The new Monday-Tuesday series comes from writer Ha Myung-hee, of High Society,Warm Words, and Can We Get Married, and tells the story of an incorrigible heroine who’s bold and distrusting of others. She’s a neurosurgery fellow, and she’ll go up against an unfair social hierarchy within the hospital as she overcomes her stubborn ways to become a good doctor.

Lee Sung-kyung is up to play her rival, a neurosurgery fellow and former high school classmate who comes from a wealthy doctor family. She’s bright and happy and loved by everyone, until the person she loves is stolen from her, and she goes dark side.

Kim Rae-won has been offered the role of a gifted neurosurgery specialist. He’s got a lively personality and is so affable that most people trust him right away, and he’s described as a realist through and through. Kim Rae-won’s management released a statement that they’d only received an offer, and no one’s been confirmed for the series yet, so I fully expect them to go a few more rounds before we get a main cast locked down.

Doctors will air following Jackpot on Mondays and Tuesdays in June.

Lorra2411 Publish time 19-3-2016 07:48 PM

Park Shin-hye, Lee Sung-kyung up for new SBS drama Doctors
by girlfriday | March 3, 2016 | 125 Comments

Baek In-ha, as a doctor? A neurosurgeon at that? I can’t be the only one having a total brain malfunction every time I try to picture this, right? SBS has a new Monday-Tuesday drama in the works called Doctors, which is about — you guessed it — doctors. The drama was originally called Female Gangster Hye-jung, after the prickly heroine, but decided for some reason to go with the most generic title on Earth, so Doctors it is. Offers are currently out to Park Shin-hye (Pinocchio) and Lee Sung-kyung (Cheese in the Trap) to star.

The new series comes from writer Ha Myung-hee, of High Society, Warm Words, and Can We Get Married. Park Shin-hye has reportedly been considering the project for some time, but is still unconfirmed. She’s being courted to headline as a neurosurgery fellow with obstinate follow-through. She’s smart and active and bold, but her outgoing personality develops a dark inner side when she faces some turmoil in her life. She doesn’t share her inner feelings and doesn’t trust other people, to the point that she wants no relationships of any kind with others.

Model-turned-actress Lee Sung-kyung is up for the role of the heroine’s main rival, a former high school classmate who’s also a neurosurgery fellow. She was born with everything — good looks, money, a prestigious doctor family. She wants for nothing in life and even has a bright, cheerful personality and a strong sense of justice, and is loved by everyone around her. But when the person she loves is stolen from her, she goes evil. Does she also go crazy?

The drama centers around the incorrigible heroine who starts out a gangster (metaphorically, I think) and eventually learns to become a good doctor. It’s about the unfair social hierarchy present in the medical field and promises realism in its approach. I dunno, your casting director might need a helping hand with that so-called realism. Just sayin’.
Doctors is slated to follow Jackpot (after Six Flying Dragons) on Mondays and Tuesdays in June.

mujer_in_espejo Publish time 19-3-2016 08:32 PM

Yeay! Park shin hye n rae won oppa.. bergabung..meletop! :lol:

lorelai Publish time 19-3-2016 10:09 PM

Korang tgh tengok DOTS tak? X sabanya episode 9. Aaaaaa

naqibnasuha Publish time 19-3-2016 10:48 PM

cptnya de umah ni:lol:..park shi hye dan kim rae won????,:mad: sesuai ke ni???

naqibnasuha Publish time 19-3-2016 10:51 PM

nas mmg suka park shi hye amik wtk citer ni..first time dia jd doktor ni...hrp wtk citee br ni bagi satu kelainan dari segi kematangan sisi lakonannya..park shi hye hwaiting!!!:$

santubung Publish time 19-3-2016 11:20 PM

Pakwe iols krw:$

cm_asamkumbang Publish time 19-3-2016 11:44 PM

Shin hye dah confirm ka jadi lead.. Itu baca macam dia tak confirm lagi

Lorra2411 Publish time 20-3-2016 01:04 AM

cm_asamkumbang replied at 19-3-2016 11:44 PM
Shin hye dah confirm ka jadi lead.. Itu baca macam dia tak confirm lagi

Belum lagi uolss, masih consider. Semua pelakon belum confirm lagi. Akan diupdate

Lorra2411 Publish time 20-3-2016 01:05 AM

naqibnasuha replied at 19-3-2016 10:48 PM
cptnya de umah ni..park shi hye dan kim rae won????, sesuai ke ni???

Nak bukak Rumah ni ke? Sorrylah, terbukak dulu. Harini rajin lalu kat drama beans. Tu ternampak artikel drama baru, tapi tak confirm lagi pelakonnya. Erm

naqibnasuha Publish time 20-3-2016 07:21 AM

Lorra2411 replied at 20-3-2016 01:05 AM
Nak bukak Rumah ni ke? Sorrylah, terbukak dulu. Harini rajin lalu kat drama beans. Tu ternampak ar ...

blm lgkn...dia br duk belek2 buku skrip tu...hehehe..bg nas nk je dia rembat watak...tp nas skeptikal dgn writer citee ni...

cm_asamkumbang Publish time 20-3-2016 08:31 AM

KRWnampak macam tua sangat pulak Untuk shin hye... Tapi Ok lah kot cinta matang gitu... :$

Innrukia Publish time 20-3-2016 12:56 PM

Kim rae woon ni paling best time My love patzzi:lol:heroin ni plak time cite beautiful apa ka tu ja best

ayushuhada04 Publish time 21-3-2016 10:16 AM

hero dah best....tp sbbkan heroin bukan fav...

dauswq Publish time 22-3-2016 12:26 AM

Yoon Kyun-sang up for SBS drama Doctors            by girlfriday | March 21, 2016 | 27 Comments                                                                                                                                                
                                                      http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa324/girlfridaydb/news/2016/YoonKyunSang1.jpgIs Yoon Kyun-sang just going to take up permanent residence at SBS? All four of the dramas he’s been in including his debut have been at the network — Faith, Pinocchio, The Time I’ve Loved You, and the currently-airing Six Flying Dragons, where he’s kicking ass and taking names. Now he’s in talks to take on his fifth show at SBS, the medical drama Doctors that’s currently courting Pinocchio co-star Park Shin-hye to headline.

The new series is about a young woman who starts out as a gangster in her youth and works her way up an unfair social hierarchy at a hospital to become a neurosurgeon. Park Shin-hye is in talks to play the heroine, a bold character who’s obstinate and has to overcome her distrust of other people. She carries some scars that darkened her outgoing personality and turned her into someone who doesn’t want relationships of any kind.

Kim Rae-won (Punch) has been offered the leading role opposite her, a neurosurgery specialist with an affable, trustworthy image who’s a staunch realist. And Lee Sung-kyung (Cheese in the Trap) is up for the role of the heroine’s high school classmate and rival in the neurosurgery department. She’s from a wealthy doctor family and is hung up on getting her first love stolen from her.

Yoon Kyun-sang is considering the part of a chaebol heir neurosurgeon. The character is the eldest son of one of the country’s leading conglomerate families, but in order to free himself from his father’s expectations for him to take over the company, he becomes a doctor. Gee, a brain surgeon, what a huge disappointment to daddy dearest. He dreams of a carefree life and of a love like a roller coaster, and will fall for the peculiar gangster-turned-doctor heroine who enters his life like Fate.

Yoon Kyun-sang is in contract negotiations, so it seems likely that he’ll sign on. He and Park Shin-hye didn’t share many scenes in Pinochcio (he played Lee Jong-seok’s older brother), but they’d probably be really adorable together in a romance. Even if it ends up being one-sided. I think?
Doctors is scheduled to follow Jackpot on Mondays and Tuesdays beginning in June.

Via Asia Today


dauswq Publish time 22-3-2016 12:28 AM

klu dia terima, maknenye jd love interest park shin hye kan? dlm pinocchio dulu, smpi nk bunuh park shin hye dia ni tp sib baik lee jong suk smpt tahan ;P

ismaha Publish time 22-3-2016 12:40 AM

dauswq replied at 22-3-2016 12:28 AM
klu dia terima, maknenye jd love interest park shin hye kan? dlm pinocchio dulu, smpi nk bunuh park...

Ehhhh..apa ko tag is ni.....:lol: PSH....ohhhh:lol:
Ni pakwe kak @WeAiNe ....:lol:

dauswq Publish time 22-3-2016 12:52 AM

ismaha replied at 22-3-2016 12:40 AM
Ehhhh..apa ko tag is ni..... PSH....ohhhh
Ni pakwe kak @WeAiNe ....

ceh bkn soklan peksa ritu kau bg psl dia ni ke? :lol:

ismaha Publish time 22-3-2016 12:56 AM

dauswq replied at 22-3-2016 12:52 AM
ceh bkn soklan peksa ritu kau bg psl dia ni ke?

Yap....:lol: tp bukn bermakna is errmm ermmm dgn dia:lol:
Watak dia dlm six flying dragon dilakonkan dgn best ...pandai dia bt bodoh2 alang tu:lol:
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